This week I loosely follow the Wicked Wednesday prompt “Weight”

At the end of one of the regular Monday meetings for Diane and I with her boss Dee, Zack (Dee’s husband) joined us. The chatter was fairly innocuous until Zack said “Don’t forget the Olympics start on August the 5th.”

Diane replied “I know, and both of us were thinking about the games we played when we first met. Now our circle of friends is much bigger, we can’t manage it at our house.”

Zack said “I was thinking that we could host them at our country mansion.”

“Have you checked with the others about their availability?”

“They are all free for the middle weekend.”

I added “Good, but there are two extra couples I know who may be interested in taking part, and what is more you know them both.”

“Who are you thinking of inviting?”

“Well, that is easy, there is Diane’s assistant Alex and his partner Freya together with James and Petra.”

Dee looked surprised “I knew about James and Petra. But you mean Alex and Freya are into it as well.”

I replied “Definitely, especially as they asked for guidance from us.”

“Umm, that would be interesting as we won’t have enough rooms.”

“Well, you do have the stables, and I have a couple of suitable camp beds.”

Zack decided “why not, the more the merrier.”

“OK, and I will get the invites ready tonight.”

The next morning I was with Diane when Alex asked for a quiet word. We went to Diane’s office where he said “I had a strange email from Zack this morning, inviting us to a weekend of BDSM Olympics at their country house. Firstly how did he know that we are into it, and what might it entail?”

Diane said “Firstly I apologise for not letting you know last night, but you had already left. It was me who suggested you should be invited. Secondly it involves a number of disciplines, such as weightlifting, shooting with paintball guns, jumping etc.”

“What do you mean by weightlifting or jumping?”

“Weightlifting is easy to explain, for the men it is the amount of weight they can lift that is attached to a ball stretcher. For the women the amount they can lift with a shaft in their pussy being only held by vaginal muscles. As for jumping, it is the distance or height that can be jumped whist spring mounted weights are held on the nipples with clamps or to piercings.”

She continued “There will be a lot of couples competing. Each couple, in the past, plays as a team. You can even have a competition between the two of you as to who does best.”

“Freya and I are not sure that we are ready for that level of intensity, especially as we are still learning about each other’s limits and tolerances.”

Diane said “I understand, and you are right about limits etc. I know Zack is in this morning, so why don’t you arrange for us to have a short meeting with him and Dee, as I have an idea on how you can be involved without being part of the competition.”


About an hour later we all convened in Dee’s office. Diane and Alex explained the worries he and Freya had.

Zack said “firstly I apologise for sending you an invitation without Diane giving you some warning first. I know you are still exploring and you entirely correct in ensuring you keep within the limits you have between yourselves.”

Diane then asked Zack “who have you got as the judges?”

He replied “I thought we could all judge each other.”

Diane said “As Alex is a whizz at spreadsheets, and Freya works for a highly respected firm of lawyers, why don’t we ask them to be the judges, with all of us helping with it?”

Zack then said “That is a great idea. Alex, ring Freya, tell her Diane’s suggestion and take it from there.”

Alex smiled and said “Dee, I hope you don’t mind, can we use your phone here and then Freya can ask all the questions she wants, before we make a decision.”

Freya answered the phone and we were all introduced by Alex. He then said “Zack and Diane have suggested that instead of us taking part, we should be the judges helped by the others.”

She asked a lot of sensible questions which we answered. “I am up for it then. And you, Diane need a good punishment for telling Zack and Dee without our knowledge.”

I laughed saying “Come over to our house this weekend and you can judge whether her punishment is sufficient.”

Freya giggled saying “OK, we will be there Friday night.”

Before Alex and Freya arrived on Friday night Zack had agreed and allocated the various disciplines to the couples who were joining them for our games. On Friday, after Freya and Alex arrived, we were able to catch up and have a general chat.

The next morning I said “You wanted to ensure Diane was suitably punished. I have a variation on the weightlifting challenge in some games held a few years ago when we first met Dee.”

On the patio I set out two beams about 10 feet long and just under three feet apart. I got Dee to bring out a two pound weight, a stainless steel rod with a ball at one end and a hook at the other, the three foot spreader bar and her ankle cuffs. I applied the cuffs before attaching the spreader bar. Before I inserted the steel rod I said. “You will walk over to the beams and shuffle along them, and to the finish line marked in chalk. Whilst on the beams, any time one of your feet come into contact with the ground you incur 10 penalty points. If the weight falls out you incur a penalty point for every centimetre left to the marked finish. Penalty points will be the number of strokes of an implement that Freya chooses at severe level on the machine.”

I inserted the dildo, added the weight and said “You can start now.” Diane waddled over to the beams. Mounted them and shuffled along all the way. I could Diane was working really hard to keep the dildo inside her. Just after she got off the beams, the dildo finally slipped out and landed with a clinking sound.

Diane was just 27 centimetres short of the line.

Freya frowned saying “That was not much of a punishment.”

Diane said “You try it, but as you haven’t had practice, you can do it with a half-pound weight. Instead of severe strokes for the penalties we will make them gentle with a final one at severe.”

“You’re on.”

I cleaned the dildo before I let Alex prepare Freya whilst I got the half pound weight. He attached it and told her to start.

Freya slipped off the planks twice before dropping the weight about one and a half metres from the end.

Freya looked askance and said, “God that was hard. My muscles inside are so sore. I apologise, it is not an easy task.”

Next week the penalties.

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to Weightlifting

  1. I look forward to reading more of your version of the Olympics.

    Rebel xox

  2. mariasibylla says:

    This is not the Olympics I was expecting! 🙂 Very interested to see how the games go.

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