Corrine’s second torment

Diane here again, following on from last week.

Over coffee Corrine said “that tie was very challenging. The bullet was OK, but the crotch rope was more difficult to deal with because every movement stimulated me.”

About an hour later I said “now time for your second torment. We have to go to the Garden Centre, before we meet up with Charles and Patrice. Put this on, and whensku2476398 I am ready, just a T shirt and short skirt.”

I handed her a C string with clitoral and labia vibrators built in. She put it on then wiggled the front until it was what she thought was comfortable. I took a length of rope, tied it around her waist before, from her back, running down her ass, between her legs and up to the front. I made sure it was tight enough to ensure that the C string hit all the right places.

She put on the T shirt and skirt. Her nipples showed, but were not prominent. The skirt barely covered her bum.

We went out to the car and I drove to the Garden Centre. On arrival I parked well away from the entrance. I said “I will start on level one, pressing the button on the controller in my hand. Every sound you make, except when asked a direct question, means that the level of vibrations goes up by one until it is at the maximum where it stays until your hour is up. I cycled it quickly up to 10, the maximum, before taking it quickly back to level one. Your hour starts now.”

She retorted “this is evil.”

Pressing the button to the next level I replied. “Not really, it is all about self-control. That retort has earned you an increase.”

She stifled back a reply as we walked into the garden centre. The T shirt showed that her nipples were a little more prominent, showing that she was being turned on by the stimulation down below.

We got to the area where all the plants were laid out. I picked up a large bush that was a little wilted. She forgot the silence rule when she said “That one is no good, you need a better looking one.”

As soon as I pressed the button on the controller, she realised that she was in trouble. We went around the displays and when I picked up some other plants in poor condition she shook her head to indicate no. I asked “why not?”

“They are in very poor condition.”

She was relieved when I did not press the button, but just added “That is how the rest of this little journey will go.”

A few minutes later I heard her sigh as the vibrations took their toll. On hearing the sigh, the level went up one more notch. This was followed quickly by a moan which resulted in yet another increase in the vibrations.

Corrine nipples were now showing prominently through her T shirt. I asked “are you well aroused now?”

She replied “Yes, and I hope the vibrations don’t get any higher.”

“That is up to you.”

She managed to keep her silence for a while longer, before I heard another sigh and as the vibrators went up a notch a squeal of surprise that earned another increase in the level.

We went to the very back of the display area, and as there were no people in the immediate area I said “This is a good place for you to cum if you want.”

She shook her head as if to say ‘No’, before I heard another sigh earning an increase to level eight. I teased her by saying “only a quarter of the way through and you’re already up to level eight of ten.”

I could see her neck and shoulders were now beginning to be a bit flushed. I just smiled as I said “You will have to find a way to control yourself, or else you will be really in trouble with the cane bundle.”

She glared at me, but wisely said nothing. The next few minutes passed quietly. We finished selecting the plants and were making our way back towards the shop area when she let out a fairly loud sigh; I pressed the button again to increase the level of vibrations. She shuddered and held onto a nearby railing as I saw her start to struggle to control herself. She did not succeed, and I saw her stiffen up, with a flushed face before relaxing.

I giggled as I said “That was well done, a nice orgasm and no sound.”

She was about to give a reply but just opened her mouth with no sound coming out.

We approached the cashiers and joined the queue. She tapped me on the arm. I asked “what?”

“Please may I go to the car and wait for you there?”


Her shoulders slumped a little.

About three minutes later as I approached the till, I said, “You can go to the car now.”

She quickly left the store, and I watched as she made her way towards the car. I had to take my eyes off her as I finished the card transaction.

I quickly followed behind her, and she leant against the car and let out a loud moan as the second orgasm hit her.

I loaded up the car, got her settled into the passenger seat before I got in the car. I looked at the clock before saying “just another 10 minutes to go.”

Her reply was just simply “I’m f***ed.”

This exclamation earned her an increase to level 10 on the vibrator. I added “Now you have 10 minutes of the highest level.”

She sighed. She settled back and struggled to hold back from a third orgasm. Unfortunately for her the struggle was to no avail and she finally succumbed to the vibrations and came hard just as we arrived at the agreed meeting place.

A very flushed Corrine walked on wobbly legs towards Patrice when I heard a little chime to tell me that it was time to turn off the vibrators which I did.

Patrice looked at her and realised that she needed a little time to compose herself.

Once she had calmed down, Patrice asked “So how are you doing?”

She told him about the two torments she had endured. He listened intently. Once she had finished her account I added “she was orgasm free in the first one, but had three in the hour before we got here.”

He smiled as he said “I always knew you had trouble keeping yourself under control. I can’t wait to find out about the rest of your torments. Of course, tomorrow you will have a very sore bum on the way home.”

Wicked Wednesday

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3 Responses to Corrine’s second torment

  1. Poor Corrine, although those orgasms sound like they have been intense 🙂

    Rebel xox

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