Last weekend in the UK, one of the biggest horse races of the year, The Grand National, was run.

Following on from Diane’s unauthorised orgasm she was getting very frustrated. She pleaded with me to allow her to get out of the belt a couple of days early so she could relieve some of the pent up frustration.

On the second Friday evening she was particularly earnest in her pleas. I realised that it was the Grand National the following day. So I said “Tomorrow, we will have a contest that gives you a chance to earn a task that will let you out of the belt on Sunday morning. Your orgasm allowance will also be reduced to just one for this weekend. If you lose the contest or fail in the task, then you stay in the belt until the following Sunday and are allowed just one orgasm next weekend.”

“And what is the contest?”

“You will find out tomorrow afternoon.”


We completed all of the necessary chores early so that by lunch time we had plenty of time to have fun in the afternoon.

I said “the contest is quite simple. We will each pick three horses that are running in the Grand National. The combined placings when added together for our three horses determines whether you earn your chance to complete a task. If you win and the difference in the totals is more than 20, then I will make your task easier.”

“What happens if a horse does not complete the race?”

“The position is determined by when it drops out, the later it drops out the better the placing.”

Diane looked carefully at the list of horses in the race and made her selection, as I also did the same.

Diane, who has never followed horse racing, lent into me on the sofa as we watched the build up to the race on television.

The result was very clear cut. Diane won with her selection of 1st, 14th and 23rd, at total of 38 whilst mine were 12th, 28th and 33rd totalling 73.

“So what is the task?”

“Stay here while I take a few minutes to set it up, and then get you ready.”

I set up everything, and then started to get her ready. I put her arms in the steel bracelbow-restraint-system-ref-9197-00es that made them almost useless saying “these stay on until we get to the pub.” I then had her kneel whilst I tied her ankles to her upper thighs.

“Your task is simple. You have to make your way to the play room, select one of the implements I have laid out on the floor in the corner, and bring it back to me in your mouth. Once you have Ariel Anderssen in box frogtie bondage positionreturned you will get 35 strokes on your ass with the implement you select. You have an hour to complete the task, and you must not make any of the bells on the obstacles ring. You will also be on your knees for the rest of the afternoon until we go out. Your time starts now.”

She slowly worked out how to move whilst restrained this way. She managed to make it to the door of the playroom to find that there were chairs either side. Between the seats there was a cane with a bell hanging down it so she had to get underneath it without knocking it.

I watched as she bent forward and carefully manoeuvred under it and made her way to the corner which had three chairs place around the implements, with the same arrangement. She picked up an implement carefully with her mouth and started the return journey to the lounge area, taking great care not to let any of the bells ring.

Once she had returned I took the selected implement, a riding crop with a large keeper from her mouth. She leant down so that her elbows were on the floor and her ass nicely displayed ready for 35 strokes of the crop. I untied her frog tie and she let her calves rest on the floor.C20B

I asked “Are you ready for your strokes?”

“Yes and please make them hard ones.”

I took my time before I delivered the first stroke with a loud crack resounding around the room as it landed. She gasped and held her breath for a while. She exhaled and then said “That was nice, you can make them harder if you want.”

I said nothing and delivered the next stroke even harder. It produced a bright red welt which was clearly visible. I took my time delivering the strokes, varying the time between them so that she did not know when the next was going to land. When I had finished her ass was a bright shade of crimson.

She knelt in front of me, and leant back into me with an expression of satisfaction on her face.

She stayed on her knees for well over an hour before I said “OK, Time to go out.”

I helped her up and held her until she was ready for the walk to the pub. Just as we got to the end of the footpath I released her from the steel arm braces and gave her a very thin sundress to wear whilst in the pub.

The dress, whilst covering her up, was thin enough that her prominent nipples showed and I was pleased to see a number of admiring glances from other customers.

Gemma, one of the women who we know said to Diane “I just wish I had the courage to wear such a thin dress.”

Diane smiled saying “It’s easy once you have done it for the first time.”

Gemma blushed, “I just don’t know if I could do it.”

Diane replied “Why don’t you and your partner come to our house next Saturday afternoon and later we can talk about it and then walk here together.”

Gemma’s partner came over on hearing the exchange and said “What time?”

“4 ok with you?”

“We will be there.”

As they went back to their table I could hear that Gemma was rather taken aback by the decision made for her.

When we had gone to bed, Diane snuggled into me saying “I can’t wait for the belt to come off in the morning.”

I waited until she had fallen asleep and gently unlocked the belt so she could remove it when she woke up.

I woke in the morning to Diane using her talented mouth. Once she knew she had got me properly awake she asked “Please unlock me.”

“The lock has been open since you fell asleep.”

She jumped up, removed the belt and quickly returned to the job.

Wicked Wednesday

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