The last Monday of May is a Bank Holiday in the UK. Regular readers know that we take as many opportunities to play as we can.

On the way home from Diane’s office on the Friday evening we stopped off at the garden centre to take the opportunity to buy a few plants for our garden. We agreed on most things although Diane was insisting that we bought a lot of bedding plants (it was 10 trays). She finally persuaded me when she said “I will even plant them whilst we are both in some form of bondage.”

It is quite some time since I was on the receiving end of some bondage, so the idea held some appeal for me. She knew that I would have to do some of the heavy work so my restraints would not be too restrictive.

After completing the indoor chores on Saturday morning, Diane said “Now for our opportunity to play whilst gardening and working on our all over tans.”

She got out the most severe chastity cage for me. It has knobs on the inside and iBH-257579f I get aroused they make the cage decidedly more uncomfortable than a plain sheath. I did not see her add anything, but once it was locked on she started to caress me, and I felt a strange additional restriction. I asked her about it. She just laughed as she said “I will tell you later.”

We took our time setting out where the plants we bought the previous evening were to be planted in the various flower beds.

I said “Now for your bondage.”

I handed her the medium vibrating butt plug and a large vibrator both of which are remote controlled. I had her lube them up before inserting them. I then bound her breasts at the base so they became rounded globes. I had also attached two lengths of ropes on each side for later.

From the back of her breast bindings I took the long tail of rope ran it between her ass cheeks, through her groin and created a waist loop and tightened it so that the butt plug and vibrator were well secured and there was no chance that they would come out.

I let her wriggle around a little before I added the cross over cuffs with her wri578crosssts in front of her. She then was ready for the final part of her bondage. I made her squat down so that I could complete her bondage. The ropes from the sides of her breasts were then tied to her legs just above the knees and they were joined together.

Once I was finished I said “Time for you to plant all ten trays of plants you bought yesterday. Don’t forget you have to have permission to have an orgasm.”

Just the sight of my beautiful wife in bondage was enough to make me feel kneethe restrictions she had placed on me. I gave her bum a swat with my hand to encourage her to move to the first area that needed planting.

The way she was bound meant that she had to bend over whist shuffling over to the flower bed. I watched her react as I switched on the vibrating butt plug at a low setting. She wisely said nothing, but her reactions showed that she was not very happy.

It took her a while to get the hang of using the trowel whilst her wrists were secured. After planting the first tray she started to shuffle over to the next area. As she got up I turned on the vibrator in her pussy, again on a low setting.

She looked at me saying “That is plain mean, it is an irritation.”

I just smiled before replying “Well, I don’t want you to get too hot and bothered so early.”

As each tray was planted I turned the vibrations up a setting alternating between the butt plug and the vibrator in her pussy.

As she planted the tenth tray she was very turned on and I could see her struggling to hold back the orgasm that was building rapidly. Just after she had planted the last of the bedding plants in the border I saw her collapse as a powerful orgasm took over. I turned off both stimulators and held her as she recovered.

It was now late afternoon, so I released all the ropes, let the vibrator fall out and removed the butt plug. I left the cuffs on her. We showered together and I took great pleasure at the opportunity to get her to the stage of begging for permission to have an orgasm before turning off the shower.

Before I got dressed I asked “Now what would be a suitable punishment for the unauthorised orgasm?”

She smiled as she replied “maybe a day or two of denial?”

I pondered this for a few minutes before I gave her the chastity belt, and with what seemed reluctance she put it on. By now it was time for us to go to our local pub for a meal and a few drinks. As is usual Diane walks to the pub down the footpath naked. Not only does the sight of her naked body please me, she also gets pleasure from being a bit of an exhibitionist.

I picked up a small bag that contained a T shirt and skirt for Diane to wear in the pub. Whilst walking along the path I asked her where the key for her belt was as it was not with the lock as normal.

She laughed as she said “In your cage.”

She continued “The key to your cage is in the special lockbox that Zack gave us. I set the timer to randomly determine a time between 180 and 240 hours before releasing it. Last weekend I took the opportunity to give Kathy the spare keys and she will only let us have them in a medical emergency.”

I said nothing for a while before I said “You seemed to have planned well for both of us to suffer torment.”

“Oh yes, especially after that nice surprise over Greek Easter.”

I was surprised to find John and Kathy in the pub when we got there. Kathy motioned us over and said “I know I have your back up keys. However I have taken the opportunity to do something similar for the two of us. I am in a belt and John in a cage similar to yours. I hadn’t told him before, but we are not to have our keys back until you have released Diane from her belt.”

She handed me a keyring. I smiled as I replied “Well this is going to be fun, especially if I decide to take the opportunity to punish Diane by leaving her locked up for an extra few days.”

Diane frowned when she heard that.

Wicked Wednesday

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