A bit of a turn around

Diane here.

I got home before Charles so picked up the post off the mat. There was one ominous looking brown envelope addressed to him. When he got home I gave him the envelope which he opened. When he finished reading it, he was not his usual happy self.

I asked “What’s up?”

“I have been caught speeding by one of those bloody mobile vans.”


“Exactly the same place as you did 18 months ago.”

“What speed were you doing?”

“46 mph.”

I said “Well I got one terrible punishment for my offence, so you will have to have one too. I suppose you will go on one of those speed awareness courses, just as I did.”

“Of course.”

“Good, then this weekend I will administer your punishment for speeding.”

I waited until Saturday. Whilst he was busy in the kitchen preparing lunch I got the playroom ready.

We finished lunch and I said, “Time for your punishment. Get into the playroom, strip naked, put on your chastity device before getting onto the spanking bench. I will join you shortly.”

Whilst he got himself ready, I changed into one of my very snug but comfortable cat suits. I ensured that there were no creases before putting on a pair of 4” heels.

I went to the playroom. I went to him, and he moaned with appreciation. I buckled up all the straps so he would be unable to move. I lined up the spanking machine with his bum. I picked up the red marker pen and wrote 46 on each of his taught bum cheeks.

With an evil smile I said “The first part of your four stage punishment starts now. I know how you like the nasty wooden paddle. You will receive as many swats as it takes for your bum to get red enough to hide the number written on your bum with this red pen. I have set the machine to deliver swats between mild and moderate at random speed, with anywhere between 1 and 5 seconds between them, so there will be lots of them.”

I pressed the button to start the machine. The first swat was delivered and there was just a light shade of pink. I left the machine running so every few seconds he got a swat. The count got to 200 swats before the red marker pen started to disappear in the redness of his bum. Finally after 267 swats I was satisfied that you could not discern the number I had written on his now well reddened ass.

Charles was definitely very uncomfortable. I then waved the thin metal cane in front of him. I said “now for the second part, which is 46 separate lines on your ass and upper thigh. These will be at between moderate and severe.”

I positioned the machine to start at the top of his bum, work its way down and then back up. The first stroke landed and I was delighted to see a vivid red line appear across the upper part of both his bum cheeks.

I left the machine to do its job, having changed the frequency of the strokes to between 3 and 20 seconds. Once it had landed the first twenty strokes Charles was crying and wailing as the pain coursed through him.

Finally the last stroke was delivered and his bum and upper thighs were covered with thin red welts. I grazed my finger over some of them and noticed the gasp and wincing as he suffered the torture of my tracing along the welts.

I released him from the bench. With a gentle tap on his arse I ordered him to make some tea before I started the third part of his punishment. Whilst he cleared up after our tea, I put a hard office chair and table in the centre of the play room. He came back and was alarmed when he saw it had some plastic artificial grass on the seat. I told him to sit down, tied his ankles to the back of the chair so he had no relief from the spiky grass. I then tied his chest to the back of the chair. I moved the desk in front of him.

I handed him a pad of blank paper saying “you need to copy out this paragraph 46 times in neat hand writing. Any mistakes or crossings out or illegible words will be incurring penalties.”

The paragraph read- Excess or inappropriate speed is a major cause of road crashes. Breaking the speed limit, or driving too fast for the conditions on the road, contributes to more than 720 deaths and 4,550 injuries in the UK every year. The latest statistic published by the government show that, in 2007, exceeding the speed limit was reported as a factor in 13 percent of fatal crashes on the UK’s roads.

Charles was not happy with this as his writing can, at times, be very difficult to read even with my practiced eye.

The distraction of the spiky mat, him not being able to relieve the pressure and trying to write neatly made his task even more difficult.

He took nearly an hour and a half to finish all 46 copies of the paragraph. I released him from the chair saying “You may rest a while I check your copies before you find out the final part of your punishment.”

I checked his work and fortunately for me there were plenty errors. “The final part of your punishment is to be locked up until you have given me an orgasm with your tongue for each of the 58 errors. Only two orgasms count per day.”

He got on his knees and pleaded to be able to start on this task straight away. He knows how much I like his tongue working away on me, but I said “No we have not got time, as I intend you will have to work extra hard at this task.”

He wisely said nothing as it was clear I was in full dome mode, which is unusual for me since the turn around in our relationship with me usually being the submissive.

He sulked for a while before I stripped out of my cat suit before picking up the carrier bag with our clothes in it. “I announced time to go to the pub.”

As we reached the gate by the road near to the pub I handed him his tightest pair of jeans, a shirt and a pair of sandals. As he slid the jeans over his still reddened bum I saw him wince. I, in the meantime, put on one of my favourite sundresses.

Entering the pub, I saw Gemma and her partner Simon. I was glad that they had selected, at my earlier suggestion, a table with hard, but not uncomfortable, seats. Charles saw this and frowned before gingerly sitting down.

Gemma saw the wince as his bum made contact with the seat. She asked “What’s up Diane, it’s usually you who is suffering.”

Charles replied “it is my fault, I am being punished by Diane for being caught speeding.”

Gemma said “well that is a bit of a turnaround for you two.”

Wicked Wednesday

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