Corrine’s torments continue

Diane here again, we follow on from the end of last week’s story.

We all looked at the menu, with Corrine puzzled about one of the traditional dishes. Whilst making her choice, the table next to us got a little noisy. Her reaction as the bullet started up again was to stiffen her back. Unfortunately for her, it was just a few seconds later that the C String started up on one of it random settings.

The person who took our orders did not notice Corrine’s discomfort as she manged to say “Err, a Toad in err in the hole, um Please.”

She was squirming a little as the vibrations did their work. Petra asked “Enjoying yourself Corrine?”

The reply was through gritted teeth, “If you can call being subject to vibrations on all my sensitive parts, whilst in public, enjoying oneself, yes. But, to be honest it is just very difficult to keep myself under control.”

We all smiled, with Patrice adding “That is the whole purpose of the torments.”

Just as he finished the group of rather loud people at table next to us got up and left. Corrine let out a sigh of relief.

Our meals were served and when she saw what she had ordered she exclaimed quietly “God, this is embarrassing for me. It looks like two cocks in batter that I have to eat.”

Patrice winked at me before he smiled at Corrine, “I challenge you to suck one of them as if you were giving a blow job before you eat it. If I’m happy, then we will reduce your torment by half an hour.”

“You are on.”

She carefully cut one of the sausages out of the batter. On her fork she carefully licked up and down the sausage managing to remove the batter to leave a clean sausage before putting it her mouth as if she was giving a blow job.

“Patrice smiled saying “That’s well done, so you have won that challenge.”

As the waitress cleared our plates, a fork clattered from one of the plates which set off the bullet inside Corrine. She started to get a little flushed around her neck, as the stimulation worked its magic inside her. She held back until the waitress had left the table before letting out a big sigh and a smile of bliss worked its way across her face.

A bit later, as I reached to turn off the remote for her bullet Corrine asked “Please can you set it on high for a few minutes, as I am so close again.”

“My pleasure” I replied as I turned off the random feature and set it on high. Just to add to her stimulation I did the same with the vibrator in the C String.

A few minutes of the relentless vibrations had her squirming and sighing as she held out from vocalising the pleasure as she came again.

I turned off the vibrations before we enjoyed the rest of the evening in good company. Even the walk home had Corrine commenting “I have never done that before, and it was so hard not to keep quiet.”

Patrice said “well it was different seeing you enjoy your orgasms without making any noise.”


The next morning was time for her fourth hour of torment. I reminded Corrine “You are only allowed one orgasm. Any more adds to the soreness of your bum for your flight home this evening.”

“I know.”

We put Corrine in a standing spread-eagle and I blindfolded her. I said, “The three of us will in turn give you up to 20 minutes with our nice gentle flogger. If you come in any of those twenty minutes, we will allow you to rest until it is time for the next person to take over.”

“Oh F***k, that thing makes me come like a train when it lands on my pussy.”

“I know, and to allow to you to gauge the timing, we will only start on your tits after 10 minutes, then your pussy after another 5 minutes.”

I was up first and spent 10 minutes landing blow after blow on her back and nice round bum. Corrine even managed to stick her bum out a little to welcome the flogger’s caress.

I then turned to her front. Her nipples were standing out proud, and I relished the opportunity to land strikes all over her chest which produced loud sighs of arousal as either of her nipples were hit. As soon as the time allowed, I started on her pussy, letting the very hard blows land on her lower lips and brush her now prominent clit. Suddenly after about a minute of this she wailed as she came hard.

It was now Charles turn to use the flogger on her. She was panting and moaning with pleasure after just a few of his blows landed on her chest. Just the first strike on her pussy had her having another orgasm.

We allowed her a slightly longer rest before Patrice’s turn with the flogger. He was very careful with his strikes and again as soon as it hit her pussy for the first time she came hard. However, he did not stop and within two minutes she was have an even more intense orgasm.

We released her and let Patrice cuddle her as she recovered.

When she was sufficiently recovered she went to tidy herself up. As she left the room Patrice said “Why don’t we give her an opportunity to reduce her bum’s attention this afternoon.”

I agreed saying, “I will decide how it’s done. And you will have plenty of fun from it too.”

We had lunch. I then said “Time for your sore bum Corrine. You had 4 more orgasms that allowed, so that is 32 hard strikes of our four cane bundle. We have agreed to give you a chance to reduce your stroke count. This is how it works. You and I will each draw two cards from the deck. With the first card drawn, if you get a higher card than me, then the count is reduced to 8. If you lose, then the count remains the same, but you get an additional 32 with the quirt on your tits. If we each have the same card, then you get 16 on the bum and 16 with the quirt on your tits. For the second card drawn if you win, I am in my chastity belt for 4 weeks, if you lose than you are in your belt for 4 weeks. If the cards are the same then we draw again until we have a winner.”

For those readers who have not read about this flogger, it is made up of neoprene strands that when land do not hurt, and are in fact very stimulating. None of our group of friends ever manages more than a few caresses of it on our pussies before having some very intense orgasms.

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to Corrine’s torments continue

  1. I wonder what that flogger would feel like on my cock…

  2. Poor Corrine, but I somehow think she’s enjoying it 🙂

    Rebel xox

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