The games continue

We continue from last week.

The third game we had was the one Diane and I devised called rope.

There were two courses each ten metres long, one for the women and one for the men.

For the men, there was a rope strung tight just an inch or two above the ground.

For the women there was a rope that ran between two poles that were adjustable in height. Along the rope there were forty knots.

Alex explained the rules:

  • For the men, their hands were attached to their ankles with their legs held apart by the spreader bar. A carabiner was attached to the rope on the ground and their ball stretchers.
  • The women were required to straddle the rope and it was adjusted so that it was taught and rubbed their pussy lips. They had their wrists secured behind their back and ankles separated by a spreader bar.
  • Everyone was required to be blindfolded.
  • The fastest time to complete the course was the winner.
  • If after 5 minutes the course had not been completed, the distance completed determined the placings.

The first to play the game were Corrine and Patrice. Corrine was positioned and winced as the rope was pulled taught. She started along the course nervously and squeaked as she hit the knots. Meanwhile Patrice was finding it hard to keep his balance as he waddled along. He also moaned as he pulled on his balls when he tried to straighten up a little. I could fully understand how he felt as Diane had insisted I try the game out at home.

They continued along the ropes with squeals, moans and grunts coming from each of them as they waddled along.

They both finished in respectable times. Once Corrine had been released she told Diane I am very sore and that is an evil game.”

Diane with a smile replied “Well there will be some of that style of torture for you when you have your 4 hours of torment in a few weeks’ time.”

Patrice smiled on hearing this saying to Corrine “I would love to see you being tortured by someone else for a change.”

Corrine with a twinkle in her eyes said “It won’t me suffering, it’ll be Diane.”

Everyone who took part found the game hard, and many complained of soreness. They agreed that it was BDSM games, so a bit of suffering was fair.

Alex and Freya encouraged us to top up our sunscreen whilst they sorted out the results. Alex tapped away at his laptop and the results of the game were:-

Kathy 8 Grant 8 Petra & James 12
Sofia 7 William 7 Celia & William 11
Petra 6 James 6 Tamara & Grant 11
Corrine 5 Patrice 5 Corrine & Patrice 10
Celia 4 Tom 4 Sofia & Adam 9
Tamara 3 Slave G 3 Kathy & John 9
Suzy 2 Adam 2 Tom & Suzy 6
Dee 1 John 1 Dee & Slave G 4

We took a break for some lunch before going on to our 4th event of the weekend which was the sprint.

This, of course sounded easy, however Susan and Slave G had made it far more interesting than that. Alex and Freya categorically said “Dee and Slave G will not be taking part as he helped in the design of it.”

We were taken to a piece of ground 10 metres by three wide. This ground had been dug over and lots of water poured over it so that it was basically mud. There was a cargo net that was held down by tent pegs all along the course. At each end about 5 metres from the end of the mud were two circles.

Alex took great delight in saying “This course has been very well watered so you will all get very messy. The rules are quite simple. Each couple starts in this circle, go under the net, one on the left and the other on the right, make your way along the course and get to the far circle. The quickest time wins. There is a time limit of 5 minutes, so again the distance covered will be taken into consideration.”

As he was saying this, Freya with a big smile was spraying even more water over the course.

Tamara and Grant were first to take on the challenge. They started quite quickly, and dived under the net. Whilst their progress was not fast, they each completed the course in just under three minutes. They were covered in mud on their fronts and asked Freya to hose them down. She refused saying “you will have an opportunity to wash off the mess later.”

Tamara was very upset as her long hair was plastered in mud.

We all took our turns, and everyone completed the course. Apart from Dee, Slave G and our judges we were all very messy and I laughingly said to Diane “I wish it was chocolate, then I could give you a full body tongue bath.”

Her reply was, “well I make you do that one day.”

The results were computed by Alex and Freya and were:

Tamara 8 John 8 Tamara & Grant 15
Suzy 7 Grant 7 Kathy & John 13
Corrine 6 James 6 Corrine & Patrice 10
Kathy 5 William 5 Tom & Suzy 9
Celia 4 Patrice 4 Celia & William 9
Sofia 3 Charles 3 Petra & James 8
Petra 2 Tom 2 Sofia & Adam 4
Diane 1 Adam 1 Diane & Charles 4

The final game of the day was the swimming game which Sofia and Adam had put together. It was a simple race, however with a difference. We were taken to the lake where there was a start and finish point marked out on the banks either side of it. Between them were two lanes which had roughly the same length in the water.

Alex explained, “This game is really simple. You leave the start point, get into the lake, cross it and get out on the other side to cross the finish point. The twist is that your ankles will be connected together by a 6 inch long chain and your wrists secured in front of you. Fastest time wins. If someone gives up, then it is the time taken to the point of giving up. The time limit is 10 minutes.”

This sounded really easy, I could see the difficult part was going to be getting out because the far bank which was fairly steep, but not vertical.

We all took our turns at the game with much splashing about as we tried to propel ourselves across the lake. I was able to swim on my back quite well, and once I had mastered the kicking technique was actually quite fast across the water. As I had earlier thought the most difficult part was getting out. Although we did have a short rope available to help us, the hobbles between our ankles made it much more challenging.

Dee and Zack, knowing that we were likely to be a bit wet had kindly produced some towels to dry ourselves off after we had crossed the lake. I noticed that Tom and Grant took plenty of time rubbing down their partners and there were a few quiet moans of pleasure coming from Suzy and Tamara.

Alex then mischievously said, “I will not let you have an update on the scores until dinner. However Tamara and Grant have performed worst today, so they have the tent to clean up.”

Wicked Wednesday

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