We follow on from last week and finish this little story.

Diane was not pleased to hear that she faced about three more weeks in a chastity belt and the new bra.

When I was released from my device on the Tuesday, Diane greedily gave me a blow job. About three hours later she had a smile of satisfaction on her face after successfully giving me another blow job. She laughed as she said “Well that is two days off the total.”

The next weeks passed slowly with Diane being very horny and agitated as there was no way she could get any orgasms. Unfortunately for her I made a special effort whilst in the shower getting her all worked up and very close to release. She begged me to take her over the edge whilst in the shower on more than one occasion. I refused and said “Don’t forget this is a punishment, not play, so no orgasms for you until the belt comes off.”

Diane made sure she gave me as many blow jobs as she was allowed. Diane carefully noted the days on the calendar to ensure she was not in her belt and bra for a day longer than necessary. On our way back from her office some 16 days later, we went to John and Kathy’s home.

Once inside the house, I had Diane strip. I collected up her clothes. John and Kathy examined the bra and belt. Both were impressed with the quality and how well they restricted access to Diane’s breasts and pussy.

Kathy said to John “I can see that these would make excellent additions to our range of belts and bras.”

John smiled saying “Yes, but as each bra will have to be made specifically for an individual, it is not going to be cheap.”

“I accept that, however I do see an opportunity here.”

I reached into my pocket, removed Diane’s belt and bra before handing over the keys for John’s device and Kathy’s belt.

They both quickly removed their restrictions before Kathy said “Now Diane has a little reward coming. She is about to be introduced to the Judicial cane that John felt after he made that bra.”

She had John get the cane whilst Diane was invited to lie over their dining table. Kathy produced a pair of wrist cuss, placed them on Diane, She then tied them off to the table legs.

Kathy carefully got into a suitable position tapped Diane’s upturned bum a little before she drew her arm back followed by a swish and loud thwack the cane stroke landed on her arse. A very bright red angry welt appeared on her left cheek. This was followed by four more equally loud strokes. Diane was already crying from the pain and yelping as each stroke landed. Her right cheek got the same treatment. Kathy moved position and a vertical stripe was landed on each cheek. The final two diagonal strokes had Diane yelling in pain as each of them cut across the six lines on her bum.

Diane was released from her restraints. She gingerly felt her bum and was surprised to find that there was no blood. I caressed her bum while she winced as ran my fingernail along each of her welts.

Kathy had Diane help her lay the table for dinner. Diane sat down gingerly on the wooden chair, wincing as her weight rested on the hard surface.

A few moments after we left John and Kathy’s home, I pulled into a bus stop. With Diane still naked, I secured her wrists behind her back before ensuring that the seatbelt was properly secured. I then turned the heated seat up to the maximum, just to make sure that she kept her lovely bum warm. She was a little annoyed with me for with the extra heat, but as it was only a short drive she said nothing.

As soon as we got home, I released her from her restraints. As soon as we were in the front door, she pulled me to the bedroom saying “You don’t know just how horny I am.”

She took control and she took me to the edge countless times before she was totally spent after a series of very powerful orgasms. I on the other hand was not as happy as I was not given the opportunity to come before she could take no more.

The next morning as we got ready to go to work I looked at her striped bum. With a smile she said to me over breakfast “That cane is nasty and it is so painful. I will feel this set of stripes for quite a few days.”

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to Release

  1. mmm wonderful feeling to sit at work and feel the bruises after a nice session. Those kind of painful reminders are special 🙂

    Rebel xox

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