Corrine is punished

Following all her torments we, Diane and I, asked Corrine to write about the punishment part of her weekend.

After we had lunch I had recovered from the morning’s torment involving that nice flogger that always takes me to orgasm, this time four of them.

Diane asked me whether I wanted to reduce the stroke count of that wicked 4 cane bundle. It was very difficult for me to endure the 8 strokes I received a few weeks ago.

What was more alarming was the additional possible prospect of being locked in my belt for four weeks. I looked at Patrice when Diane announced this part of her proposal. I asked “Do we have to do the second draw?”

With a grin she said “it is both draws or none. So which is it to be?”

I decided to gamble, knowing that if I lost I would have even worse as my tits would also suffer.

She produced a pack if cards inviting me to shuffle them as much as I wanted. Once I had shuffled them to my satisfaction I placed the deck on the table. She invited me to pick a card. I pulled out a Jack which I thought was not too bad. She chose a card picking another jack.

I was sighed with a small amount of relief as I would now receive 16 strokes on my ass and another 16 on my tits with the quirt.

I was invited to draw another card which was an eight. I was not too happy with it. I then watched as she pulled a card. She looked at it but gave nothing away. I waited for a few seconds before she turned it over to show me a king.

I have a healthy relationship with my Patrice that involves sex at least three times a week. My thought was “Shit, 4 weeks in a belt and no sex.”

Patrice was not too happy. He then said “well I will have to have plots of your mouth action.”

Diane ushered me into the playroom and had me stand in the middle of the room with my hands holding onto the bar that was hanging from the ceiling. She then picked up the quirt. She came over and quietly said “you must keep hold of the bar. If you let go, that stroke will not count.”

I was now regretting the bet I had made with Diane in our “Olympics”. I had never been on the receiving end of a quirt. I have wielded it many times and used one on Diane a few times.

I watched her do few practice flicks into thin air before she stood in front of me and with a gentle flick it landed on my left breast. I felt the sting of the lash thinking this is not too bad. However as she alternated between my tits I realised that as the count increased the combined effect of all these strokes was altogether more painful. This was especially so where a couple of strikes crossed the thin red lines of previous ones. The last two lashes landed on my nipples and it took all of my self-control not to let go of the bar I was hanging on to.

I was relieved to see her put down the quirt, saying “That is your front attended to, now for your bum.”

She had me get onto the spanking bench, secured my hands and knees before lining up the spanking machine already prepared with the ominous four cane bundle.

I waited, before hearing a swish and then the horrendous pain that this evil implement produces. I did not hold back a cry of pain. Each strike of the canes had me crying out in pain. After the third strike I thought “the evil cow has set the bloody thing for random time.”

The random timing of the strikes meant that I was not really able to prepare myself for the strikes. I don’t know how many strokes had landed before I started crying. The pain from my bum was horrendous and I was soon crying hard and tears were running freely down my cheeks.

With the crying and tremendous pain I lost count of the strokes and it was only when my restraints were removed and Diane gave me a hug before Patrice started to rub in some cream on my very sore and tender ass. Eventually I had calmed down enough to gingerly feel the welts on my cheeks. I was very surprised that there was no blood, but I could feel a lot of prominent ridges across both cheeks.

I was given plenty of time to recover by both Diane and Patrice before Patrice produced the belt that our mutual friends had made out of plastic for me. He carefully placed it on me and it was secured using a special plastic tag.

When it was time to leave, Patrice handed me a fairly short skirt and a white blouse that I love. The downside of the blouse is that when worn with a push up bra, as I often do, you can see my cleavage. This time however I was to go without a bra. I looked in the mirror and soon saw that the fiery red lines of the quirt were only visible if very close attention was given to my chest.

On passing through security I was relieved that I was not pulled over for closer inspection with a wand. However the hard seating in the airport was definitely felt by my tender, sore ass. I dreaded the prospect of the next few days’ work as the seating in the court room is very hard.

On the flight I was able to snuggle up to Patrice as he asked “enjoy yourself?”

“Yes to some of the torments, I particular loved the first and fourth ones. I was very nervous about the second one when in the garden centre. I was sore after the third, and my nipples and pussy ached badly. The evening in the pub was enjoyable, except having to be quiet as I came. The fourth, as usual with that flogger was delicious. No to the punishment, which was excruciatingly painful. Overall Diane was very creative, and devious. The worst was having to hold back the orgasms.”

Wicked Wednesday

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