In Greece, where I live, Lent started on 14th March with Easter Sunday is 1st May. Diane expressed an interest in following the Greek Orthodox Church rules for Lent.

Additionally this week Wicked Wednesday is celebrating its 200th week.

During our first week, Diane got used to the dietary restrictions and the restricted number of orgasms I had imposed on her. She even managed to restrict herself to just 2 orgasms at the weekend, so provided she behaved she would be allowed 6 over the second weekend.

On the Wednesday evening I thought I would test her resolve and whilst we cuddled together on the sofa watching TV I started gently to tease and caress her with my hands. She protested at first, but the teasing, especially of her nipples soon had her getting aroused. I could not only tell by the rigidity of her now erect nipples, but also from the damp patch forming in the groin area of her knickers.

I spent plenty of time touching her sensitive spots and she was soon squirming and begging to be allowed to cum.

I asked “What day is it today?”


“What is the rule about orgasms?”

She panted “I must ask permission.”


“What do you mean and?”

“Only on Saturdays and Sundays are you allowed orgasms.”

She groaned and squirmed even more and was really begging to be allowed to get her release. At the end of a rather enjoyable programme, I turned off the TV and slowed down my teasing.

Whilst she was relieved that the teasing had stopped, she said “God, how am I supposed to get to sleep whilst so horny?”

“That is your worry, not mine.”

She pouted as we made our way to bed.

On the Friday morning (25th March), a bank holiday, she remembered that we were allowed some salt fish, and decided we should have some for our supper.

I said “I have also done some homework; you need to learn everything that I have written out. Later we will see how well you have done.”

The days went well, with good weather so we could do some gardening as well as relax.  Diane had spent some time reading the notes I had given her.

Diane served supper, and I was surprised that she had served Hake instead of the salted cod I expected. “Why are we having Hake?”

“I was looked on line for some recipes and found that Hake is allowed instead of Salted cod. In addition we are allowed wine and Olive oil, so I have used wine in the sauce as well as Olive oil in dressing the vegetables.”

I was surprised, so while she was clearing the dishes I checked to find that she was in fact correct.

In the playroom, I secured her in a standing spread eagle position so I could watch her beautiful body. I went to the wall, selected the Scorpion, a wooden paddle with lots of holes, a tawse and the Loopy Johnny. I placed the implements on the table in front of her alongside the most feared implement of all, the four cane bundle.

“Here is the game we are going to play. I some questions ready for you, all based on the notes you were given.”

I continued “Each one you get right earns you an extra orgasm. For each one you get wrong will lose you two orgasms from your allowance. In addition you will receive 20 hard swats of one of these nice implements on your lovely bum. You can decide the order of their use, but each can only be used twice. We will continue the quiz until you have accumulated a total of 200 swats.”

She pleaded “Please sir, I don’t think I can take 40 from the four cane bundle, I will take an extra 20 hard strokes from the Scorpion and Loopy Johnny.”

I paused for a moment. I said “well that is being a little impertinent, but I take your point. The impertinence needs to be addressed, so you will have some additional torment during the quiz.”

I picked up some nipple weights and a long pole. I attached the pole to some chains, attached them to mounting points on the ceiling so the pole was between her legs, crushing her pussy and lifting her up onto tiptoes. I then added 6 ounces of weights to each nipple ring.

I waited for 10 minutes before I started off the quiz by asking “what feast is being celebrated in Greece today?”

“Easy, The feast of the Annunciation.”

“Apart from the feast of the Annunciation, what is also celebrated on 25th March?”

“Independence day.”

“Good, next one. What is the Independence Day celebrating?”

“The start of the Greek war of independence.”

“In which year?”

“Ummmmm 1895?”

“Wrong it is 1821. Next question, a bicentenary is celebrating what?

“200 years.”

This continued for another 28 questions over the next twenty or so minutes, with her getting 7 more wrong. I was beginning to run out of questions and hoped she did not get the next few right.

“Now, what is the Greek for 200?”


“Close, the correct answer is diakosia.” I paused for a moment, “next question, on 25th March 1816 Friedrich Wilhelm Paul Leopold acceded to which title?”

“Oh shit, something like Schleswig-Holstein.”

“Is that your answer?”

“Yes. I can’t remember it all.”

“The correct answer is Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. Congratulations, you have now earned the 200 swats.”

I removed the pole that was crushing her pussy, took off the nipple weights and lowered her arms to give her a rest.

I held her for a while, gave her a drink of water. When I felt she was rested, I cuffed her arms behind her back and with a rope raised them so she was in the strappado position.

“Ready?” I asked.

She wiggled her bum.

I gave her a hand spanking to give her a bit of a warm up before I asked “Which one do you want to feel first?”

“Your choice sir.”

I picked up the paddle and started with 20 medium level strokes. I followed those up with a further 20 hard strokes. Once the paddle had finished its work her bum was a nice rosy hue. I gave her a short break before picking up the tawse to continue the assault on her bum. All 40 were delivered with a crack and her response a squeal that got louder as the stroke count rose.

I let her rest again, before picking up the Loopy Johnny. Each of the sixty strikes landed with Diane grunting or moaning or squealing as she felt each and every stroke.

Diane needed a rest, so I let her stand up, and ensured that her breathing got back to normal and gave a drink of water.

I got her back into position and gently whispered “I know you like this one, but remember no cumming.”

She groaned and started to wiggle her bum inviting me to give it the attention she had earned.

Each strike of the twenty tails produced tiny welts, and she was in tears by the time she had received 40 strokes. I could tell that she was in her happy place, so I decided that couple of extra hard swats were needed to bring her out of it, and ensure that she did not cum. These strokes had the desired effect. The last 18 strokes were firm, and she was squealing all the way through them.

I let her down, cuddled her and gently rubbed some Arnica cream into her very sore arse.

I let her recover before taking her to bed; I snuggled up to her and let her go to sleep. We slept soundly.

In the morning I was woken to Diane using her mouth on my now erect member. When she had got me fully awake she asked “Please may I ride you and may I have an orgasm?”

I was pleased with the way she asked and agreed. She continued to give me attention until she was ready to mount me. She rode me hard, with her holding back until we both came at the same time. She slumped over me and fell back asleep for a short time.

Wicked Wednesday

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10 Responses to 200

  1. I want to thank you for joining in with Wicked Wednesday every week. You are one of three bloggers who never have missed one week of Wicked Wednesday. Thank you for that 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. I like how you hoped she’d get some wrong, and what an inquisition

  3. Molly says:

    You, I and Rebel are the only 3 to have completed 200 Wicked Wednesdays. I even mentioned you in my post. I think it is a quite an achievement so congratulations!


    • thelongbean says:

      I am in very exalted company.

      Unlike you and Rebel who write many posts about various subjects, I only post an update to my fictional saga once per week. I have to give both of you credit for keeping the inspiration to create the various episodes.

  4. Congratulations on managing to join in every week!

  5. Velvet Rose says:

    Such an achievement well done on the 200!

    Velvet x

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