Sunday part 2

We continue from last week where Diane is about to receive a further 120 strokes of a horsehair flogger.

Diane was nicely bent over, secured on the spanking bench with her ass a bright red from the attention it had received. I pressed the button on the machine to start 120 strokes of the Horsehair flogger at level 3 intensity. The first stroke landed perfectly. The second and third had the hairs bunching together. The next two were even worse as the hairs hand got more tangled and landed more as a wide supple thud.

I stopped the machine, took the flogger out, untangled it and laid down a few strokes making sure that the strands of hair were not tangled up. These were perfect with Diane’s sighing as each stroke landed. I kept up a fairly steady rhythm ensuring that between every strike the hairs had a chance to untangle before swinging the flogger.

As the stroke count rose to the eighties I could tell from Diane’s reactions that she was in sub space and I knew that I could lay the last ones down even harder. She was sighing as each stroke landed. Her breathing was getting a little ragged and I could see she was close to an orgasm.

I changed position to ensure that the final strokes would bring her to orgasm. With three strokes to go she came hard and relaxed into her restraints. When Diane came she squirted what seemed like large quantities of cum. I laid down the last three strokes lightly before releasing her and hugged her tight.

I turned to Alex and Freya saying “The final part will have to wait until she is recovered, as you saw she came hard and is no fit stake to take any more.”

They nodded and said nothing. Freya slipped out to get some juice from the kitchen. I held the glass to allow Diane to have a drink.

Freya asked about the mess Diane made. I explained “Well it is simple; Diane when she comes hard often squirts. It may seem as though she is peeing, but in fact is different.” Turning to Freya I added “You will know that when you squirt at orgasm, it is different to peeing.”

Freya said “I have never knowingly squirted.”

Alex then added with a smile “well we will have to work on that.”

It took about twenty minutes for Diane to become down from her high. She stuttered “Did I really get all the strokes?”

“You have had all but the last 32, but they can wait until later.”

Diane paused in thought before saying “I want them now.”

I replied, “No, you are not in a fit state to receive them. You will have to wait.”

Freya and Alex said nothing during the recovery period and our exchange. Freya then turned to Alex saying “I will take them, and I would like to feel the implements that we have just seen Diane receive.”

Alex looked a little astonished “I don’t think you are ready for that.”

Freya pouted “I really want to feel it. Anyway I have my safe word if I cannot cope.”

Alex turned to me “What do you think Charles?”

“It is up to you two; As Freya says she has her safe word. I think that the number Diane received is too much at this stage in your journey, but say 20 from each would be sensible, and if you feel she is OK after them, then go for the five bar gates, which I will help you with.”

Alex paused for a moment before I continued “Before you decide, we need to clean up the mess Diane left and clean the implements.”

With the three of us cleaning up it was finished in no time. Freya then said “Please use the exact same implements at the same intensity as Diane received her strokes.”

Freya wiggled her bum, and mounted the spanking bench. With Alex helping, she was soon secured properly. I showed him how the machine worked and the first 20 strokes with the wooden paddle rained down on her well positioned bum. Each strike produced as gasp from Freya. After the last landed, she was smiling.

The flogger was next and each stroke produced gasps, but at the end Freya was still smiling.

The strap, which is a much heavier implement, at the higher intensity produced squeals and moans as Freya processed the pain. At the end of her allocated strokes, Freya was not smiling. You could see that she had struggled to hold back the tears.

I moved the machine out of the way and handed Alex the horsehair flogger and he landed what was a gentle stroke. Freya immediately said that as not hard enough.”

I smiled as Alex said “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I said at the same as Diane received, and that was just a tickle.”

Alex was surprised at the reaction. I then added “You can land much harder strokes. Just watch her reactions and work from that.”

Alex took the comments on board, and landed much harder strokes. Each one had Freya arching her back and moaning with pleasure. As the final one landed I saw Alex had made it harder than any previous ones. There was a squeal from Freya, and her face showed that she was enjoying the intense burn as the accumulated strokes had increased the sensations.

We allowed her a couple of minutes to relax. When I thought she was ready I asked her “Are you sure you want all 32 strokes with the willow switches?”

Her reply was a simple emphatic “Yes.”

I had Alex take one side and with a series of gestures I suggested I took the other so we could alternate strokes.

Following on from the Horsehair flogger he was controlled when landing the first stroke. I waited a moment before I could see the beginnings of a welt appearing before I landed my first stroke. After it had landed I indicated to Alex that he should strike just a little lower than his earlier one. This continued until 18 strokes had landed. Although only 12 clearly visible lines were showing on her bum, I knew before long the other six would be visible.

I then asked Freya “Are you ready for the gates?”


I then made Alex watch as I placed 5 parallel lines on the upper part of Freya’s right upper thigh. Each one had Freya gasping with the pain. Alex laid down five lines on her left thigh. I changed position so that I could land a stroke at the right hand side of the parallel lines. Alex did the same on her left thigh.

I changed position again and with a stinging strike landed diagonal line which crossed each of the five parallel Lines. Alex did the same on his side. As his stroke landed Freya shook and trembled.

We released her from her bindings, and she quietly said to Alex that has made me really horny.

I hugged Diane and we left the playroom, leaving Alex and Freya hugging and caressing each other.

It was about half an hour later that the couple left the playroom with faces showing that they had certainly satisfied each other’s carnal needs.

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to Sunday part 2

  1. mariasibylla says:

    Very intense and hot. I’m not a regular at Wicked Wednesday, so am looking forward to going back and reading the first part of this.

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