While waiting the arrival of Gemma and her partner, Simon, Diane said to me “I wonder whether she has chickened out.”

I laughed and said, “I doubt it.”

We quickly ran through our plans before the doorbell rang. Diane and I quickly went to the door to greet our guests.

After a lot of small talk, Diane said “Last weekend you said you wish you had the courage to wear clothes similar to the ones I was wearing. Without wishing to be too blunt, what is behind this nervousness?”

Gemma replied “I’m not really sure. I have never worn anything that is particularly revealing. My parents were very old fashioned, and I suppose that has been ingrained in me all the time.”

Gemma had lots of questions for Diane. From what was said, she had never even undressed in their bedroom whilst Simon present.

I signalled to Simon that we should leave the girls talking and we disappeared to the garden. I could see the women chatting away and about half an hour later I noticed Diane had taken off her top, which was the signal that we had agreed on that we should re-join them.

I ushered Simon in first and he stopped in the doorway when he saw Gemma in just her bra and knickers, sat talking to Diane.

I gave him a nudge and he sat down next to her. He gave Gemma a hug.

Gemma’s bra was heavily padded so there was nothing visible. After a few minutes she reached behind and unclipped it, nervously holding it to her chest with one arm. Diane said nothing while she quickly undid the bikini top she was wearing. Diane was clearly at ease, so Gemma slowly and shyly let the bra straps slip down her arms before letting go of the cups and letting it fall to the floor.

Gemma was very self-conscious about her appearance, but Diane’s soothing comments and voice soon made Gemma become more relaxed. Gemma had firm perky breasts that were topped by small dark coloured nipples.

The conversation was fairly light, but it was clear that both Gemma and Simon were fascinated by Diane’s pierced nipples. Even more questions followed which Diane answered fully.

As time passed, Gemma become even more comfortable being topless in our presence. I noticed Diane raise an enquiring eyebrow towards Gemma who nervously nodded.

The two women stood up and Gemma shyly started to take her knickers down very slowly, while Diane just untied the strings to her bikini bottoms and let them fall.

Gemma finally stepped out of her knickers before sitting down again next to Simon. She squeezed his hand seeking reassurance. His expression of extreme surprise said it all.

Time passed very quickly. In what seemed just five minutes, actually nearly two hours, Diane announced it was time for us start making our way to the pub.

Now that Gemma was nude, Diane asked Gemma “Are you ready for the next challenge?”

“What, more?”


Nervously she nodded her agreement.

Diane stood up, held out her hand to Gemma and guided her to the front door. I quickly locked up the back door, picked up the bag that was ready before joining the others on the front doorstep.

Diane just said “we are going to walk to the pub just as we are. Think of it as no different to a stroll along the beach in your swimsuit and you will be fine.”

The conversation was light as we walked, with Gemma feeling a little nervous about being naked outdoors.

At the usual spot just before the path met the road close to the pub, I handed the bag I was carrying to Diane. She handed Gemma a fairly short, but modest skirt and a T shirt. Diane picked out her sundress that was nearly as thin as the one she wore the previous week.

I could see the expression of surprise on Gemma’s face when she realised she had no bra or knickers. She was about to protest when Diane gently said “Only the four of us know how little clothing you are wearing. Just relax and enjoy the sensations for the evening.”

I could see that Simon was just as surprised as Gemma at the developments.

Gemma whilst very nervous on entering the pub soon started to relax. Although there were a lot of questions from both Gemma and Simon, we were able answer all of them. They were particularly curious when we hinted that we took part in activities that many people consider to be kinky.

After leaving the pub to walk to our home, we stopped on arriving at the footpath and Diane took off her dress. Gemma also removed her skirt and T shirt. Diane asked “Now, How do you feel after this evening’s changes to your usual clothing.”

“I don’t really know what the right wording is, but I am slightly tingly in a nice way, as if I have done something naughty and there are no repercussions. Also I am feeling slightly aroused.”

“Good, that is what I had hoped to hear. Now why not stay overnight?”

I could see Simon about to say something before Diane continued, “I know you don’t have any night clothes, but just this once both of you should sleep nude.”

Simon was more reluctant than Gemma to accept, but after the afternoon and evening’s activities he was not really in a position to say no.

The next morning, when we woke I asked Diane “Shall we ramp it up a little?”

“What have you got in mind?”

“Just you in cuffs whilst preparing and eating breakfast.”

“OK, but if there is any objections from them the cuffs come off.”

I put Diane in her cuffs but did not lock them on and secured her wrists in front of her. She had started to prepare breakfast when Gemma appeared and her eyes opened wide when she saw Diane in her cuffs.

Simon appeared soon after and was equally surprised. Gemma asked “How do you manage to cook like that?”

“Very easily. It is a bit more difficult when they are behind my back, but you soon get used to it. Also there are sexy benefits too.”

“What do you mean?”

“When he wants to Charles can keep me on the edge for hours, and I can do nothing to finish myself off and when I do come it is really intense. Why don’t you try them sometime?”

Simon and I left the women talking. He had a lot of questions about what to do. Finally I said, “Look, you know Gemma far better than we do. You should know all her erogenous zones. Just choose one, and keep going until she is about to have an orgasm, then stop for a while. Let her cool down a little, than start on another one. Repeat until you are ready to let her come. I promise that she will appreciate it, probably not while you are actually teasing her, but certainly afterwards.”

Wicked Wednesday

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3 Responses to Questions

  1. delilahnight says:

    I love the slow burn of the story from the first moment to the last.

  2. It’s always good to ask a lot of questions and for us to answer a lot, to make people understand… no matter what the subject.

    Rebel xox

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