A Milestone and Easter

The author lives in Greece. The Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday was 1st of May. It is the most important religious celebration in Greece. The use of firecrackers, fireworks and other explosives is common in the celebrations.

On Thursday morning I managed to smuggle a case of clothes into our car without Diane noticing. We were both working at the same office, so it was not unusual for us to have lunch together.

When I went to Diane’s office, I chatted to her assistant, Alex, for a few minutes before Diane appeared from her meetings. Instead of eating our lunch in the rest area I took her to the car. I started driving towards the airport. She looked at me saying “What is going on, I have meetings and other things to attend to this afternoon?”

“Your meetings were cancelled earlier in the week. We are going away for a few days, and all but you knew about it.”

“But what about clothes?”

“All taken care of.”

She looked shocked as we approached the airport. After parking the car, I saw Gemma and Simon waiting at the entrance. We greeted each other and Gemma asked Diane “What is going on?”

“I’ve no idea. I was whisked away from work without knowing anything about it.”

I said to the ladies, “Don’t worry. Both of you ladies have reached 40. Neither of us did much to celebrate that milestone, so stay here for a few minutes while we check in the suitcases.”

Simon and I went to the baggage drop desks, set our cases on the way. We re-joined the ladies and I said “we need to get airside as our flights leave fairly soon. The number of flights on display was high, so they could not work out our destination.

As we went through to security I firmly held onto our boarding passes. Once we had been cleared I said to Diane. “You are in for a real fun weekend starting now.”

I handed her a small bullet vibrator and her pussy lock saying “go to the ladies, put the bullet in and lock yourself up. For the rest of our time away you will be in some form of bondage at all times.”

On hearing that she smiled brightly and almost skipped to the ladies. I noticed Gemma was not looking as happy as she went with Diane to the ladies room. When they returned I could see Gemma walking slightly differently to normal.

Simon smiled as he whispered to me “I gave Gemma a couple of small balls to stuff inside her.”

As Gemma returned he said, “I know you have done as I asked. I hope you enjoy the break. You said you wanted to learn more about the dynamics between Charles and Diane. If anything gets too much say ‘Aldi’. I will stop and I will find out what is the problem, put it right or even stop for a while. If you say ‘Tesco’ everything stops altogether.”

“So my safe words are Aldi and Tesco?”


I then added “Diane and I will guide Simon on what to do. We will not be involved in any play; we will not touch you except to check that things are not too restrictive, or to help release you if needed. Diane and I will also be playing. In fact whilst we are away she will be in some form of bondage all the time.”

Diane with a smile said “You saw me with the lock. The lock is holding a bullet vibrator inside me now, and Charles will be playing with it whenever he likes. Knowing him, I will be put through the ringer for the rest of the day.”

I looked up and saw our gate had been announced, so I said to Simon time to make a move. The walk to the gate took about 15 minutes and when we got there Diane asked “Oooh are we off to Kos?”

“That is where we land. We will spend the night there and in the morning go to a different island. The Greek Easter dietary requirements are still in force.”

“Oooh, which island.”

“Wait and see, I am sure you will like it.”

Gemma raised an enquiring eyebrow before Diane explained everything.

I said “the weather forecast is for a little rain tonight, but from tomorrow it is sunshine all the way.”

Gemma looked happy that she could have an enjoyable weekend; relaxing in a warm climate (it was very cold in the UK).

The flight over and our first night on Kos was uneventful. As the flight was busy, I only let the bullet vibrate occasionally at a low setting.

The next morning we caught the ferry to the island where I had booked accommodation. We were greeted on the quayside and taken to our accommodation by taxi and the last 400m on foot.

After dropping our bags at the traditional house we went to a café. Whilst talking to the locals we heard a few firecrackers and they told us “that is the kids practising for the weekend.”

We did a little shopping and went back to the house to enjoy the view and soak up a little sunshine. We had a balcony that was not overlooked, so Gemma stripped down to her bikini before Diane said “why not go for an all over tan.”

She smiled before taking off her bikini “what the hell, I might as well.”

Simon looked at her with a smile as she revealed a clean shaven groin. Diane exclaimed “WOW, you have even shaved. How do you find it?”

“At first a bit strange, but now I won’t go back. Simon seems to prefer me clean shaven.”

In the meantime I got out a little piece of equipment, set it up and watched the dial as the odd firecracker went off. Some were louder than others. I pressed a few buttons and left it there.

Diane looked at me asking “what the hell is that?”

“It will count all the bangs. It should filter out general background noise and the ringing of bells. It has three levels of recording- Small, medium and large bangs. You will find out tomorrow why I have brought it.”

The day passed peacefully and in the evening we joined one of the processions behind the highly decorated bier that was carried around the town. Firecrackers were being thrown as the procession made its way through the town. There were also about 10 very loud explosions that could be felt through the ground.”

We were told they were from the big bombs that were set off in the mountains around us.

That night I made love to Diane whilst she had her hands secured together and her pussy unlocked. I reminded her that she was not allowed to orgasm until the morning. Whilst she did not come, she seemed happy with the closeness.

In the morning, I went to the counter that I had set up. It had recorded nearly a thousand small bangs, 25 medium bangs and 12 loud ones.

Whilst we were all having breakfast I said to Diane, “you have a large number of strokes from the neoprene flogger to come, but before that 28 medium level with the leather paddle and on Tuesday, so far, there are 12 hard strokes with the strap before we leave.”

Diane went to our room, came back with the paddle and neoprene flogger, still in her cuffs and some rope. She immediately bent over the table and I was about to warm up her bum when she said “No warm up please.”

I was surprised, but did as she wished with the first 12 being slightly lighter than usual. Once I had finished, her arse was nice shade of red. She put on her cuffs, stood underneath a beam and I quickly secured her with her arms above her head. I picked up the neoprene flogger, started to swing it hard. I took my time on her back. Although she had received a high number of strokes (about 300) there was no marking (as is normal) from that implement. I moved around to her front concentrating on her gorgeous pert breasts.

Gemma looked on amazed as the count rose and Diane’s breathing started to get ragged and her juices started to flow. When I judged she was ready, I started to torment her pussy with the flogger. I kept going until she had orgasmed twice. I let her down, hugged her until she had recovered enough to be able to thank me for the orgasms.

To be continued…

Wicked Wednesday

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