The Closing Ceremony

After the games, we now finish off the weekend

We gathered in Zack and Dee’s playroom. Ominously in the centre of the room was the spanking bench and the spanking machine.

Alex said “we are not going to reveal the results of the last three games until after all the relevant penalties have been administered. Each couple has brought 6 implements. So please put them on the tables by your name.”

There was a rustle of bags as the implements were put on the tables. I looked over to see a wide range from some pleasant ones to others that are rather more severe. The worst of the lot was one Diane insisted on bringing with us.

Alex continued “When it is your turn, you roll a die that determines which implement is used on your bum. You will not be on the receiving end off any implement you brought. We will first deal with the Men’s competition. Grant as you came in last of the men’s competition, please roll the die.”

Grant did as asked and rolled a two. Freya handed a long wooden paddle with two rows of holes on it to Zack who inserted into the machine’s arm.

Freya pronounced “You accumulated 51 points so that means you get 51 swats at the hard level with that nice paddle.”

The first strike landed which had Grant wincing with pain. Somehow he got through all 51 strokes without screaming, but his ass was a bright red at the end.

Freya then asked John to roll the die. He rolled a six. He was asked to take up his position whilst the paddle was replaced with cat of nine tails. You scored 48 points, so this is what you will receive. He took the strokes in his stride and although he had a lot of welts all over his ass, he certainly looked as if he would not enjoy sitting for quite a while.

Slave G was next and his roll of the die meant he was at the receiving end of a quirt. He smiled as he saw it and Freya asked Susan to administer the strokes as it could not be used by the machine. She deferred because of her leg and asked Corrine to do the honours saying “They can be as hard as you like because he is a pain slut and I can’t do much for the next few weeks.”

Corrine laughed as she said “I will gladly do it, and he can feel a special new sensation!”

Freya told her “there are 44 strokes to be administered.”

Corrine laughed even more as she said “that is a perfect number.”

The first 11 strokes were administered to his left cheek followed by another 11 to his right cheek. Slave G hardly made any sound and looked as he was enjoying the sweet intense pain in a small area. However the next stroke landed on his left cheek crossing one of the earlier welts. This created a reaction, Each of the remaining strokes landed so when Corrine had finished there were 11 crosses on each of his cheeks.

Slave G got up thanking Corrine. He went to sit down and as soon as his bum landed on the seat he squealed and jumped up saying “God, they sting like hell.”

I saw Corrine and Susan talking quietly. It was clear that they were talking about the technique when Corrine said a bit louder “All it takes is a lot of practice.”

The next to go on the bench was Adam with Freya commenting “Adam you are next, William and you have the same score, but as you did worse in the paintball, you are 5th in the Men’s table.

He rolled a three which was a sweet looking flogger. Adam made his way onto the bench. The machine was started with the swish of the flogger and the thud of it landing sounding loud and painful, however the flogger did nothing more than redden his ass.

William’s turn came and he rolled a one which was a cane. Each stroke landed precisely with the same amount of force. After 43 strokes there was a series of clearly defined red lines from the top of his thighs to the top of his bum.

Freya announced “In fourth place is James with 41 points.”

With his roll of the die he selected a strap. He was secured into position and the 41 swats landed precisely giving his bum a deep red glow. By the last one landed he was squealing as each one added to the agony of his tender ass. His eyes were watering as he was released from his restraints.

Freya immediately announced that in third place was Tom. His roll of the die produced a six. Patrice and I looked at each other and we were both nervous, as we and the others had realised that the implements being used were from the person immediately above them in the placings.

Freya then said “So they do not know who the winner is, Patrice and Charles are to leave the room until this session is over.”

We left the room for about five minutes. When we were invited back in to the playroom the implement used had been replaced on the table, so we could not work out which of us had won.

Alex then said “There is just one more of the men who is to get a warmed up bum.”

He then asked both of us to roll a die, with Patrice rolling a five and me a two. Patrice looked at the selection of implements Diane and I brought and realised that the five meant the scorpion, whilst the two I had rolled meant I would be on the receiving end of a nimp500asty looking dragon tail.

Freya decided to then say “the person in second place scored 32 points and the winner of the men’s competition 28.” She paused for a moment before adding. “So Patrice, as you were second, please get on the bench.”

The scorpion was loaded into the machine, the button pressed. The swish of the first strike could be heard by everyone. The impact of the twenty strands of varying length was felt by Patrice. Each strike produced a wince from him. As the count reached twenty , his bum was a mass of tiny red spots as the tip of each tail left it’s mark. After all 32 strokes had landed he was released and felt his bum. He was surprised that that his skin had not been broken, but still complained “My ass feels as if it is on fire.”

We broke for a few minutes to get some refreshments. Alex got us back together by announcing “Time for the all but one of the competing ladies to get their bums warmed. As each bum is punished, we will get out the belts and devices for that couple to be all securely locked up.”

Next week we will complete the closing ceremony.

Wicked Wednesday

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