Our closing ceremony ends

Continuing from last week

The first lady to receive her bum warming was Sofia. She rolled a 2 which was a nice suede flogger from Petra and James’s selection of implements. Freya announced “There are just 54 0f these, and I hope you enjoy them.”

“I will, but I am not looking forward to settling my debt to Tamara as she can be really evil.”

Tamara smiled saying “Don’t worry Sis, you will a have to wait a few weeks, but I am sure the wait will be worth it.”

The strokes from the spanking machine put a rosy hue of Sofia’s cheeks, but you could tell that she wanted more, but couldn’t have them.

Freya then asked Kathy and John for the belt for Sofia and the cage for Adam. John got out the belt he had made for Sofia. He passed to Adam who was required to fit it and then Freya with a padlock made it nice and secure. Sofia was required to fit Adam’s cage which she did. Once the fitting was completed John said “These belts have all been specially made from medical grade plastic. They are perfectly safe and washing is easy and I will let everyone have details of how to care for them.

Freya then said “I will announce the number of weeks after we have finished with these punishments.”

Next to face the machine was Petra who rolled a one which was the crop. She got into position and without complaint accepted the 51 strokes she was due. Her cheeks were well welted at the end but she had a big smile on her face. She and James were handed their devices which were duly fitted with a clear click as each of the padlocks were closed.

Kathy was up next and selected with her roll of the die a mean looking loopy Johnny made from bungee cord. She trembled a little as she saw Freya pick it out of Suzy and Tom’s selection of implements. She resigned herself to getting on the spanking bench. The loopy did it’s work leaving 48 clear welts over her bum and upper thighs.

Once it was over Kathy was told to put John’s device on, before John locked her pussy away.

Suzy was next to go on to the bench having rolled her die to select a table tennis bat as her implement of ass warming. Each of the 43 strokes landed with a resounding crack and her ass was flaming red by the time the last stroke landed to a quiet howl from Suzy. She and Tom were then locked up.

Dee was up next. She rolled the die to select a judicial cane that William and Celia had brought along. Dee settled herself down into position and stoically accepted all 41 strokes. The machine with its clever electronics ensured that only a few strokes landed on other welts. Even so she was crying out as the last few landed.

Once released, she and Slave G were duly locked into their devices.

Celia was next on the bench having selected the innocent looking dragon tail whip for her 37 strokes. Freya announced “This won’t work in the machine, so William please do the honours.”

He spluttered a little before saying “I have never used anything on Celia. Patrice, would you like to do the honours?”

Patrice paused for a moment before saying “Corrine would be the best person for this if Celia is willing.”

Celia interrupted “Please get on with it, you know I’m not into this.”

Corrine stepped up saying “With pleasure.”

The first strike landed which had Celia gasping. Each of the allocated strikes produced gasps which increased in volume as the stroke count increased. As the last one landed Celia’s bum was a covered in fiery red welts. Celia howled as it landed and was very relieved when she was released from the bench.

She stood unsteadily and said “Thank goodness I don’t have any lingerie or swimwear shoots for a week.”

She secured William in his cage before he locked her pussy lips together with a small padlock. (This being agreed beforehand as she had some modelling assignments that prevented her from wearing a belt.)

Alex then said “Right, we are now down to three. We don’t want you to know who the winner is quite yet, so will Corrine, Diane and Tamara roll the die.”

We did as asked and then Corrine and Diane were asked to leave the playroom so they could not see who the winner was.

Tamara’s turn on the bench had her wailing as each of 34 strokes with a carpet beater landed on her bum. From my own experience I know that this implement is very effective and painful. Tamara was crying as she got up from the bench clutching her well chastised bum cheeks. She and Grant locked each other up.

Before we brought Corrine and Diane back into the room, Patrice very wisely said they have both selected the cane bundle from each other’s range of implements, which we know is the most severe implement there is. Any count above 12 strokes at medium level is basically punishment, which is not what we want. I suggest the number of strokes is divided by 4 to make it fairer on them.”

A short discussion ensued and it was agreed that this would happen.

Corrine and Diane re-joined us. It was clear that there had been a little banter between them as everyone knew the final result would be very close.

Freya said calmly “Now to the final cheek warming session. You both selected the same implement, the 4 cane bundle. Because of its severity, we have all agreed that your stroke count will be divided by 4, but I can assure you both that it will be painful.”

Diane fidgeted a little before interrupting, “let’s get on with it.”

Freya smiled saying “well you two have been needling each other a lot over your private bet, and just to make it more interesting there was just one point separating you.” She paused for a short while before adding “Corrine, please get on the bench. You point count was 32, so you will only face 8 strokes of the cane, but at hard level just like everyone else.”

Corrine looked horrified as she gingerly settled down on the bench. The first swish and thwack of the canes had Corrine wailing as the effect of the stroke was felt. Each of the other strokes had exactly the same effect and a very chastened Corrine stood up when she was released from the bench.

Patrice was handed a belt for Corrine which he carefully secured on to her. She in return carefully locked up Patrice.

Alex then said now for the final announcements. “Sofia and Adam, you came in last so you have 9 weeks in your devices, Kathy and John are locked up for 8 weeks, Petra and James 7 weeks, Dee and Slave G 6 weeks.”

Susan interrupted “That will actually be 12 weeks as he did not get in the top half of the table which was his challenge.”

Alex the continued “Tamara and Grant have 5 weeks because although their point tally was the same as Dee and Slave G, the count back had them equal on the paintball, but they did better on the bucking bronco. Celia has 6 weeks and William just three locked away with Corrine and Patrice being locked up for two weeks. I now declare the games over.”

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to Our closing ceremony ends

  1. Wonderful fun !!! And Susan’s “that will be 12 weeks” . . . made be laugh out loud!!!
    Lovely . . . and sexciting!!!
    Xxx – K

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