Diane’s Mistake

The weekend after Corrine had visited; I decided that I could do with a weekend of giving Diane a weekend of torments. She on the other hand wanted to play being the domme with me as her sub. As usual in this situation we cut cards to see who would be “in charge”.

I picked up a deck of cards and handed them to her to shuffle. As she shuffled them I could see the very slight change in her disposition. We drew cards, I was delighted that to see that I had won with a queen beating her six.

As we went to bed, I locked her wrist cuffs on and secured them in front of her.

I said “Tomorrow your weekend starts. I will have breakfast in bed at exactly 9.00 am.”

I was awake when she came back into our bedroom with a full breakfast on a tray. I relaxed, enjoying my breakfast. I had her stand at the end of the bead so I could enjoy the view of my beautiful wife who has the figure that many younger women would envy.

Once breakfast was finished I had her take the tray to the kitchen with the instruction “Everything must be washed up, dried and put away. The kitchen must also be clean. Once you have finished, go to the play room, stand in the centre of the room, put on a blindfold and wait for me.”

I took a quick shower, dried myself and started to make my way to the playroom with my laptop. I woke it up from the sleep mode before I used skype to call Patrice and Corrine. I positioned myself on a chair to one side of Diane and the laptop was on a table with a view of both of us on its camera.

Patrice answered the call. He said “Corrine will be here in just a moment.”

We made a little small talk until I saw Corrine join Patrice. It was only then that I removed Diane’s blindfold.

I said “now for the reason I wanted to talk to the two of you. It was not until last night that my suspicions were confirmed about a little subterfuge by Diane last Sunday.”

They did not notice the slight shiver from Diane as I spoke.

“What do you mean subterfuge?”

“Well I had my suspicions when Diane took her time selecting her cards on the second draw. I also was pretty sure that I could see a mark on some of them. This was confirmed when I produced a new pack of cards to run a draw between us last night.”

Diane shuddered even more on hearing this.

Corrine asked “Is that right Diane?”

She hesitated a moment before lowering her head and said meekly “Not quite. I knew that two of the high cards had a mark, but as far as I know they are the only ones that did.”

I then added “Corrine, I think that you do not need to wear your belt anymore.”

Patrice said “No way is it coming off. I am enjoying all the blow jobs I’m getting. Anyway, I was rather furious at the increase to the bet she made. I think this is a more than suitable punishment.”

Corrine looked a little annoyed with this, but said “well we need to make sure Diane is punished for this.”

I replied “I agree. Corrine, I suggest that Diane suffers first three hours of your torments last weekend, With a slight variation to the third in that it will be one hour riding the rope. However instead of you being allowed one orgasm per torment, she is not allowed any orgasms. Any orgasm counts as 8 strokes of the cane bundle at the same setting as you received last weekend. Further, if she fails or has an orgasm on any of the torments then she has the same as you at the pub, but with no orgasms being allowed. If she has one in the pub then she gets four weeks in her belt for each.”

Diane shivered as she knew that this would be very hard for her.

Corrine laughed, “I think that you have got a brilliant resolution. I wish I could be there to help.”

I agreed that I would take plenty of photographs of Diane’s torments before we ended the call.

Once I had cleared the laptop away,  I said to Diane, “now the torments are the punishment for playing the subterfuge on Corrine. However I am not pleased that you failed to be upfront about the problem. So you will have to have a challenge a day for the next week, starting Monday.”

I got out all the accessories needed for Diane to enjoy her first torment of the day. I had her neatly parcelled up, tied even more strictly than I suspect Corrine was.

“The key to the cuffs and the remote will be on one of the kitchen stools. Your one hour starts now.”

I turned on the vibrator at full speed. Diane protested “I had it on setting 8 for Corrine.”

“Too bad, I have decided on full speed.”

Diane wriggled around and realised that she had virtually no movement available to her. I enjoyed clicking away watching her struggle to make a move towards the kitchen. The effect of the vibe inside her and the crotch rope soon had her panting. I noticed her using some of the tricks that she has learnt to control her orgasms. After half an hour she had not even made it half way to the kitchen. I watched her struggle to make it to the kitchen and she had made it to the doorway when the first hour was up. I picked up the remote and clicked the bullet off.

She huffed and puffed, and pleaded with me to turn the remote on again so she could get the release she wanted.

I just replied “No orgasms. Especially as you failed that challenge.”

I released her from her bindings. Picked up her belt and put it on her. “Why the belt?”

“So you don’t play with yourself whilst I am not around.”

“You really have it in for me don’t you?”

“Not really, it is just you should not have picked out one of the marked cards.”

Wicked Wednesday

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