The games start

Due to an unexpected “flying” visit to the UK, this week’s entry is a little shorter than normal. Next week We will be back to the normal length of story.

Before we started Alex and Freya made us all liberally cover our partners in sunscreen. Freya giggled when she said “we don’t want you get sunburn, especially those who get the canings.”

Shortly after that they announced that the first game of the day was weights.

The task set for us was for each of us to move a stack of 6 hay bales about 2 metres and restack them. There were two different stacks with slightly smaller ones for the women. Whilst this sounded easy, it would not be our style of games without it being made more difficult by us having our legs separated by the spreader bar and our wrists connected by a six inch chain with a snap hook at each end.

The rules were quite simple-

Letting a bale touch the ground before the line for the new stack incurs a 10 second time penalty.
If after 10 minutes the task had not been completed the number of bales moved, and the distance the person had reached in their last carry would be the deciding factor.
If someone gave up, the number of bales moved followed by the time that they decided to give up would determine the placing.

Diane and I were the first to have a go at this task. The principle sounds easy, but it was actually quite challenging as it was difficult to grab a bale with our wrists restrained and then shuffle the short distance whilst your ankles were fixed about 2 feet apart. After the first two bales had been placed on the ground it was quite a struggle to place the next two accurately. The final two bales were even more difficult as the tiredness of one’s leg muscles began to be felt. I finally manged to finish after six minutes with Diane finishing just a couple of minutes later. We both had red marks where the hay had scratched the surface of our skin. Each couple took their turn, with some not finishing in time, or giving up.

We waited whilst Freya and Alex conferred. He quickly tapped away at his machine whilst Freya announced the results:-

Dee 8 Tom 8 Tom & Suzy 14
Sofia 7 William 7 Sofia & Adam 12
Suzy 6 Grant 6 Tamara & Grant 11
Tamara 5 Adam 5 Dee & Slave G 10
Petra 4 Charles 4 Celia & William 8
Diane 3 Patrice 3 Diane & Charles 7
Corrine 2 Slave G 2 Corrine & Patrice 5
Celia 1 James 1 Petra & James 5

More sunscreen was applied before the next event on our agenda which was the Long Jump. Patrice and Corrine had marked out an area for the jumping. A strip of grass about 4 metres long and a metre wide was cut very short.

Both sexes would be have 4 ounce weights attached a spring, for those pierced these weights were attached to the piercing otherwise clover clamps were be used. The women also had a clit clamp from which a 4 ounce weight hung. The men had a ball stretcher with a 16 ounce weight attached. Our ankles and wrists were secured using a hogtie strap with an extra snap link at the wrists.

The game was very simple. Corrine and Patrice demonstrated how it worked. Corrine bunny hopped along the 3 metre course. Every hop had her wincing as the pull of the weights was felt on both her nipples and clit. Patrice also winced as he hopped along the course as he had the additional weight on his ball stretcher.

The scoring was very simple. the winner was the one who over the length of the course had the smallest number of hops. In the event of a tie, the fastest time would win.

We all watched as Celia tackled the course first. The first hop she did had her moaning as the effect of the weights were felt. At the end she was almost crying from the torment to her nipples and clit. William had his go and was wincing all the way as the weight from his balls dragged along the ground because his hops were so short.

When it was our turn, Diane tackled the course first. She loves her nipples being tortured and whilst there was no warm up, she hopped along the course quickly with just moans of combined pleasure and pain. She was panting as she finished and her nipples had hardened. The others were amazed at her reaction. Corrine in particular noticed this saying with a smile “Now I know how to torture you when you come in behind me on the leader board.”

When it was my turn, like William I was finding the drag of the weight on my ball stretcher to be extremely uncomfortable.

After what seemed a long time all sixteen of us completed the course. Alex and Freya quickly announced the results and updated the scores.

Petra 8 Tom 1 Sofia & Adam 14
Dee 7 William 2 Dee & Slave G 11
Sofia 6 James 2 Tamara & Grant 10
Suzy 5 Slave G 4 Petra & James 10
Tamara 4 Charles 5 Kathy & John 8
Celia 3 Grant 6 Diane & Charles 7
Diane 2 John 7 Tom & Suzy 6
Kathy 1 Adam 8 Celia & William 5

Freya announced another sunscreen application was required before we went onto the next game.

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to The games start

  1. Now if ONLY the Olympics were like this!
    I’d be GLUED to the TV screen for EVERY event !!!
    Xxx – K

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