Three more challenges

Diane here again.

After completing four challenges, I was in the clear from being in my chastity belt. I knew that Charles had got a challenge ready for me for the following day, so I asked “What would have been my challenge for tomorrow?”

“I’m not saying. However if you want to try the challenges for the next three days, you can, failing one means that you are my sex slave next weekend from when you get home on Friday until midnight on Sunday. Success in all three means I am your slave for the weekend.”

“I’m game, and I can assure you that I will manage them all.”

“I’m pleased. I will still control your wardrobe for these three days.”

As I came out of my shower on Friday morning I saw the largest of my butt plugs and a little note on the bed. It read “You are allowed three items of clothing of your choice today including your shoes. You need to choose wisely as we are meeting up with Zack and Dee at the photographer’s studio this evening.”

After dressing in a bra and a conservative business friendly dress I went to the kitchen and asked “How long does the plug have to be in?”

“From now until the board meeting finishes this afternoon. I will be checking on you occasionally to ensure it is still in place. You are allowed to take it out if you need to for normal bodily functions, but it must be back in when you have finished them.”

I bent over, lifted the hem of my dress before asking him “Please lube me up and insert it.”

He ensured there was plenty of lube and it took a few minutes before it finally plopped into place with me feeling very full.

The morning went quickly with Charles gently checking from time to time. As we walked to the board room with Zack and Dee I noticed her walking slightly awkwardly so I asked “Is she really wearing the cilices from Monday?”

Zack replied “Of course, and I can tell you she is finding it very challenging as she can’t cross her legs as well as finding it awkward to walk. I, on the other hand find it very pleasing that she is mincing along as she is, as I think it makes her even more sexy than normal.”

The meeting went well and after it finished I said to Charles “Do I get a reward if I keep the plug in for longer?”

“Maybe. I will think about it.”

I decided that I would enjoy the feeling of my ass being full for as long as I could, so kept it in. The evening in the photographer’s studio went well as we worked out the shooting plan for Sunday.

When we finally got home, Charles led me to our bedroom and said “Your reward is simple. You can have as many orgasms as you want before midnight.”

He then kissed me, played with all my erogenous zones. He made love to me with me screaming out orgasm after orgasm until he finally removed the butt plug. He inserted his cock in my arse and pumped in and out until he finally exploded inside me.

I went to sleep a very satisfied woman.

The next morning I was told my challenge for the day. “We are going shopping. You must have an orgasm in the High Street of our local town, the big DIY store on the edge of town and in the supermarket. These orgasms must be on a shop floor or in the high street itself.”

I was very surprised and said so. He just smiled sating “We know you can come quietly, so you just have to do it 3 times in different places.”

I can tell you that the high street one was difficult as I had to find a relatively quiet place. Charles kindly allowed me to cover my lap with a coat so I could masturbate myself to a climax with no-one actually knowing what I was doing.

In the DIY store I found a very quiet corner and with Charles help I was able to have my orgasm. The Supermarket was slightly different as it was crowded and there was nowhere I could complete my challenge.

As we left the store Charles said “well that was a failure, so next weekend you are my slave. If you succeed in your challenge tomorrow, then next weekend I will allow you 10 orgasms. Fail and you get none and a very sore bum on Monday after your shower.”

We went to the pub as usual, and enjoyed ourselves with John and Kathy. We laughed about the challenges I had faced and they were amused at my failure in the supermarket but understood the reasons why.

Sunday morning came around and I was shocked to find that my clothing for the day was the thinnest sundress I owned and a pair of shoes. I was about to say something when Charles said “That is all you need, as later in the studio you and Dee are going to be modelling some of the items for the catalogue. Your face will be hidden for those. Additionally you will also be nude for a one hour session of art photographs for his next exhibition. I have agreed that he can only exhibit photographs where you cannot be recognised.”

The studio, the photographer was very professional and soon put us at ease with the other models who were quite happy to be prancing around naked between their shoots.

Dee and I enjoyed ourselves modelling some of the restraints. One shot was of me holding a cane to Dee’s bum as she was bent over retrained by her wrists to her ankles. We were both wearing facemasks to hide our identities.

When it came to the final shoot, which was of me nude I had relaxed sufficiently to be able to get into it. Charles also helped me by being very supportive and complimentary about my figure. Finally it was all over and I was shown the photographs of me nude and I was surprised at how erotic they were without revealing my face. He had not taken one shot where I could be easily recognised.

I gleefully signed the model release form for the exhibition. He then asked about sales of prints. Charles said “I am sure that they will sell really well, and I would love that my sexy wife is admired by others without them knowing who it is.”

I smiled at Charles before saying “May I have final say in which ones can be sold once they are printed?”

The photographer said nothing. Charles said “to a degree, but at least half the shots he uses may be sold.”

I knew that was all I would get so had to be satisfied.

Wicked Wednesday

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