Palm Sunday

Regular readers will know that over the last few weeks the story has been based around the the traditions and fasting of the Greek Orthodox Lent and Easter, 1st May this year. We pick up this theme again.

After Gemma and Simon had left us on the Sunday morning we both had a giggle as she asked whether she could borrow the skirt and T shirt for their walk home.

We enjoyed a pleasant day in the garden. The weather was good, so Diane decided that she would start on getting her all over tan whilst doing the gardening. I had great fun rubbing the sunscreen into her, spending plenty of time gently stroking and caressing her erogenous zones so by the time I finished she was highly aroused. She repeatedly asked for permission to orgasm which was denied.

After we had finished she had calmed down a little. I smiled as she asked “I am still horny, please may I have an orgasm.”

“Yes, but it must be in the next two minutes or else it is a week in the belt.”

She pushed me onto my back on the lawn before quickly mounting me. She used her fingers on her clit as she rode me hard before reaching her peak, gushing all over my groin as she had an intense orgasm. I came soon after.

Once she had recovered she trotted off , returning with the belt before handing it to me as she said “I probably took more than the time allowed.”

To her relief I said “I took no notice of how long you took to reach your climax, so you don’t have to wear the belt.”

She made good use of the rest of the day to ensure that she had used up her full allowance of orgasms allowed that weekend.


The following week passed relatively uneventfully until Friday evening when Gemma rang me and asked whether they could come and see us on Saturday afternoon. I readily agreed.

When they arrived Gemma and Simon were surprised to find us fully dressed. Surprisingly, Gemma nervously said “I thought you were usually nude at home.”

Diane answered “Yes, but as we knew you were coming and with your nervousness last weekend, we thought it best to be discreet.”

Gemma giggled and immediately removed her dress to reveal her birthday suit. Simon gingerly started to remove his clothes, whilst Diane and I did the same.

After the usual chatter Gemma said. “Changing the subject, when I helped Diane with breakfast on the Sunday morning I noticed that you both indulge in kinky activities. Simon and I have chatted a lot about spicing up our sex life in the last week, especially after last weekend’s activities. I can’t describe how I felt when he took up Charles’s suggestion of teasing me. When I finally came it was the best orgasm I have ever had.”

There was a short pause before Diane said “and.”

Gemma continued with a jittery voice “Well, We both can see how well you both get on, and it seems that you are both sexually fulfilled. Last weekend was a revelation to me so we thought we would ask you for some help as we need to rekindle that spark in our love life that has disappeared.”

I asked “How do you think we can help?”

Gemma replied “We both think that you enjoy each other’s bodies, and just that little advice you gave Simon certainly was an eye opener to both of us.”

“OK. The first thing is that you will have a lot of homework to do tomorrow. Once you have both finished your homework come and see us if you want to continue.”

“What do you mean by homework?”

“Just wait a couple of minutes while I get it for you. What is your email address?”

I disappeared for a couple of minutes. On my return I said “When you get home you will find an email with a list of worthwhile reading.”


On Sunday morning after she had woken me up and she had enjoyed one of her allowance of orgasms she said “At last, I can get back to a normal diet this week as Lent is over.”

I laughed replying “Not quite yet, you have another week until Easter. This coming week is going to be even harder for you.”


“Yes, there is some fasting involved and even stricter dietary controls.”


“Additionally, as your bum has not been getting that much attention recently, each failure will not only cost you the loss of an orgasm next weekend, you will get 12 strokes of the cane bundle the following morning before you go to work.”

“I hate that. I just hope the requirements are not too onerous.”

Later I changed the sheet on the fridge door to one that had all the rules for the previous weeks, with the addition of the following:-
Monday to Wednesday   either a light breakfast or lunch. Main meal in the evening.
Thursday                            as Wednesday but Olive Oil and a small glass of wine allowed.
Friday                                 only a small amount of bread, fruit and only tea or water to drink.
Saturday                            No food until midnight, then a light meal. Only water to be drunk.

Later, in the early afternoon, we received a phone call from both Simon and Gemma. They had spent the whole morning reading the information on the links that I had sent them. They both said they wanted to learn more. I conferred with Diane and we agreed that we would introduce them to BDSM the following weekend.

When Diane was outside I had a further long conversation with Simon and came up with a plan. As they are both self employed with high incomes, I gave him a suggested shopping list saying, “all of these items are available in Bustards or you can find them on line. However in many on line shops the quality is pretty poor.”


On Monday morning Diane had just a coffee before we went to work. Fortunately for me Zack was at the offices of Bustards in the morning and I was able to have a chat with him before later having a chat with both Dee and Alex.

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