Music leads to torment

Diane is in the middle of a “no limits” weekend and her assistant at work Alex and his partner Freya have joined us.

Our conversation was flowing and it was clear that Alex and Freya had been trying out a number of things, including Freya taking the dominant role from time to time. Alex commented “When she does take charge, she can be quite sadistic. Not that I am complaining.”

Freya smiled on hearing the compliment before adding “I think sometimes he goes a little easy on me.”

Diane obtained my permission to speak before adding “In many ways that is good because he is not abusing the trust you have given him. Alex, you can be a bit harder because Freya has her safe words so that if things go too far they can be corrected.”

Later, I asked Alex and Freya “Freya, do you want to have a little competition with Diane before we go to the pub. If you win, you get to torment Diane all evening with these.” I showed her the remotes for three toys. I continued “If she wins, you get to enjoy a bullet with Diane at the controls.”

“Do I still have my safe words?” she asked.

“Of course. Although Diane has specifically asked for no safe words for her this weekend.”

“From what you told us when we started out, that is dangerous.”

“Yes, but we have been together for a long time, and we know each other so well, that whilst normally a safe word is there for safety, she trusts me not to overstep the line.”

She then turned to Diane asking “Is that right?”

Diane replied “Totally, I trust him implicitly and I know that I am safe.”

“I’m game for it, provided the winner also chooses the clothing that the loser wears when we go out.”

“Good, here is the challenge. You will both hear 10 songs; all you have to do is give the name of the song and the artist.”

Alex gave them each a pen and paper. I pressed shuffle on my music player, then start so we heard 10 songs.

Once the 10 songs had finished, Freya had put down an answer for all 10, whilst Diane had only written down seven.

Alex and I looked over the answers and it took no time to be able to declare that Freya was the winner.

Diane looked a shamefaced that she had not done better, but gamely took it in her stride. Meanwhile Freya asked that she be allowed to go to the playroom and then examine Diane’s wardrobe. Diane looked a little worried until I told her, “Don’t worry, I will make sure that she does not go too far.”

Freya returned with her selection and Diane looked a lot happier when she saw one of her favourite dresses draped over Freya’s arm.

Freya put the clothing selection down. I gave Diane the bullet vibrator and a specially modified C string that had a vibrating butt plug and clit stimulator built in. Freya looked at the arrangement and then said “Umm, I think there needs to be something that ensures everything stays in place. Charles, have you got something that will do that?”

“Yes, I’ll go get it.”

I returned with a leather harness that Freya quickly made Diane put on and she locked it closed. Diane was given a leather strap with two pads with pins sticking out. needlebrajulieShe was told to put the pads over her nipples whilst Freya made sure that the strap was tight and locked on. Finally Diane was given her dress and some high heeled boots.

The walk to the pub was fun, especially as Freya kept playing with the remotes.

Whilst out of Freya’s hearing I quietly said to Diane “I have not told Freya, but you are not allowed to cum whilst we are in the pub. Each time you do, it is a week in your nice steel panties and a blow job every night for me.”

Diane groaned, but wisely said nothing.

On arrival at the pub I saw James and Petra who waved us over to join them. All the necessary introductions were made.

I sent Diane to the bar to order our drinks and I noticed her stiffen up a little as she made her way back. I saw a glint in Freya’s eyes that showed that she had been playing with the remotes whilst Diane was away from the table.

Petra saw the red flush that Diane was sporting and asked her directly. “Are you two playing again?”

“Not Charles this time, I lost a challenge with Freya, and she has control of the toys I am wearing.”

The rest of the evening passed with a lot of fun being had, primarily at Diane’s expense with her struggling not orgasm whilst Freya was forever playing around with the settings on the stimulators that Diane was wearing. Diane only spoke out of turn three times, and as we left I told her, “so far you have only earned 32 strokes.”

She smiled before I added, “I am sure that will increase dramatically tomorrow.”

Freya chuckled saying “Oh we will make sure that goes up.”

Alex turned to me as we walking home and asked “As Freya did not get Diane to orgasm this evening, I feel that she needs a little punishment, any ideas?”

“Sure, how about having her hands restrained until you are ready to release her?”

“That sounds drastic.”

“Not really, I have a really comfortable set of cuffs that will keep her hands secured, but she and Diane will still be able to make us breakfast.”

Freya was about to say something, until Alex said “Thanks, I’ll take up your offer.”

As soon as we got into the house I sent Diane to get the crossover cuffs. I handed them to Alex and said “These are really comfortable.”

Freya looked a little subdued and reluctantly held her hands out for them to be cuffed. Once they were locked on, Freya wriggled her hands a little and said “These seem really comfortable.”

“I know, I have been in them for a long time, and they are comfortable to wear for many hours at a time.”

Wicked Wednesday





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  1. I love the creative use of the prompt 🙂

    Rebel xox

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