Corrine’s torments

Diane here, I will be recounting my adventures with Corrine.

Friday evening, three weeks after our games, we picked up Corrine and Patrice from the airport. Corrine faced four hours of torment at my hands, and the two of them would be spending a night tightly bound together.

Once at our home, we all stripped off as usual. We enjoyed a quiet supper and not much in the way of wine. When it was bedtime I, to their surprise, said “Time for your night together. Please do the necessary and join me in the playroom.”

When they joined Charles and me in the playroom, they were surprised to see the bed. “Ohh we get a comfortable night then?” cooed Corrine.

With a smile I said “No that is for us. Your arrangements are slightly different.”

On the floor was a vacuum bed with two large holes, in opposite corners. The bed was actually on a mattress, but this was not noticeable. I had them lie down, placing the sheet over them ensuring that their heads were through the holes. With Charles’s help I secured the sheet to the frame making sure that it was totally air tight.

With a grin I said “Make sure you are in a comfortable position.”

They wriggled for a few moments before I turned on the vacuum that sucked all the air out so they had just the tiniest amount of wriggle room. Once I was satisfied that the air had been removed, I shut off the vacuum cleaner and said “If you are in need of help, just shout. We will be on the bed.”

We pulled a couple of screens across to give them a little privacy as we settled down for a cuddle which then turned into a full blown coupling with me being very vocal when I had my last orgasm.

The next morning, I woke up first, nudged Charles awake and we pulled the screens away to see that they were still sleeping. I opened the valve, and loosened the sheet so that they could get out of the bed without any help.

As we prepared breakfast they woke and were surprised that they could get up. They joined us in the kitchen. Corrine said “You two made a lot of noise last night making me all horny, but I couldn’t do anything to relieve the itch.”

Patrice added, “It was so bloody difficult as I was also turned on, but the confines of the bed made me very uncomfortable too.”

I laughed before saying, “that session in our bed was just spontaneous, not planned, but so satisfying.”

“I am glad one of us couples enjoyed our night.” Was the rejoinder from Corrine.

Once we had cleared up I said to Corrine, “You owe me 4 hours of torment. As we agreed, I have 4 separate hours of torment planned, three today and one tomorrow. You may have one orgasm in each of the four sessions. If you have more than one orgasm in any of today’s sessions then you will have earned a torment when we go the pub tonight. If you hold off from orgasm in all three sessions today, then you can come as often as you like tomorrow, otherwise only one orgasm is allowed. Further, we agreed that if you did not obey a rule or instruction, you face another 8 strokes of that nice cane bundle per infringement and that includes any extra orgasms.”

“I know, that bloody well hurt and I could still feel it for 10 days. What is more I expect you will be doing everything you can to make me come more than once per session.”

I replied with mock offence, “Me, try to get your bum sore again, no, you’ve got it all wrong.”

I then followed it up with “are you ready for your first torment?”

“As ready as I will ever be.”

“Good, get your sweet ass into the playroom.”

Once in the playroom, I said “First off, we need to keep you entertained in the first challenge. Please insert your butt plug and this nice new bullet vibrator.”

She did as she was asked before I first put a rope around her waist and ensured that it was comfortable with a long tail hanging down her back. I had her sit down. I had her put her hands behind her back which I secured with a pair of cuffs with the locking holes locked together with a single padlock. I then said legs apart and lean forward. She did so and I tied her upper arms at the shoulders to her knees. I then added a small spreader bar to her ankles and then ran the rope from the rear of her waist under her crotch through the waist rope at her front and secured it to the spreader bar so it was nice and tight.

“Now here is your challenge, the key to your cuffs and the remote for the bullet will be on the floor in the kitchen. Once you have it you may unlock your cuffs. If you do it less than an hour, then you won’t have to make up the time later.” With an evil smile I added “The bullet will be running at nearly full speed until you get to turn it off. Your time starts now. Remember the orgasm rules.”

I pressed the button for the vibrator and she was startled when it started up.

Corrine immediately tried to move and tried various combinations of movements before she started to make any progress. Any movement she made was felt throughout her body. I could see that the vibrator was doing exactly what I hoped. She stopped after getting about six feet towards the kitchen. I saw her struggling to control herself. The short rest she took allowed her to get another three feet along the route before having to stop again. She took another rest, controlled herself, before starting again along the passageway. This time she made it to the corner just before the kitchen. She paused again to get herself under control. This pause was longer.

She then did one final push for the last 9 feet to where the key and remote was. I watched as she fought against the orgasm that was building with the constant buzz of the bullet and the rubbing of the rope (from her spreader bar to her wrists) along her lips. She paused for a moment picked up the remote, turned the bullet off. She let herself come down a little before she picked up the keys and unlocked her wrists.

I then undid the rest of her bindings commenting “Well done, it only took you forty minutes.”

She replied “That was forty minutes of pure torment. That bullet is so powerful that I knew if I came once, I would not be able to stop them from keeping on coming. Thank god I didn’t come.”

“Great, you can have a rest for a while before you face your next challenge, which I hope you will enjoy.”

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to Corrine’s torments

  1. That was an absolutely devious form of torment at the end. Loved it!

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