At the Pub

Before we left for the pub, as with Corrine the previous week, I had Diane insert the remote controlled bullet. As we got to the end of the footpath I handed her a set of evil nipple stretchers I bought a few weeks ago but had not had the opportunity to use. She looked at me before protesting “I didn’t put any on Corrine.”

“I know, but you are being punished for your subterfuge last weekend. So I make up the rules. I have been a little easy on you as I had thought about having you insert the ben wa balls as well as the vibrator. So put them on.”

She meekly complied with the request before I handed her the C string, a thin T shirt and her short skirt.

As we entered the pub I noticed James and Petra sitting in the corner as I had arranged. We joined them. Shortly afterwards John and Kathy arrived. I quickly turned on both remotes and placed the one for the bullet on the table. Kathy raised a questioning eyebrow. I answered this unspoken question with “Diane was involved in a little subterfuge last weekend with Corrine, so she is suffering the same torments, with a little extra severity. She is not allowed to orgasm tonight. If she does, she knows the consequences. So far she has managed just three orgasms today; however with her training I expect her to be able to control herself tonight.”

Kathy clapped in delight and Diane reacted with a stiffening of her back as the bullet turned itself on. I saw her look askance as she felt the bullet running at the highest setting. I smiled as I said to Diane “I have set it so that the intensity will be between 5 and 10 on both of your toys, and timing at random with a minimum of two minutes duration.”

She glared at me knowing that she had two hours of severe testing off her self-control.

Kathy looked at me before asking “both of the toys?”

“Yes, she is wearing a very powerful C string with stimulation to both her pussy lips and clit. This is set purely at random. She also has the bullet that is sound activated. She has two hours of this to endure, however any orgasms will increase the time up until closing time which, if I remember correctly is about five hours from now.”

Kathy then asked Diane “You seem to be really turned on already judging by the state of your nipples.”spikystand

Diane replied “I’m not that turned on at the moment, Charles made me put on some rather severe nipple stretchers which are pulling hard on my nipples. They also have that have got some spikes at the bottom but are not too painful at the moment.”

“I’m intrigued about these nipple stretchers. I will have to see them later.”

I noticed that during this exchange the bullet had turned itself off. However I could see from Diane’s reactions that the C string was doing its work.

As the server approached the table I asked Diane, “Want to lessen your time tonight?”

“Yes please.”

“Good, you are going to have toad in the hole and do exactly as Corrine did last week to earn a half hour off. I will let Kathy and Petra judge this and if they are happy I will reduce the time accordingly.”

Kathy then asked Diane, “so what did he put you through today?”

She stuttered for a moment before saying “first I was put in a very tight crab tie that gave me very little wriggle room. Inside was the bullet at the highest setting, and I was required to make it from the playroom to the kitchen where the remote control and keys to the lock securing my wrists was on a kitchen stool. I made it to the kitchen, but not the stool in the hour I was given. I was slowed down by my having to stop frequently as the crupper was getting me very close to orgasm and I needed to keep myself under control.”

“Sounds easy” replied Kathy.

“I can assure you wasn’t. The tie was very tight and the crupper kept moving as I moved any part of my body.”

I got my phone out interjecting “look at this, and you will see how tight it was.”

John and Kathy looked at it. John said to Kathy “Ummm I think I will try that on you when you need to be punished.”

Kathy said nothing before she asked “so what else?”

“I was not allowed an orgasm after the time was up, and to stop myself from playing with myself he put me in the belt. Later we went to the Supermarket where I had the C string on. I was not allowed to make any noise or say anything or else the intensity went up a notch. I was fairly quiet, but after nearly an hour it was on the maximum and in the last 10 minutes of the hour I had to endure, I just could not hold back and had three very intense orgasms. That thing is nearly as strong as a Hitachi.”

“My that sounds horrific, holding back with that sort of stimulation.”

“Yes it was hard, but once I had succumbed to an orgasm, I just could not hold back.”

“Anything else? Enquired Kathy.

“The third torture was me straddling a rope and my nipple rings tied off so that if I was on tiptoe I was OK, but if I let my feet down my poor pussy and nipples suffered. I managed an hour before I called my safeword, that Charles, thankfully, said was just after my time was up.”

She then asked “What is the penalty for failing a challenge?”

“8 hard strokes of the 4 cane bundle for each failure or orgasm. In addition I have 2 hours of holding back from orgasm whilst here.”

“Wow, 32 strokes of that bundle must be horrendous.”

“I am not looking forward to it one little bit, as 6 strokes at medium were just about endurable when we first tested it.”

Kathy looked at me saying “You are being really tough on her.”

“Not really, just a little more intensity than Corrine had last week and it is quite justified as she was very naughty last weekend.”

“What do you mean?”

I told Diane to explain which she did. Kathy on hearing this said “You should have said something there and then, so it seems that the punishment sounds fair, especially as you have been trained in controlling your orgasms.”

Our food arrived and Diane quickly setting about cleaning one of the sausages mimicking her giving a blow job. Kathy was really amused watching Diane who was blushing as she performed the task I had offered.

Kathy and Petra quickly confirmed that Diane had done a good job, so to Diane’s relief I said, “That has saved you half an hour with my little helpers.”

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. jerusalemmortimer says:

    A very nice night’s entertainment!

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