More challenges

Diane here again. Charles ordered asked me to write about the next 2 challenges I faced.

Wednesday morning I saw the clothes he had laid out for me. A very thin white bra, dark blue blouse with a black jacket and skirt were laid out on our bed. As seemed usual for this week there were no knickers.

I dressed, did my make-up and hair. He came back into the bedroom wrapped in the towel. I asked “so what is the challenge?”

“It will be revealed when you get home. All I will say it is a sexy one.”

The day passed slowly and every time my mind wandered my pussy moistened in anticipation as I was thinking “What does he mean by a sexy challenge.”

I got home slightly later than usual for a day spent in the office to find him already there cooking our evening meal. He said “Please go and remove your clothing and then come back here.”

I did as asked, knowing it would be a sexy evening I added a little perfume before getting back to the kitchen. He broke off from chopping up the vegetables. He asked “ready for the first part of the challenge?”

“As always.”

He had me squat against the wall with my feet in front of me and my back flat against the wall. He had me stretch out my arms horizontally and placed a round pencil on thewall back of my hands. He said “You have to hold that position for 10 minutes. If the pencil drops before the 10 minutes are up that means you have failed this part of the challenge. If you succeed then you will have a pleasurable evening, failure means that you will be struggling later.”

He had me placed so I could not see any clocks. I soon felt the strain in my arms as I held them level. My leg muscles took a bit longer before they too became painful. I struggled to hold the position. After what seemed like half an hour my arms gave out and the pencil dropped.

“Oh dear, you only managed 8 minutes 39 seconds. That means I will enjoy watching you struggle later.” He said as he helped me up on to a chair so I could let my legs and arms recover.

After the meal had been cleared away he guided me to the playroom which he had prepared earlier. I was placed in a standing spread-eagle with my feet stretched apart by the 3 foot long spreader bar. He kissed me with me responding as usual. He broke away picked up the neoprene flogger saying you have 20 minutes with this. The last 10 will be on your front followed by your pussy getting 81 strokes of this. Because you failed the challenge earlier you do not get to cum until the 82nd strike. I won’t even tell you how many strokes you have received, so you have to keep count.”

I groaned before retorting “You know how that flogger does me in every time it gets to my pussy.”

With a sardonic smile he said “I know. If you had lasted the full 10 minutes you would have been able to come as often as you wanted.”

He moved to my back and the swish of the flogger followed by the pleasant sensations soon had me purring. He moved to my front, stroked across my breast, before laying into them as hard as he could. This had me purring even louder before he switched his attention to my pussy. I concentrated hard on mentally counting the strikes as I fought back against the strikes that would normally have me in orgasmic bliss in the first 20 or so blows. I manged to count in my head up to 65, but the effort of fighting the orgasm that was building up inside me was so much that I lost count. I fought hard to hold back and when I eventually could not hold back I came hard. I must have passed out as the next thing I consciously knew was that I was being cuddled by him on the bed and I was twitching hard.

I eventually asked how I did. He replied “you did really well, it was 96 strokes before you came, and it was a very hard one, so you succeeded.”

He held me for ages before eventually taking me off to our bedroom to sleep.

Thursday morning after my shower I saw that he had selected a trouser suit for me. Laying on top were my ben wa balls and a padlock. I realised that I had an interesting day ahead.

Before putting on the trousers I inserted the balls and closed the padlock through the rings on my lower lips locking them in.

At breakfast he said “At lunch time find me for the key so you can remove the balls. If you want to remove them earlier than one o’clock then you fail the challenge.”

I replied “It is not quite that easy. I am not in the office today; I am visiting a couple of stores today.”

“You normally do store visits on Tuesday or Wednesday.”

“I know that. I changed my schedule because the manager of one has asked me to visit his store as he has some ideas he wants to discuss.”

With an evil grin he commented “Oh this is even better, you will have them in you until you get home then.”

The journey to the stores by train was mainly uneventful; however the tube train between stations was packed and I had to stand. The rattling of the train had the balls move around teasing me. I could even feel myself getting wet as they did their work.

Apart from the balls moving around inside me, the day went well. I even had time to talk to him on the phone, and he got me all warm and fuzzy with his sexy remarks. He teased me about the balls with me replying “It is really fun and sexy. I can feel them moving around and I am enjoying the tease, although a bit more and an orgasm would just make the day better.”

I finally made it home later than usual. I kissed Charles on getting home. He responded well and I was soon starting to undress him as he did the same to me. I politely asked if he would give me the key so I could at least remove the balls.

He laughed as he said “It is somewhere in your handbag. I put in there before you left this morning.”

Wicked Wednesday

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