The games – part 3

We continue from last week

Saturday evening over dinner we bantered a bit. Once dinner had been cleared Alex decided it was time to update us with the scores. For the swimming challenge they were:

Kathy 8 Slave G 8 Kathy & John 13
Diane 7 Tom 7 Tom & Suzy 11
Tamara 6 William 6 Tamara & Grant 10
Petra 5 John 5 Diane & Charles 10
Suzy 4 Grant 4 Celia & William 9
Celia 3 Charles 3 Dee & Slave G 9
Corrine 2 James 2 Petra & James 7
Dee 1 Patrice 1 Corrine & Patrice 3

A few of us were a bit more concerned about the overall standings, especially as there were individual competitions involved. Grant said to Tamara,” if we come in bottom, you are in real trouble as I don’t think you or I could take 9 weeks in chastity.”

She replied “It’s not easy, but you can manage, I’ve done longer before now.”


“Yes, before I was introduced to Patrice, I was a bit wild. The first thing he did on the way to sorting me out was put me in a belt for 6 months. I can tell you it was bloody frustrating and annoying to begin with, but I became accustomed to it and it did change my ways.”

Patrice nodded on hearing this.

Grant then said “well I’ve never been locked up, so I am sure it will be hell.”

Freya interrupted the conversation by announcing the individual overall scores so far as:

Names Points Games played Names Points Games played
Tamara 26 5 Grant 31 5
Petra 25 5 William 27 5
Suzy 24 5 Tom 22 5
Sofia 23 4 John 21 4
Kathy 22 5 Slave G 17 4
Dee 17 4 James 17 5
Celia 15 5 Adam 16 4
Corrine 15 4 Charles 15 4
Diane 13 4 Patrice 13 4

The joint totals were announced as:-

Names Points Games played
Tamara & Grant 57 5
Tom & Suzy 46 5
Kathy & John 43 4
Celia & William 42 5
Petra & James 42 5
Sofia & Adam 39 4
Dee & Slave G 34 4
Diane & Charles 28 4
Corrine & Patrice 28 4

Tamara was not so happy as Sofia in their private competition. Grant just giggled as Tamara said “I was so looking forward to seeing my sister be put through the wringer by Grant and me tormenting Adam.”

He replied, “well we better do a lot better than them in the rest of the games.”

While that banter was going on Corrine said to Diane “it’s close between us, and I’m sure I will still win.”

Diane laughed saying “no way. Why don’t we up the stakes a little?”

“What do you mean?”

Without consulting me she said “The winner gets to put the losing couple in strict bondage together for a whole night.”

“You’re on.”

Patrice and I looked at each other realising that one of us was going to be in trouble over a weekend. I then saw him whispering in Corrine’s ear just as I whispered to Diane, “You better bloody well not lose or else you will be in feeling my wrath all day, every day for at least a whole month.”

The next morning we started the games a bit earlier than the day before.

It was Celia and William’s game next.

Alex said it is a nice simple, quick game. All you have to do is throw the dildo as far as you can from behind the line. The furthest throw wins. You all get three attempts.”

Grant was the first to go, and his first attempt was pretty tame, getting better for his second and third throws. However, we were all unable to match Tamara’s best throw which was 29 metres. The closest to that was John on 25 metres.

The results from that game were:

Petra 8 Slave G 8 Dee & Slave G 15
Dee 7 James 7 Petra & James 15
Sofia 6 Patrice 6 Sofia & Adam 9
Suzy 5 Charles 5 Corrine & Patrice 9
Kathy 4 Grant 4 Tom & Suzy 7
Corrine 3 Adam 3 Diane & Charles 7
Diane 2 Tom 2 Tamara & Grant 5
Tamara 1 John 1 Kathy & John 5

Our seventh game was cycling. There was an oval course about 30 metres in length. There were also two very small solid metal kid’s tricycles.

Freya smiled as she said “these trikes are made
for 4 year old children DK-250-R-ChildrensTrike-Red-Frontbut with some slightly larger pedals that have been added to make it easier for you to ride them. James and Petra will demonstrate with a lap. Both of us have tried this, and you can only manage to pedal the bikes whilst sitting on the seat. We can both assure you it is not a comfortable ride. All you have to do is complete three laps of the course in less than 5 minutes without falling off. If you fall off or a foot touches the ground, your race is finished. Quickest time wins, or if you do not complete the three laps, the furthest distance wins.”

James and Petra were not that happy when they demonstrated the game as they found the seats somewhat uncomfortable. They managed the lap without putting a foot down or falling off, but it was great to watch them with knees wide apart trying to pedal the tiny bikes.

Patrice and Corrine were the first couple on the course. Patrice was wincing just sitting on the bike before the race started, whilst Corrine looked particularly uncomfortable. They both managed a lap before Corrine lost her footing on a pedal and her race was over. Patrice vainly managed to continue, completing two laps before falling off just into the third lap.

Corrine said to Petra “That’s not such fun, my pussy is sore, is as if I have been on a wooden pony.”

Petra said, “I know, we were going to add a small dildo, but hygiene issues made us abandon that part.”

Before long, it was my and Diane’s turn. I mounted the bike and immediately realised why Patrice winced as there was a lot of pressure on my ball sack and perineum. We started the race and I only just managed a lap before I fell off. Diane on the other hand, having been on a wooden pony a number of times was able to get through the suffering and complete the three laps in just under two minutes to a round of applause from all of us. The rest took their turns with varying results. What was interesting was that Tamara was able to complete almost three laps whilst Sofia only managed about half a lap.

Alex and Freya took a short time to compile the results which were:

Sofia 8 John 8 Kathy & John 14
Corrine 7 Grant 7 Sofia & Adam 13
Celia 6 Tom 6 Celia & William 10
Kathy 6 Adam 5 Tom & Suzy 9
Dee 5 William 4 Tamara & Grant 9
Suzy 3 Charles 3 Corrine & Patrice 9
Tamara 2 Patrice 2 Dee & Slave G 6
Diane 1 Slave G 1 Diane & Charles 4

Diane breathed a sigh of relief before saying to me, just in Corrine’s hearing “Well that gives me a bigger lead, I think it’s now about 9 points.”

Corrine said “There is still three games to go, so don’t be so sure that you will beat me.”

Freya said “enough bickering” before she announced the eighth game as the High Jump.

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to The games – part 3

  1. Oh I don’t think I’d be very good at dildo-throwing . . . I like holding onto them too much!!!
    Wonderfully imaginative story as always!!!
    Xxx – K

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