Sunday part 1

We continue where we left the story last week. Freya was cuffed using the crossover cuffs, she tested what little movement she had, and realised that they were extremely effective but not uncomfortable.

I turned to Diane teasing her “Maybe another night in the cage would be fun for you.”

She opened her mouth managing not to vocalise her thoughts. I instructed her to go to the playroom and get the Irish 8 handcuffs. She did not protest and quietly fetched them. I secured them on her wrists.

Alex and I smiled at each other and between us we agreed that we would have a full breakfast served by the two ladies the next morning. They were informed that it had to be ready by 10.00 am precisely.

Freya immediately asked “How are we supposed to make it wearing these cuffs?”

Diane without thinking replied “It is not so bad, it just takes a bit longer than when not cuffed. Meet me in the kitchen at 9 and we will be able to complete the task.”

I smiled as I said “64.”

Freya then asked Diane directly “I thought you were on 32 earlier. Why 64?”

“Because every time I speak without permission or in answer to a question asked of me the count doubles.”

We all went to bed and I took pity on Diane and had her join me in the bed with her hands still cuffed.


The next morning I nudged Diane to get her up. She went about her business and was soon joined by Freya in the kitchen. I could hear Freya talking with a lot of giggling going on as they made breakfast. For Diane’s sake I only heard her reply to direct questions from Freya.

Over our leisurely breakfast we all, except Diane, chattered away. Diane only spoke when asked questions. Once we had finished I sent Diane to collect a specific box from my office area. She passed it to me. I opened it and she looked at the strange looking accessories that were in there. I opened up her cuffs and instructed her to stand still with her back to me.

I moved the elbow of her right arm back a little, bent it and slipped a metal welbow-restraint-system-ref-9197-00ire cage over the bent elbow and then passed a rod through the strategically placed holes. I bent her left elbow, ran the rod behind her back and through the holes on that side and then placed a lock through the hole in the rod.

She looked at me quizzically. She tested the little movement she had as I said “That stays on until you have received your strokes.”

She pouted and started to say something, but quickly stopped. I smiled as I said “too late, now 128.”

Freya taunted her a little and Diane foolishly rose to the bait on two occasions taking her tally up to 512.

Alex and I sent them off to prepare a light salad for lunch. Freya could be heard protesting that Diane was not pulling her weight. Diane carefully did not add to her tally whilst struggling to help with the restricted movement she had.

After the dishes had been cleared away I said to Diane. “Go to the willow tree and pick out six branches and prepare them as you had me do the other weekend.”

Alex then said “Freya, go and help her with her task and get a couple for yourself too.”

Freya looked a little nervous until I said “Don’t worry, you won’t be seen by anyone.”

After about 20 minutes they returned with Diane holding six nicely prepared switches and Freya holding two.

I picked one out and gave it a swish through the air that made Freya look worried.

I then had them all accompany me to the playroom. As we entered I said to Freya “Choose four implements, one from each section. Diane can help you.”

Diane carefully looked at me to get permission to speak. I replied, “You may speak freely now, but you must tell her exactly what implement is like if you are asked.”

They went to the wall and Freya asked appropriate questions about the implements and made her selection. She passed them to me.

I approved of her selection by saying to Alex with a smile. “Diane will be very sore in the morning. It’s up to you whether she gets a cushion.”

I then said to Diane, you will get 120 strokes from each of the implements. The first set will be at level 2 on the machine. Choose which is to be the first. She made her choice. I then said “Select the order of the others. Then roll the die three times to determine the level for each of the remaining three implements. The final 32 will be with the switches you have prepared. There is a little game I have devised for the first 18 and a finally nice five bar gate on each of your upper thighs.

I secured Diane to the spanking bench presenting her ass as a perfect target. I gave her a warm up hand spanking that had cheeks sporting a gentle rosy hue before moving the machine over. I attached the wooden paddle with holes in it, set the level and pressed start.

I had set the machine to deliver each stroke at random between one and ten seconds apart. small_paddle_with_holes-300x178The first few just produced a relatively quiet thwack as each strike landed. Initially Diane was quiet, but as the stroke count rose her moans and squeaks got louder until the last one landed.

I let her rest and compose herself for a few minutes before I put the handle for the flogger in the machine. The roll of the die earlier meant her allocated strokes would be at level 2 again. After the first strike she was soon letting out groans and moans of pleasure as the gentle caress of the flogger stroked her bum that was now a bright shade of red. She sighed as she heard the quiet beep to signal that the 120 strokes had been delivered.

I was about to let her have a short rest when she said “Please, no rest until after the next ones.”

I quickly attached the strap, Set the level at 4 and started the machine. Each stroke was preceded by a quiet whoosh, before a thwack reverberated around the room followed by a cry from Diane. I had set the machine to deliver a stroke every two seconds so that she could get used to the rhythm and by the time it had finished that cycle I could see that she was in her happy place.

I allowed her a rest before she faced the final implement chosen by Freya, the horse hair flogger. The level selected by Diane was 3. This implement whilst looking fairly innocent, with a large number of strokes quickly administered the sting becomes much more intense.

Diane steeled herself for the first stroke. After the first ten or so strokes had landed she relaxed a bit as the level of sting would be manageable as the final ones delivered.

Next week we finish Diane’s weekend.

Wicked Wednesday

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