Corrine in trouble

Diane here again

After lunch Corrine and I left Charles and Patrice to enjoy their afternoon while we went back to the house.

We stripped, then unloaded the car of all the plants and placed them in the garden. I smiled as I asked “Ready for your third torment?”

“As ready as I possibly can.”

“Good. First insert these and put your cuffs on.” I said as I handed her two ben wa balls.

She did as asked. I then continued, “This torment is in two parts. You will first be spread-eagle between these two trees for half an hour while I get your second half hour ready.”

I had her position herself between the two small trees in the shade and had her in the spread-eagle position. I then got out the battery operated Hitachi, placed the head in just the right place on her clit and taped the body to her left leg. I slipped a blindfold over her eyes and said “this is only for half an hour, so I am sure you can manage not to come in that time.”

I turned the wand on. With the little slack I had allowed in the ropes she started the writhing that I knew would come.

I quickly went to the garage and retrieved the supplies I needed for the second half of the torment. She could not see anything so I was able to get it ready whilst she was writhing around because of all the stimulation. I watched carefully and although the Hitachi was at the middle level I could tell that with a full pussy and the balls jiggling around all the right places were being hit by the sensations.

Exactly at the half hour mark I turned off the wand, removed the blindfold and let her calm down for just a moment. She thanked me as I removed the bindings holding the wand in place. She then looked in front of her and saw that there was a rope running from a post in front of her on to the ground between her legs. Also she turned her head to see nipple clamps dangling from the branches of the trees she was secured to.

I went behind her and said, “Get on tip toe.”

She did and I pulled the rope and tied it off to the fence post behind her with it just touching her pussy lips. I then put a clamp on each nipple before tightening the strings so that there was no slack, but not pulling on her nipples. “You now have twenty five minutes left of this hour. You will notice if you let your feet down, both your pussy and tits will suffer. I know that you won’t be able to stay up for the full twenty five minutes, so this will be pure torture.”

She said “You are so evil. I just hope that you have had this done to you before.”

“Oh I have, but the time was one hour or until I used the word ‘mercy’. That meant I failed and had a different hour of torture. Unfortunately I did not manage the hour, so had an extra hour of absolute hell out here.

“For you though, the use of the word ‘mercy’ has a different consequence. Tomorrow before your bum gets the attention it has already earned, each of your lovely tits will get a nice welt from the quirt for each minute or part minute left.”

She bit back a retort and stayed on her toes for about three minutes before resting them and suffered the pull on her nipples and the effect of a rope pushing hard on her pussy. She stayed that way for a while before lifting up to relieve the pressure on her pussy and pull on her nipples.

As the time passed, the length of time she was able stay on her toes reduced, so her pussy and nipples suffered even more.

After the twenty five minutes were up I released the rope through her pussy from the fence post and loosened the strings holding up her nipples, before releasing her wrists and ankles. I then said “when you want you can remove the clamps. She quickly removed the left one with a wince and rubbed hard before removing the one on her right nipple.

As soon as I had cleared away everything, Charles and Patrice returned. We went inside and over tea we talked about the torment which Corrine described as devious and painful, leaving her with a sore pussy and nipples.

That evening as we were about to leave for the pub, I gave Corrine the bullet and told her to insert it. We put on some shoes. Charles picked up the bag of clothes and we started for the front door. Corrine said “But why aren’t we wearing any clothes to go out?”

“We never wear any clothes as we walk there, you will get something to wear just before we get there.” Charles replied.


Patrice said “No buts… We have to trust them.”

I added, “This is what I normally wear on the walk to and from the pub.”

We strolled to the pub along the footpath, which is not used by many people. Corrine started to relax as she saw how little wear there was on the grass and the path itself.

As we reached the end of the path Charles reached into the bag handing Corrine the C string and her skirt and T shirt. She looked “Not that bloody thing again.”

With a grin I replied “yes, but this time, the vibrations will be at random in both duration and time on it. However your bullet is controlled differently as you will find out later.”

Patrice then said “I think two hours would be about right as you had two orgasms more than allowed in your second torment.”

Corrine looked at me with pleading eyes before I added “You can come as often as you want.”

She gasped and said “You two are being very evil.”

I replied “not really, but it is probably no more than you would have done to me if you had won.”

She shrugged “I may have made it worse.”

Patrice then said sternly “Anymore whining or complaints will mean an extra hour of torment tonight and tomorrow I will remove each of the hairs from your landing strip one by one with some tweezers.”

Corrine was about to make some comment but decided wisely to keep her mouth closed.

Entering the pub, we saw James and Petra who beckoned us over to join them. As we sat down, I pressed the button for the C string and then put the remote for the bullet on the table.

A few minutes later there was a shriek of laughter from the table next to us. Corrine stiffened as she felt the bullet start up at a high level for about a minute before it closed down.

I watched with a smile before I said “it is sound activated, but the time and intensity is also set to random.”

Corrine said “I’m really in trouble.”

Wicked Wednesday

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