This week’ episode is a follow up to last week’s.

Our friend Kathy has given us the keys to both her and her husband’s chastity devices. I promised that they would not get them back until after Diane and I had been released from ours.

The key to Diane’s belt is in the chastity device I am wearing and the key to my device is in the special box which is on a timer. However the timer automatically resets to restart the time programmed if a sensor is exposed to light.

Diane had been a little cheeky in leading me on and finally agreeing to the restraints, therefore, she needed some form of punishment. Diane’s original plan was for us to be in our devices for about 10 days. This, for us, would be a long time as we have sex at least twice a week.

Diane when she has not had sex for a few days gets very agitated. Whilst she cannot satisfy all her urges, she can often get to orgasm by having her body stroked and her nipples being played with. I mulled over how to deny her even that form of release.

We discussed the arrangements we were in and finally I said “When I decide on your punishment, you will have no choice other than to endure it.”

It took three days for me to make my choice.

John came through with what I needed so on the Friday night at home after work I instructed Diane to strip out of all her clothes. I asked her “Are you sorry for leading me on as you did last weekend?”

“Yes, I am really horny and want out of the belt.”

“Good, I have decided on your punishment I mentioned last weekend. I have a nice new bra for you to wear until you are out of your belt which will be locked on for another month after I get the key to my device.”

She looked very unhappy about having to wear the belt for another month.

I opened the bag that I had collected from John earlier in the day and showed her the new bra. It had two moulded plastic cups with a soft rubber edge. There was a single thick strap made of the same plastic that locked at the back. She looked at it and asked “What the hell is that?”

“This is the latest in Chastity Bras. It is made from medical grade plastic instead of steel so is very secure. I will shower with you twice a week; unlock it so you can wash it and those lovely boobs of yours. I will then lock it back on.”

“That is pure evil.”

Plastic bra is similar to this steel bra

Plastic bra is similar to this steel bra

“You can choose on three days per week to give me a blow job. Each time I come, you will earn one day less in your bra and belt. But you cannot give me more than 2 blow jobs on any one day.”

“Uggh, you get all the pleasure and I get more and more frustrated as I wait to be unlocked.”

With a smile I added “Don’t forget Kathy gave us their keys and at her request she and John are both locked up until you are released from your belt. I expect that they will be very unhappy if you don’t start to earn an early release. John made the bra with his 3d printer. But he does know you are in it for up to a month but not the terms for early release.”

Once I had properly secured the bra, Diane felt all around it and realised how well made it was as there was no way she could get at her breasts.

I then showed her a new belt saying “When I am released you will be wearing this new belt. It is made from the same plastic as the bra and is just as secure as your existing belt but lighter.”


Plastic Chastity Belt

Diane examined it thoroughly, frowned but wisely said nothing.

The phone rang. I answered it to find it was Kathy on the line. I put it on hands-free so we could both hear Kathy. She said angrily “Diane, I thought you said you were only in the belt for a week to 10 days.”

I laughed as I said “Don’t forget I did agree that you would only get your keys back when Diane was released. I know my key is available from Tuesday at the latest. Also I did say that she might have earned a few extra days for her antics last weekend.”

“I know that. But John has just told me he printed a chastity bra as well. He also says that she is locked up for another month.”

“True, but she can earn an early release, but she has to work for it. In addition she will be wearing a different belt which is lighter but just as secure.”

“Well, Diane, You bloody well better get released as soon as you can. I am getting very horny and John is not too happy either. He is currently waiting for me to get on with his punishment for getting me to agree to be in the belt. You may as well listen in, because if I have more than another two weeks in this belt Diane’s ass will get the same special treatment at the first opportunity I have.”

We heard footsteps as she walked and placed the phone down. I heard a slap and John mumbled something.

Kathy then said “I’ve placed the phone by John, who is currently gagged and I have just picked up my lovely thick judicial cane that is very painful to be on the receiving end of.”

We heard nothing except for 14 very loud Thwacks followed by grunts of anguish.

Kathy finally said “He now has a nice five bar gate on each cheek. The welts are a nice angry red.”

It was obvious to us that the gag had been removed from John as we heard more cries of anguish. Kathy laughed as she said, “That was only me feeling each of his welts with my fingernails.”

She then terminated the call. Diane looked at me ashen faced saying “Well your key should be available tomorrow morning.”

I said, no. I am not risking that. So we will wait until the ten days are up before I get released. She did some mental arithmetic saying “But I won’t be able to get released for over two weeks.”

I laughed as I replied “That was your choice when you set me up last week for our mutual restraints.”

Authors note:- In World War 2 the Americans designed a bra with plastic cups for female workers who worked in the factories and shipyards to protect against sparks or other potential hazards. The belt pictured is a prototype made for

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to Choices

  1. Sometimes choices can be a lot of fun 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. I completely sympathise with Diane here!!!
    Xxx – K

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