The games -part 4

Continuing on from last week’s episode….

Freya encouraged us to apply more sunscreen before she announced the eighth game as the High Jump.

Freya said “You have up to six attempts at the High Jump. After each round, the bar will be raised from the initial six inches by 3 inches until it is 1 foot above the ground, then it will be raised by one inch. You may start or pass at any height you want, but you only get one chance at each height.

“Your ankle cuffs will be locked together and wrists locked behind your backs throughout this game. In addition you will have weights hanging from your nipples. We will start with an ounce weight on a spring hanging from clover clamps or for those of you with nipple rings from the rings themselves. Each attempt adds one ounce to the weights hanging from the spring. You can pull out of the game at any time.

“The scoring is based on successful jumps, the highest being the winner. However if there is a tie, then the heights attempted and whether successful or not comes into play. Alex and I will not accept any arguments about this, if you disagree with our final judgment this will count as disqualification and an automatic 8 points added to your score.”

Alex then added “we will not update you with the scores until after the finale which we will complete before lunch. After lunch we will have the closing ceremony in the playroom.”

The set up was very simple and no one took up the offer of a six inch jump. At 9 inches we all had a go with Adam failing, while the rest of us managed it.

At the next height I took my second jump and the two ounces hanging from the spring pulled hard on the rings in my nipples.

Everyone was very competitive and after the height got to 14 inches there were many failures. It was between me and Tom at the height of 16 inches as everybody was failing the jumps. When I got to my fifth attempt at 17 inches, I was successful, but the pull of the weights was extremely painful.

Tom on the other hand decided to up the stakes and attempted 18 inches for his fifth attempt with a failure. I took my sixth jump at that height and failed. Tom was determined to win so attempted 19 inches with another failure.

The penultimate game for us was Riding. We went to the Bucking Bronco machine. Freya explained “this game is as simple as it possibly can be. The machine will run exactly the same set of movements for everybody. The person who stays on longest is the winner. There is a ring attached to allow you to hang onto the machine with your hands, we would have cuffed your wrists but for safety we will not be using any bindings. Suzy will give us a demonstration.”

Suzy climbed onto the machine and when it was started it made a gentle Havoc_Hailey_Pays_Girls_to_Ride_a_Mechanical_Bull_Naked_Sexy_Videos_usr_52429476de9e5[(006700)13-26-40]circling movement before doubling back on itself gently. After a few seconds of this, the movements got a bit more forceful and after about 30 seconds Suzy fell off, landing on the plentiful air mattresses around it.

The first to take part in the competition was William who fell off after the movements started to get a bit more violent than just the circling. He was followed by Celia, who being a plus size model, found the movements had her breasts bouncing around quite a lot. After a particular bucking movement she squealed as her pussy landed on the hard surface and she let her grip go and fell off.

Diane and I did not fare too well, but we did better than some of the others. Unfortunately for Diane, Corrine did extremely well by holding on for what seemed like a very long time.

Because we were not being updated on the scores we did not know how well we had done.

Freya then said “Now for the final game, shooting. I understand that these paintball guns have been set at the lowest level and can be fired from 10 metres without causing any serious damage, just some light bruising. You will all be in a standing spread-eagle position. To protect your eyes and face, you will all be wearing welding masks whilst you are the target.

“Each couple will be the targets at the same time, this is to speed up the game which otherwise would take too long to complete.”

“The scoring is quite simple, you get five shots at each person, including Alex and myself, which must be fired in one minute. Any that hit a nipple, cock or clit score 10 points, a breast gets 5 points, a bum shot 3 points anywhere else on the body gets 1 point, except in the kidney area which is an immediate disqualification.

“When Alex and I are targets, you need to note down how many hits you managed, and where, so we can add them to the scores.

“You each get five shots each at Zack and Susan for practice which do not count in the scoring.

“Finally, in the event of a tie in any of the competitions, the scoring for this round will determine the positions in the league tables. If it is still a tie we will work backwProdPhoto_465_lg_453833-453833IND.JPGards with each game to find a winner.”

Zack was put into position, mask on and we all took our turns at firing at him. His upper body was a riot of colour when we had all finished. Susan was put into position and we all took great delight in covering her body with paint. Slave G, her partner and submissive took careful aim and hit her nipples and clit as well as managing two bum shots.

When it was our turn, I was secured into position by Freya, with Diane being secured by Alex. The welding mask eye piece was very dark, and I was not able to see who was firing at me. I felt the first hit on my bum, and whilst it hurt, it was not as painful as a cane stroke. I lost count of the number of hits I received, but when I was released my body was totally covered in paint. I know that my cock was hit on a couple of occasions and my nipples received quite a lot of attention. My bum was not used as a target by many, so it was relatively unharmed.

During the competition part, I noticed that Corrine was particular accurate with many of her shots. Diane, although fairly accurate was not quite as proficient. I just hoped, for her (and my sake) that she had done enough to manage to beat Corrine overall.

Finally the game was over. Everyone was covered in the paint and we had a great time splashing around with two hosepipes washing off the paint.

After a late lunch, Alex and Freya spent a while updating the spreadsheet that was being used to record all the scores. Once they had finished they announced “Time to go to the playroom for our closing ceremony.”

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to The games -part 4

  1. Oh I do so love a “High Jump” . . . and I can’t wait for your Closing “Ceremony” . . . why do I think it will be more “interesting” than the one from Brazil???
    Xxx – K

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