Easter Sunday

We are Spending Easter (1st May) weekend on a small Greek Island.

Late on Saturday the four of us made our way to one of the churches high up the side of the harbour to enjoy the Easter celebrations. The service was well underway when we arrived to find people milling about in the courtyard. We were welcomed as strangers and one of the people we met at the bar the previous night explained what was going on. Little packets were handed to everyone alongside candles.

At midnight the priest came out with a single candle and the closest people lit their candles. They all called out “Christos Anesti”, which means Christ has risen. The lighting of candles continued and we were encouraged to light our candles from those who had already lit theirs. It was explained that as the flame had originated from the priest’s candle that was fine. The most important thing our Greek contact said was “Make sure one of your candles is alight at all times. When you get back to the house, trace out XA on the lintel of the front door from the smoke of the candle. Only then can you put the candles out.

As an aside to Diane I said “it is your responsibility to make sure that your candle is still alight when we get back to the house. Failure will treble your stroke count on Tuesday morning.”

Whilst the candles were being lit there were a series of ground shaking explosions and hundreds of firecrackers being let off along with fireworks and many other bangs occurring of varying volume.

It took about half an hour before it was safe for us to leave the church and make our way back to the accommodation. All the way back Diane took extreme care to ensure that her candle did not go out. Once back at the house we followed our friend’s instruction and there was a nice black XA on the lintel.

Diane, have followed the Greek fasting rules (meaning she had only water all day on Saturday) was ready for some food and I quickly heated up some soup for her.

It was late by the time she had finished and in bed she cuddled up to me checking that her restricted orgasm diet was over. I confirmed it was and she sleepily replied “Good I am going to make up for it tomorrow.”

I was woken by Diane who proceeded to make me hard and was soon straddling me, working her way up to her first orgasm. She continued to ride me until I came inside her at the same time as she had her fourth orgasm of the morning. She and I lay holding each other for a while until there was some loud knocking on the front door.

I reluctantly got out of bed, put on a robe to find the neighbour from the next door house inviting all four of us to join them in a traditional Easter Sunday meal.

Diane, Simon and Gemma by this time had also arisen, and after breakfast I checked out the readings on the “noise meter” I had set up on the Friday.

Diane, wiggling her bum provocatively, asked “well it was noisy last night; I hope that there is a nice pleasurable set of spanks today.”

I laughed as I collected the neoprene flogger and today’s implement which was a nice 18 inch plastic ruler.

Gemma, who had received her first proper spanking the previous day, asked Simon “Please can I have the same as Diane today?”

He replied “As you asked, yes.”

She smiled as Diane lent over my lap, raising her skirt to expose her rounded cheeks. I took the opportunity to stroke and caress it before landing the first strike of the ruler which landed with a loud SMACK.

I then revealed the count was another 54 of those Smacks. She was a little surprised when I added “There are also another 31 to add to your total on Tuesday.”

She took the strikes of the ruler on her bum without wriggling too much, and once it was over I caressed it whilst feeling some dampness on one of my legs. I let her up and Simon sat down, with Gemma took up the same position on his lap as Diane had on mine.

Gemma was more vocal than Diane as she was not used to having her arse reddened by the use of implements. Simon was extremely careful to ensure that the swats of the ruler were felt, but not hard enough to have her in distress…

Once he had finished Gemma had watery eyes with a smile on her face.

Diane then said “don’t restrain me today when using the flogger, I’ll hold onto the rope and you can do your worst.”

Diane took up her position and I started out. The count was over 1500 but did not tell her this. After the first couple of hundred strokes on her back, she was breathing heavily, well on her way to an orgasm. I changed my position and could concentrate on her chest, ensuring that her nipples received plenty of attention. The odd stroke landing on her pussy soon had her fully aroused. I turned my attention to her pussy and just a few strokes to her to her first climax. I let her settle back down for a short while before continuing the flogging.

As the stroke count reached 1000, my arms were starting to feel the strain so I concentrated on her pussy which was gushing. I landed a series of strokes that had her orgasming hard. I immediately stopped the flogging, and held in my arms before carrying her to the sofa to allow her to recover.

Gemma was soon on the receiving end if the flogger and although she did not receive quite as many strokes as Diane, she was soon enjoying her massive orgasm that had her slumping. Simon carefully released her and helped her to another chair and we continued to hold our contented women.

We let the two women recover before joining our neighbours for an extremely good lunch of spit roasted lamb, huge salad and washed it all down with a light but very enjoyable wine.

That evening we made our way to the main square to watch the final festivities of dancing, fireworks and the burning the effigy of the Greek prime minister who was cast as Judas. Twenty minutes into the burning there were a series of bangs as the firecrackers in the effigy went off, effectively blowing up Judas.

Diane leant into me saying. “I hope all those registered on your meter.”

Wicked Wednesday

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