First week

In Greece, where I live, Easter Sunday is 1st May and Lent started on 14th March. During Lent there are dietary restrictions and moderation is encouraged in other day to day parts of life.

Once George and Beth had left us, I spent time researching Lent and the Greek Orthodox Church. I did not finish until late, after Diane had gone to bed.

On the Monday morning Diane was the first into the kitchen and saw I had posted, on the fridge, a note about the next few weeks.

It read:-

  • Until 24th April food containing any of the following is banned:-
    Dairy products including milk and cheese
    Fish containing a backbone (or products made from them)
    Alcoholic drinks (except wine at weekends)
  • Except at weekends:-
    Food containing Olive Oil
    Food containing alcohol
  • On Saturdays and Sundays 2 glasses of wine each day are permitted, no other alcohol
  • On 25th March salted cod is permitted as part of a Saint’s Feast
  • After 24th April further restrictions will be in place

Shortly after she had finished reading the requirements I joined Diane for breakfast. She looked at me askance realising that she would not be able to have her usual breakfast. She looked at the list again and realised she could have a healthy alternative of juice, bread and jam and some fresh fruit.

On our way to her office I talked to her about the other restrictions she would face. I explained that Lent was all about moderation and contemplation.

I added “so as to keep in the spirit of moderation you are restricted to 5 orgasms per weekend on Saturday or Sunday.” I continued “Each breach of any dietary restrictions will result in the loss of one of your orgasms. If at the end of a week you are in a negative balance, not only will your count for the following weekend be reduced, you will be in your belt for a whole week including the weekends. However, if you have a positive balance and do not use up your allowance it can be carried forward. If at Easter you are still in negative balance, the negative balance will be the number of additional weeks in your belt.”

She looked at me a little worried. Her concerns grew when I added “You will always seek permission for an orgasm, and any unauthorised orgasms will result in a very sore and marked bum and two weeks in the belt.”

She laughed and said, “Well I am quite good at controlling myself.”

“I know, therefore this should not be a problem.”

“But my biggest concern is the diet. I hate black coffee. Even worse is that I am not allowed cheese or egg based foods.”

“That is easy, instead of normal milk, you can have Soya milk. The cheese and egg based products are less easy to replace, but at least you are allowed plenty of prawns and other shellfish which we know you like.”

I added “At least I am not making you fast completely for the first 2 days. I have also briefed Alex so he can help you keep to the requirements.”

“You really have covered the bases, so my idea is backfiring on me.”

I smiled as I said, “I’m going to have fun tormenting you for the next few weeks. And afterwards you will really have enjoyed it.”

Later that day at the regular Monday meeting with her boss Dee which I attend, she specifically requested black coffee.

Dee looked at her asking “What, no milk, you usually have a very white coffee.”

“I know, but I foolishly agreed to follow the Greek Lent restrictions on diet, which means no dairy products. We didn’t have time to get soya milk on the way in, so black coffee it is today.”

Her husband Zack joined us as Dee said. “I don’t believe it; you two are playing yet again, even while you are at work.”

He raised an eyebrow until Diane explained what was going on.

Once Diane had finished her explanation, he said “Right Dee, I know how I can keep you well behaved. You are on the exact same diet and restrictions as Diane. Except in your case, you will face even more dire consequences if you breach the diet or exceed your orgasm allowance. Additionally, starting immediately any bad language will result in the loss of your orgasm allowance in full for the following weekend.”

Dee was about to swear when she managed restrain herself. Zack smiled and said “I’ll just have to make sure that any instances of swearing are reported to me immediately.”

After we finished work Diane and I went to the supermarket to stock up on food for the week ahead. As we filled up the basket she commented. “Actually, looking at what we have, apart from the loss of the dairy products and eggs, it looks good.”

The week passed more quickly that Diane expected and we enjoyed dishes that we would not normally have considered. On the Friday night I asked her to recount the breaches, and she admitted to the one I knew about (from Alex) and another one I was totally unaware of.

As we relaxed in bed on Saturday morning I said “You can have one orgasm in the next hour without having to ask permission to come.”

She needed no second bidding and she took full advantage and whilst riding me hard she held back until I came with her enjoying a shattering climax that soaked not only me, but the sheets below. I let her recover for a while before getting out of bed to get our breakfast. When I returned she was still twitching from the orgasm.

The day passed uneventfully and in the evening we went to the pub as normal. Once there having joined John and Kathy, she got our drinks order. She passed everyone their drinks, keeping a large glass of wine for herself.

Kathy spotted this immediately asking “Why have you got a larger glass than us?”

With a smile she replied “Simple, I am allowed two glasses of wine today, but there was no mention of the size.”

I had to admire her ingenuity.

The next morning she noticed with a pout the minor change I had made to the list on the fridge. I had added the word small to the ‘glass of wine’.

Wicked Wednesday

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