The result of failure

We continue from last weekDiane and Freya both failed in their challenge.

Freya looked askance and said, “God that was hard. My muscles inside are so sore. I apologise, it is not an easy task.”

A while later Freya and Diane went into the playroom so Diane could talk her through the various implements, their severity and type of pain they produced.

Whilst they were in the playroom I had a chance to talk to Alex about their progress in their journey into the pleasures of BDSM. He said “Freya has never used “Red”, but to begin with she called “amber” on three or four occasions. I am now able to read her reactions much better so when we talk afterwards I find out that I stopped what I was doing just before she was about to call out.”

“That is brilliant news. Now, this afternoon I have a plan that will have her really enjoy her punishment for not completing the course. All I ask is that you use the implement I give you all over her body, including her pussy, and do not hold back and continue for as long as you need.”


“All I will say is that the implement you will be given to use on her will not hurt her, leave any marks to speak of and will give her great enjoyment.”

“I am puzzled.”

“Trust me; every woman who has been on the receiving end always wants more.”

“I’m intrigued.”

We went to the playroom and I said to Diane that she needed to get onto the spanking bench. I secured her down before getting the spanking machine out. Freya handed me the rattan cane carpet beater.

I showed Diane the choice. Her eyes opened wide saying “That is nasty.”

Freya said “Well, you did tell me it was a nasty implement. I also thought as you have relatively few strokes coming, I thought that you needed a sore bum as the additional punishment.”

I put the carpet beater in the arm of the machine, set the level to severe for just 27 strokes. Before I pressed the button I added “as this is punishment there is no warm up.”

The first strike of the carpet beater on Diane’s rounded cheeks produced a loud moan. Freya watched carefully as the machine paused for a few seconds before landing another stinging blow. Freya said nothing as the machine took its time delivering all the allotted strokes. The time between each stroke varied, so Diane had no idea when it would land.

Finally Diane was let up with reddened watery eyes, gave Freya a hug before saying “My bum hurts.”

I held Diane for a few minutes before whispering to her my plan for Freya. She just smiled in response.

Alex asked “Freya are you ready for your 167 gentle strokes?”


I said to Freya, “with Alex’s permission I have chosen your implement and position. For this you need to stand between the two anchor points on the floor.”

She moved there, Alex attached cuffs to her ankles and wrists. He then secured her into a standing spread-eagle. His final touch was to add a blindfold before I handed him the neoprene flogger.

Diane smiled when she saw the flogger. She said nothing.

Alex swung the flogger hard on her back. Freya just stood there saying nothing. He swung again, and there was no reaction. For another 10 strokes he swung hard before Freya said “I can hardly feel them, hit harder.”

Alex was surprised so with all his effort he landed more strokes until the count was at nearly fifty before he started on her delightfully shaped bum. He continued to swing with all his might, and apart from a few moans, nothing came from Freya.

I indicated to him that he should now start on her front. “The first hard strike hit her square on her breasts. A few more hits on her breasts started her moaning with pleasure. He continued until her moans and groans of pleasure intensified. When I thought she was ready I pointed to her groin. Alex changed position slightly and swung hard at her groin. Finally after about 200 strokes had landed Freya stiffened let out a huge scream of pleasure and went red in the face and upper chest. Before she slumped in her bindings I noticed a little squirt of her juices had landed on the floor. I made Alex hold her as I released her from the restraints and he carried her over to the sofa and held her gently whilst she recovered.

Diane and I left them to allow Alex to give her the necessary aftercare in private.

When they joined us in the lounge Freya had a smile of satisfaction on her face. I let her ramble a little about the experience before asking “Did you enjoy that as much as it looked you did?”

“Yes, but I think I peed myself when I came.”

I said “we will see, Alex go and moisten your finger in the wetness on the floor and tell us whether it was pee.”

He came back saying “Definitely not pee, it must be something else.”

Diane then said “Then you must have had a squirting orgasm.”

“What is that?”

“A squirting orgasm is similar to a man when he ejaculates. Although the plumbing is different, it is possible for a woman to ejaculate some fluids. When it is a particularly intense orgasm, the squirting is not unusual and the orgasm can be extremely intense, so much so that you can black out for a short while. The first time a woman squirts can be particularly alarming, but once you know about it, then you relax into them.”

Freya said with a grin. “Well it was the first time for me. Just as whenever we are in your company there are lots of firsts.”

Diane then said “just so you know, that is the most pleasurable flogger we have. It is a one off, and it leaves no marks. And Alex was not holding back.”

Alex re-joined “I know, my arm is aching from that too.”

Next week, preparations for the Olympics.


Wicked Wednesday

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