Clean Sunday

Author’s note: I live in Greece, this year our Easter falls on 1 May. Clean Monday, the start of Lent, fell on 14 March.

On Saturday, over breakfast, we talked about the improvement in our fitness since we got the special bikes from George and Beth. Diane added “I found out yesterday that Beth is of Greek descent and she was telling me about Greek Easter, Especially that on Monday it was a special day to celebrate the start of Lent.”

“What do you mean by a special day.”

“She said that families often get together, have a special meal and then have fun.”

“What are you thinking then?”

“I don’t know.”

I finished the conversation “I’ll think about it then.”

During the day I did some research about Greek Easter and the celebrations for the start of Lent.

As often happened at weekends we had decided to eat out that evening. Shortlyfdc871eb73a23a993e762c4df3c27d75 before were about to leave the house, I asked Diane to strip and make sure she had been to the toilet. She complied with my request. I got some rope and when she came out of the toilet I had her stand whilst I carefully encircled her torso with rope to make a tight corset and added a knot that rested on her clit. The bra part was made so her nipples were nicely squeezed with them sticking out of the ropes. I gave her a modest dress to put on.

We talked as we went to the pub. I asked “Are you really sure you want to celebrate the Greek Lent?”

“I thought we could have fun to celebrate Clean Monday.”

“I was not thinking about just Monday, but the whole of Greek Lent, especially as you have become a fan of Greece when we holiday there.”

“What do you mean by the whole of Lent?”

“It means until the 1st of May, in addition to following their regime relating to food, there are other things that we will have to be given up, or be restricted. Some of the things I have in mind will be challenging.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have some fun ideas, but I’m not going to tell you what they are unless you decide that you want to participate.”

“That is being mean, but knowing you it could be fun, so yes I’ll go for it.”

“Great, as we are both working on Monday, and it is not a Bank holiday here, tomorrow is our equivalent of Clean Monday.”

We entered the pub and to Diane’s surprise (not mine) George and Beth were there and beckoned us over. We joined them at their table.

The evening went well with Diane asking Beth all about the Greek Lent. Beth explained that certain foods were banned with some relaxations at weekends and special feast days. The one that Diane was most worried about was no dairy products.

Diane mentioned “Charles has said that as we have to work on Monday, we are going to celebrate Clean Monday tomorrow.”

Beth asked me “How?”

I smiled as I said “why don’t you come over to our house for what would be a normal Clean Monday lunch and afterwards, you can join Diane in flying a kite without hands. Oh and by the way we are normally nude at home, so I hope that does not worry you.”

Beth looked at George who was smiling before she replied “That sounds interesting. I’ll produce the meal as I don’t expect you have had time to get to the shops.”


George and Beth arrived at about midday. The women started preparing lunch in the kitchen whilst George and I got the BBQ going for some tiger prawns and octopus.

Whilst we were eating Beth explained more about the strictness of the diet. She detailed the days that we were allowed to have fish and wine, but were told that meat and fish with a backbone were strictly forbidden except on 25th March and the Sunday before Easter where salt cod is permitted.

After the meal was finished I asked “are you two ready to fly a kite without using your hands?”

I handed George two lengths of thin rope and said “this is where the fun starts.”

I cuffed Diane’s hands behind her back before continuing “Follow what I do to Diane’s tits.”

I looped a rope moderately tightly around the base of Diane’s left breast tightly enough for it not to come off, but not too tight as to restrict the flow of blood. After knotting it off, pierced-tied-boobiesleaving a short tail, I proceeded to do the same thing to her right. I then tied the two tails together leaving a length of loose rope between them. (similar to the picture)

George did the same to Beth’s breasts which were slightly larger than Diane’s.

I handed George a kite. I took the string for Diane’s Kite, passed it through the loose rope between Diane’s breasts before securing it. George did the same with Beth.

I then said “Diane, your challenge is to keep the kite aloft for three whole minutes. You get three attempts at this. The longest time it is aloft is the one that counts. If you fail, then it is one paddle stroke with the machine at the hard setting for every second that you fail to meet the target.”

George said to Beth “Same for you then.”

Turning to me he said “Why not see who is best. The loser and husband has a penalty of 12 cane strokes at punishment level.”

Much to Diane’s chagrin I agreed as I whispered “if you lose then its 24 more on Monday morning for you.”

Each took turns and Diane’s first attempt had her trying to control the kite with slight movements of her body. Unfortunately for her she only kept the kite up for a minute. Beth had watched and tried some different tactics which were equally unsuccessful.

The second attempts were not a lot better. However for the third attempt Diane found that using her feet as well as moving her torso allowed her to keep the kite up more successfully. Beth on seeing this did the same when it was her turn. Unfortunately for Beth, the wind did not co-operate and died down for just a couple of seconds and she was not able to keep the kite up for as long as Diane.

George and I conferred as both women had managed to exceed the three minutes on their third attempt and Diane was the overall winner. Diane let out a big sigh of relief.

We removed the bindings of both women. George then said, “let’s get the canings out of the way.”

We went to the playroom. I set the machine up having allowed George and Beth to choose the cane they would both be on the receiving end of.

To my surprise they picked out one of the more severe ones. George decided to go first and he declined the use of the straps, placed himself in position and the first stroke landed with a whoosh and crack. George cried out as he felt the pain. Beth watched with alarm. This continued for the whole 12 strokes. His ass bore 12 vivid red lines that produced very pronounced welts.

Beth asked for the restraints and once ready the machine did its work with its usual extreme accuracy. Beth too sported 12 very vivid red stripes and was crying as she got up. We let them comfort each other.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. For some or other reason I thought you lived in the UK…

    Rebel xox

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