The long road to our Olympics

As this a fictional account, I have started the weekend of our Olympics before the start of the real ones so it will finish around the closing ceremony of the genuine Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

After our Saturday of tasks and punishments, Alex and Freya sat down with us to talk through how they should manage and look after the games.

A few days later we all received a rather officious looking document by email. Freya in her comments stated she knew it was formal, but her training made her think that this was the best way.

What had not been agreed between us competing couples were the punishments that would result from not being the overall winners.

The rules were set out as:-

  • Their decision was final.
  • There would be two competitions, one for the men and one for the women.
  • To determine the overall winning couple each of their placings would be added together.
  • For example if the man came third and the woman sixth in an event, their combined score would be 9.
  • The lowest scoring couple overall would be declared the winners.
  • The couple devising an event would not be allowed to take part in it, so each couple would take part in 10 events.
  • For the whole time we are at the house there is a compulsory no clothing rule.

There was a lot of email traffic about the punishments. In the exchange we found out that Celia had recently had some piercings done after being a particularly naughty pet.

As we are all into BDSM, mostly as switches, Alex and Freya finally got an agreement that there should be a two part punishment. Firstly the each person, except for the individual winner in the men’s and women’s competition would receive the number of strokes of an implement chosen at random equivalent to the number of points of their score. Except for the winning couple the second part was that our overall joint placing as a couple would the number of weeks we were to be locked into a chastity belt or device preventing us all from enjoying any sexual pleasure for the allocated time.

However, because of Celia’s work which could be affected it was agreed that instead of her being in a chastity belt, her newly pierced pussy lips would be locked together. As William could give her pleasure or she could do it herself, it was agreed by us all that she would be locked up for twice as long.

After much more email exchanges, Alex and Freya finally allocated the events so each couple had one to prepare and set the rules which they would review and amend where necessary once they could see how it worked.

The events would be over a weekend and held outside in the grounds of Zack and Dee’s country mansion.

We were all instructed to arrive with cuffs for both wrists and ankles, a 2 foot spreader bar and a ball stretcher for the men. We were also warned that the cuffs would be used in wet conditions.

The events and the couple devising the games agreed upon were:-
Sprint                          Sue & Slave G
Weights                       Kathy & John
High Jump                 Tamara & Grant
Long Jump                 Patrice & Corrine
Throwing                    Celia & William
Riding                          Suzy & Tom
Rope                             Charles & Diane
Water                           Zack & Dee
Cycling                         James & Petra
Swimming                   Sofia & Adam
Paintball                      Finale (Freya & Alex)

We all agreed to meet up at Zack and Dee’s mansion on the Friday. Zack and Dee agreed to provide a large gazebo in case of rain and provide somewhere for us to eat and relax between events. They would also provide a toilet facility which would require cleaning. The cleaning of it would be the couple with the lowest average score for the day.


Diane and I left the office at lunchtime on the Friday before our weekend of games. As we were walking to the car I asked “ready for the fun to start?”


Immediately she said that her mobile rang, she answered saying “it’s Dee.” A moment later she said “Dee is asking whether she can get a lift as her car is not back from the garage.”

“Fine, on condition she joins us in the fun of the drive down.”

A moment later Diane closed the call and said “she will be with us in about 5 minutes.”

We waited and as soon as Dee appeared I said “Diane agreed the fun for the weekend starts now. So it is time for us to strip and enjoy being naked.”

We all stripped and were soon naked and sat in the car. The car I was using that day was my classic Triumph Stag. It has no air conditioning and on the warm and sunny days the best cooling is with the top removed. Dee was a bit alarmed at this. I said “You wanted the lift and agreed to join us on our terms.”images

She nervously got in the back seat, and soon worked out that crouching down would help protect her modesty a bit.

It took us about an hour to get to Zack and Dee’s mansion. As we arrived Dee proudly sat up in the back seat and we could see some of the others had already arrived. They were surprised to see us already having shed our clothes, just as they had done on their arrival.

Later in the afternoon and evening before the games we all arrived to set up our individual games. Alex and Freya carefully watched our preparations and discussed the rules for each game. As we had all participated in previous games, there were relatively few amendments needed.

Whilst they were with us Freya asked “Is Celia who I think she is?”

“Yes, and her husband, William is a very successful business man.”

The evening was full of fun filled conversation and we all enjoyed a good meal and wine. During the meal Diane (in my view) foolishly said to Corrine that she would be higher placed at the end of the games. The ensuing conversation resulted in Diane agreeing that both of us would be bound and tormented by Corrine for a period of four hours the weekend after the games.

Unfortunately for Sue, she had broken a foot a few days earlier so was not able to take part. This resolved a slight problem because of Zack being confined to a wheel chair meant he could not take part in many events. Everyone agreed that Slave G would take the place of Zack in all but the final game. Also we agreed that we would take the water event out of the schedule.


Saturday morning after breakfast we all trooped out to the area for the games. Alex and Freya had obviously come prepared as he had his laptop with him and she carried a clipboard.


Wicked Wednesday

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  1. I wondered whether you would do your own version of the Olympics 🙂

    Rebel xox

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