Diane still in trouble

We continue from last week where Diane was confronted with a little subterfuge and has been “sentenced ” to go through the torments she imposed on our friend Corrine.

After Diane had recovered from the first torment I said “Time for your second torment.”

I removed the belt, and handed her a similar C string to that she used on Corrine. I had ensured that the batteries were brand new and the vibrations were somewhat stronger than the one she gave Corrine the previous week. She was given a thin, tight T shirt and the shortest skirt she owned.

When she had put them on, her nipples were clearly visible and the skirt showed off her long well-toned legs. I commented “Well, you look fantastic. It looks really good, and many younger women would die to be able to wear such clothes without looking ridiculous.”

We got to our local supermarket. I opened the passenger door and as she got out I said “The same rules apply as they did for Corrine. Any sounds without permission to speak or answering a direct question means an increase in the intensity of the vibrations. Oh and remember you are not allowed an orgasm.”

She pouted but said nothing. I commented “that is a good start.”

I turned on the vibrators on the C string, one at her lips and the other directly on her clit. I smiled as I said, “just to make it more interesting that is Level 4 of 10. Once it is at the top level you will remain silent or it is classed as a failure and the resultant extras will be applied. Your hour has just started.”

I knew that this would be her most difficult challenge of the day. Once inside we made our way along the Fruit and Vegetable section and I heard a slight moan so turned the vibrations up a level, eliciting another moan so they went up another notch.

I felt her tap my arm, but I did not respond to it as we progressed slowly along the aisle.

After we had got the fruit and vegetables, I asked her “Enjoying yourself?”

“Not too bad at the moment, but please can I go back to get some of those fine looking Grapes.”

“Of course.” Much to her dismay, I turned the trolley around and accompanied her back to the grapes.

We selected a big bunch before making it to the next aisle.

I heard a sigh and turned up the vibrations another notch. I smiled as I said. “Just another 4 levels left.”

She glared but said nothing. I could see the arousal showing with her nipples poking at the T shirt. We carried on for another 10 minutes until I heard her groan again resulting in another increase in intensity.

I watched her as she was being careful when retrieving items from the lower shelves. She was also fighting to hold back from the constant attention that was being given to her pussy and clit.

We made it to the checkouts after about 40 minutes. We had to wait for five minutes for our turn at the till. We made it out to the car and as we opened the boot, she finally stiffened up, flushed red around her shoulders and with very clear moan as the orgasm hit. I immediately turned up the vibrator a notch and she held back for a further five minutes before having a second one with a groan that result in a further increase in the intensity of the sensations. I said “Just five more minutes to go.”

Her reply was “I’m f***ed” resulting in a final increase to the vibrations. She held out for a couple of minutes before having a third orgasm that was even more intense.

I got her settled in the car and just as we left the car park I turned off the vibrations saying “Your hour is over.”

“Thank god.” She stayed quiet for the short journey home.

Inside I had her strip off the little clothing she was wearing, replacing the belt.

Over a salad I asked “Enjoy that one?”

“It was frighteningly intense. I was really struggling to hold back all the time. That C string is nearly as bad as the Hitachi wand.”

I laughed, “Well you should have stayed quiet.”

“I couldn’t help moaning. And those orgasms were intense.”

I said “well that little torment has earned you 24 strokes from the four cane bundle on your lovely bum.”

I waited until about 5.00 before I said, now for your third torment for the day. I accompanied her to the playroom where I had already prepared everything. I had her put her cuffs on, put on some 5 inch heels before securing her ankles with a short chain. I had her positioned over a rope that was settled just below her lower lips. I secured her wrists together before I secured her nipple rings to the short chain attached to a thin rope that ran through a pulley and pulled on the rope until it was nearly taught, but not pulling on her nipples. I took off her shoes.

“You have an hour of this. If you have to give up your safe word for today is ‘Banana.’ Using it means a failure, and the resultant consequences.”

She struggled to keep on tiptoe so as not to crush her pussy and pull on her nipples. I watched her carefully and by about the forty minute mark she was hardly able to raise herself up to reduce the suffering of her pussy and nipples.

Just as was about to get up to release her from her suffering she called out “Banana.”

I looked at my watch and realised that she had called it a few seconds after the hour was up. Once released, I held her a win a cuddle and soothed her. When I felt she was sufficiently recovered I said “Although you used the safe word, you actually managed a full hour, so there is no penalty.”

She sighed with relief, saying “Thank you.”

Next week we go to the pub…..

Wicked Wednesday

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