Saturday Lessons

We are Spending Easter (1st May) weekend on a small Greek Island, the first part is here.

When Diane recovered from her orgasm, Gemma said “that looked intense. I am not sure about the paddle, but that other whip looked harmless.”

Diane replied. “You are right on both counts. Unless you have been on the receiving end of a paddle, you don’t understand how pain can be pleasurable. The flogger is so soft that it can be used as hard as one likes and it leaves no marks. The sensations are fantastic, especially when on my nipples and pussy.”

Gemma said “Sounds like fun with the flogger, but I am not sure I would like the paddle.”

Simon with a wry grin said “Well, don’t dismiss anything until you have tried it out.”

I interrupted by asking Gemma “Have you ever been spanked?”

“No. Not even as a kid.”

“I can tell you there are basically 2 types of spanking, one is a fun one and the second punishment. The paddling I gave Diane was a fun one, although it may not have looked like it.”

Diane interrupted, “Some people, like me, find fun spankings very erotic. However a proper punishment one is not so nice and my bum can be very sore. From what Charles has said I think my bum will be very sore on Tuesday.”

Gemma smiled. “I need to think this over.”

We all went to the beach later in the morning. Simon and I insisted that Diane and Gemma wore only a thin sundress and shoes on the walk. Gemma was rather nervous about it, but with Diane in the same boat she realised that she was not on her own. Diane also had her pussy stuffed with ben wa balls and her lips locked together.

The women talked between them as did Simon and me. The topic of conversation between us men was about spanking and BDSM in general.

When we got to the beach, Diane and I made sure that we were far enough away for Gemma and Simon to talk privately without us hearing. I could see that they were having an in depth discussion. Although not heated, I could see Gemma getting a little nervous as the talking continued. I remarked to Diane “What is the betting that we get asked about some spanking later?”

She smiled as she replied “I am not going to even risk it, I know that we will be asked to teach them later.”

We enjoyed our day of relaxation and went back at the house. Once we had hung up our swimwear and towels Gemma said “Simon and I talked a lot on the beach. He wants to try spanking and using some implements on me, but I am nervous about it. How do we start?”

I knowingly looked at Diane before replying “Hand spanking is easy, start with light taps and increase the intensity until Gemma is writhing on your lap. However implements are a different matter. With small implements, like a leather paddle, you start gently and again slowly increase the intensity. Longer implements such as a flogger, crops and other whips you need to practice on a pillow before even starting on a real person.”

Gemma and Simon nodded before I continued “The only exception is the flogger I used on Diane this morning, which does not mark or hurt. The whole purpose of it is to give pleasure.”

We talked a bit more before I added “The best way to learn how the person is coping is to take short breaks to check on how the person is coping. When we started we used a traffic light system with Green being ‘no problem’, Amber ‘I am close to my limit’ and Red is ‘No more’. You also have your safe words which should be used when things get too much. Gemma, you will have to trust Simon to respect these safe words, but you should not abuse them. Simon, however, must respect them at all times.”

Gemma said nothing but Simon asked her “Do you want to try it out?”

She nodded. He repeated the question adding “I would like a verbal answer so that Diane and Charles can hear.”

She quietly replied “Yes.”

He then asked whether he could borrow the paddle. Diane handed it to him. She gave me her hand and pulled me up and started towards our bedroom to allow them some privacy.

Gemma saw this saying “Please stay. I want you to help him learn how to give me a tingly but not too sore bum.”

I was surprised, so we went across the room allowing them plenty of space. Simon started slowly and gently and Gemma after a while said “Harder please.”

Simon obliged and she resolutely stayed over his knee. Diane and I could see her face. She was grimacing when the paddle struck her bum, but she also had a smile.

Simon followed our advice and he continued until Gemma called “Aldi.” Simon stopped and gently asked “so you are near your limit?”

“She panted “Yes, that was intense and I need a breather before we continue.”

“No problem.”

As they cuddled together I picked up the neoprene flogger and with a gesture asked Simon whether he wanted to try it out?

He nodded yes before asking Gemma “Do you want to try the flogger used on Diane this morning?”

“Will it hurt?”

Diane replied “No, and you should just let him hit you as hard as he likes everywhere except the sides of your torso.”

Simon disappeared for a moment and returned with some leather cuffs which he placed on Gemma’s wrists. He led her to the same place as Diane was secured in the morning and gently raised Gemma’s wrists so that she was in a Y position facing us. He nudged her legs apart saying “don’t close them.”

He started on her back gently, and she kept encouraging him to strike harder until he was using full strength. She was moaning in pleasure with this flogger landing on her back.

I suggested with a gesture that he should start hitting her nipples. He followed my suggestion and before long her moans of arousal got louder and louder before she suddenly start to orgasm. He paused while she recovered from her orgasm before she pleaded with him to continue.

He took her to another high state of arousal just by hitting her breasts. He then changed to hitting her pussy and she was gasping and moaning before succumbing to a huge orgasm that had her slumped, hanging by her wrists. He dropped the flogger, held her as he with his eyes asked us to release Gemma’s wrists. They sat cuddled on the chair while she recovered. Finally she said “God that was so good.”

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to Saturday Lessons

  1. Ooohh . . . very naughty . . . and I LOVE it of course! And I love small Greek islands (well one in particular!) . . . and I love Floggers and Crops (not one in particular!!!)
    Lovely stories (both)!!!
    Xxx – K

    • thelongbean says:

      Thank you Modesty. Greece has many lovely islands, all of which have different characters.
      Floggers & crops are fun too. The neoprene one I refer to does actually exist and I can assure you that women who have experienced it all love it!!!

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