Different Views

I decided it was time for me to play out one of Diane’s unfulfilled fantasies that she had revealed to me many years ago.

I made all the preparations on Thursday night, ready to start on the drive home from her office the following evening. When she got in the car I asked “Are you ready for some fun?”


“Good, for the next 24 hours you will only be able view what I decide you can.”

“What do you mean?”

“Much of the time you will not be blindfolded. Starting now, I need to get you ready.”

We found a small lay by where I told her to get out of the car. She stripped as I asked and I then produced her wrist cuffs which she put on before I locked them on. I then had her fold her arms in front of her and with a thin rope behind her back secured her wrists so that her arms were not going anywhere. I then produced a very strict cervical collar 67634-9184860which I ensured was a tight fit so she could not move her head. I then added a wider collar that I locked on with a small padlock.

She was about to start saying something but decided not. I had her get back into the car, made sure she was safely strapped with her head secured to the headrest before lowering the seat so she could not see the road ahead.

We made it home with her just being able to see anything other than the roof of the car.

I raised the seat, removed the bindings holding her in place and we walked indoors. I removed the chain securing her wrists before adding some blinders so she could only see straight ahead.

With a gentle swat on her bum I suggested “About time you cooked our meal.”

“Yes sir was the reply.”

After our meal and the dishes cleared away I said “time for us to play a bit more.”

In the playroom I secured Diane in a standing spread-eagle and added some earplugs which meant she was only able to see straight in front. I moved the television so she could see it before I sat down next to her in a comfortable chair.

The sound was low, and all she could do was watch the pictures of the debate being televised without being able to hear what was going on.

Once the debate was over, I released her from the spread-eagle position. At my request she put on her ankle cuffs. I had her sit cross legged in front of me before I secured her wrists to her opposite angles. I removed the earplugs and blinders before putting on a blindfold. I deliberately picked a film stored in our recorder that had little dialogue and sat back to watch it.

Once the film had finished I released her wrists and ankles and suggested she did her business quickly. With the blindfold on, she carefully made her way to the bathroom, did her business and returned to the play room. I helped her onto the bed before locking her wrists and ankles to the chains already in place.

I laid down next to her and snuggled in to her with one of my hands playing with her nipples until they were rock hard and she was moaning with desire.

In the morning I released her from her chains, removed the blindfold and told “You have thirty minutes to get yourself ready. Ensure you give yourself an enema so you are nice and clean as you won’t be able to relieve that end for the rest of the day.

She was about to protest when I gave a stern look. She hates enemas, especially one she is required to administer to herself. With a sullen expression she went and did as asked, returning just a few minutes late.

“You have earned a little punishment later today for taking too long in the bathroom.”

She shuddered before I put the blinders back on and told her to get our breakfast.

We finished breakfast and I said now for some extra restriction. I got a large vibrating butt plug. Using plenty of gel, I slowly inserted it. I then got out the egg, placed it inside her pussy before locking on her new chastity belt.

I then got a long length of bungee cord, and fashioned it into a body harness with about twenty loops. I then added thigh cuffs and with a chain secured each of her wrists to her thighs. We went into the garden and I helped her kneel so she could start weeding one of our flower beds. The restrictions she was in meant she could not reach very far, but she carefully went along the front of the bed and gently pulled out all the weeds she could reach whilst I did the rest of the bed.

In the afternoon it started to get cloudy, which meant is was perfect timing for the rest of my planned torment.

We went back into the playroom where I used a spreader bar to separate her ankles before using more bungee cord to tie her legs down onto the bondage board with her feet just at the end of the board. I then added more by securing her arms to her harness before then tying them onto the board. With the hoist I lifted the board so she was standing on her feet with the weight of the board held by the winch. I then added the earplugs again.

Her view with the blinders was a blank white wall. I left her there with the butt plug and egg vibrating her gently. I could see that she was getting aroused, but there was nothing she could do except endure the torment. The bungee cord allowed her some tiny movement which I was glad she made.

After the half hour, I turned up both vibrators a notch before changing the blinders for a blindfold. I enjoyed the view of by darling wife being tormented by the vibrators which were not running strong enough to take her to an orgasm.

I left her there wriggling as much as she could for a second half hour before turning up the vibrators a further notch. I left her there for a few minutes before I removed an earplug and asked “are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes” she gasped.

I replaced the earplug. I started to gently caress her restrained torso before I pulled one on the strands of bungee away from her body before releasing it. It snapped back and she squealed as she felt the pain. I continued playing with most of the bungee cords avoiding those that could potential damage her organs. Half an hour of this play had lhp046_01_thumbher wriggling as much as she could in her restraints and a lot of nice red stripes all over the front of her body.

I finally removed her blindfold, released her form the board, but left the harness on. I turned off the vibrators which had been teasing her unmercifully. I cuffed her wrists behind her back before taking her to the bed to have a rest

She said “It is so mean, I am so horny, I can’t get myself off.”

I laughed saying “I know. The collar will be off when we go to the pub, but the belt stays on until we get home as the key is in the lockbox.”

Wicked Wednesday


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2 Responses to Different Views

  1. revengestar says:

    if she had a fantasy of having a threesome with you and some other guy would you do it?

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