Gemma has an Audience

On the Monday morning Diane got up first, brought me a cup of coffee in bed and then cuddled into me saying “When you are ready, would like to warm my bum up as you did yesterday?”

“It would be my pleasure, however how do you think a nice red bum would look when you are wearing your skimpiest bikini?” I replied.

“Sounds that it might give people something to think about.” She replied with a smile on her face.

“I am not so enamoured with the idea. I think I will wait until we get back from the beach before you get your spanking and flogging.”

Gemma and Simon joined us in the kitchen soon after we got up with both women in their birthday suits. Their figures are so good that just the sight had me stirring and I noticed a bulge in Simon’s groin area too.

Simon and Gemma decided that they did not want to go to the beach. So I got Diane’s pussy lock out, handed her the ben wa balls and after they were inserted locked her lips together.

I gave her the skimpy bikini with a thong bottom that she had worn on our autumn holiday. She did not protest as she put it on. She manoeuvred the pussy lock so it was not clearly visible. I laughed as I said to her “What will be interesting will be how you cope when it gets wet whilst swimming.”

We had an enjoyable day at the beach before returning to the house about mid-afternoon. Simon and Gemma were already back and it looked as though they had enjoyed their day. He then said “I hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed the flogger while you were out.”

“No problem” I replied, “I hope Gemma enjoyed it without an audience this time.”

She instantly said with a smile. “It was even better this time.”

Simon produced a fly swatter saying “I know we did not give the ladies their bum warming this morning, how many are they due?”

I looked at the meter saying “only 32 today, but the implement I am going to use often stings like the devil. There were also another 8 loud bangs, so tomorrow there are 51 with the strap.”

I got Diane into position on my lap and started with the fly swatter lightly. She felt the sting of the implement on her rather red arse from being in the sun.

Diane was wriggling and hissing as I slowly completed the 32 strikes.

Gemma commented “those weren’t as hard as yesterday’s strokes, what’s up.”

I replied “The fly swatter stings much more than anything we have used so far. If I had used it too hard the sting would be unbearable and would not be classed as a fun spanking, more of a punishment. As Diane has not earned a punishment it is only right that she enjoys the sting.”

Simon said “As you are so curious, why don’t you get over my lap and find out for yourself?”

She reluctantly laid over Simon’s lap and was soon hissing as he gave her 31 gentle taps. The last one was much harder and she immediately called “Aldi.”

He held her before asking “what is the matter?”

“That last one was too much, I can’t take any more that hard.”

“That was the last one, and now you know. I am also glad you called out.”

Gemma blushed when she took in what he said before saying “Sorry.”

Diane instantly said “You do not have to be sorry, both of you did exactly the right thing.”

Simon held her tight whispered in her ear something which had her smiling.

I held out my hand for Diane to take her to the bedroom, whilst picking up the flogger along the way. The flogger is so soft and gentle that it never leaves any marks, however hard it is swung. Diane and many women who have experienced it gentle caress have experienced great pleasure from it. She smiled as I had her strip, lay down on the bed and proceeded to give her the flogging she deserved. Each strike of the flogger produced a moan of pleasure. I kept her in a state of heightened arousal, before striking her pussy a few times that had her orgasming hard.

Tuesday morning, after breakfast I suggested that the women should pack the cases, whilst I had a short chat with Simon. I asked “do you think Gemma is up to some sexy fun on the plane home?”

“What do you have in mind?”

I told him what I planned for Diane, and he said “I’m sure that she would be mortified to begin with, but with the last few days, she will soon get into it.”

About half an hour before we were to be picked up, I got Diane to give me the strap and I gave her the 51 stinging strokes that I had promised. Her arse was a bright red, with her sit spots and upper thighs also red. She smiled wryly as she said “well, I will certainly feel this on the way home.”

The trip on the ferry and then to the airport were uneventful. Once we had passed through security I saw Simon say something to Gemma. She blushed slightly before disappearing off to the ladies. She returned soon after and discretely handed something to Simon. Diane saw this and said to me “Do you think she was told to remove her knickers?”

“No, not told, just asked.”

Diane smiled as she realised that Gemma was going to be having some fun on the plane home.

We boarded and as the cabin crew came to check our seat belts, I made a show to tighten Diane’s a little so it was clear she was well strapped in. I whispered into her ear, “Unless I say otherwise, the strap stays exactly as it is now.”

On the other side of the aisle was Gemma and Simon. Thankfully for us the two seats in the middle by the aisle were unoccupied. When the signs for the seatbelts were extinguished I saw Simon stop Gemma from releasing the belt. He leant into her as he whispered in her ear. She blushed a bright red, before relaxing a little.

Once all the main food and drinks service had finished I saw Simon make his move. He was discreet, but I then saw his hand sneak through the waistband of her skirt. He was playing with Gemma’s pussy and she struggled to keep quiet, as he teased her. Her face and throat reddened as her arousal built. Suddenly she silently arched her back, struggled to keep quiet and eventually slumped back in her seat.

As we were leaving the airport terminal I asked Gemma “How did you enjoy performing for a captive audience?”

“Oh god, that was hard to keep quiet. But I must admit originally I was not happy, but now I realise it was fun.”

Diane added “I know, Charles kept me on edge most of the way back, and I am so horny.”

I smiled as I said “well, you will have to wait until we get home.

Wicked Wednesday

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