Exhibition time

In the week after Diane being photographed nude the photographer he sent us, by email, the 12 photographs that he had chosen for display in his exhibition. We were both happy with them all. Diane stood up and wiggled her bum enticingly at me suggesting that he could sell 10 limited edition prints of each.

I quickly emailed him our response, with a special request that would be a surprise for Diane.

I was startled on the Thursday to receive an invitation for us both to attend the opening of the exhibition the following Thursday evening. I thought about it and called Diane to my study and suggested that we alter her plans for the weekend of slavery she owed me. She raised an eyebrow until I showed her the invitation. I suggested that instead of it starting on the following day, we delayed the start until the night of the exhibition opening and continued for the rest of the weekend.

The following day, after consulting with our office colleagues, we were both able to take the last Friday of the month off (although it coincided with Black Friday).

As soon as she left the office she knew she would be my sex slave for the next few days. As I wanted her to enjoy it I gave her the little bullet vibrator which she inserted as we drove to the station to take the train into central London. I reminded her that she was allowed 10 orgasms over the whole weekend starting Friday at 6pm. Until then she was allowed to come as often as she wanted. I then asked “Does my gorgeous sex slave want an extra little challenge from Friday?”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say it will be fun, but also potentially frustrating for you too.”

“I’m intrigued, and as you know all too well I am up for most things, so yes I’ll take you up on your challenge.”

“I knew you would, so here it is. You are allowed the 10 orgasms. Instead of allowing you the 10, you must have all 10, no more and no less before midnight Sunday. If you don’t succeed, then you are in your chastity belt until Christmas and I will devise an advent calendar again this year which will be just as challenging, if not more so, than last years.”

Once we got to the hotel we had booked, we quickly showered and dressed for the evening. Diane was wearing a stunning, figure hugging, blue cocktail dress and nothing else. We grabbed a coat each and got a taxi to the exhibition.

Getting out of the taxi, we were surprised at the number of photographers who were busy snapping away. I even heard one ask a colleague “Who is that stunner in the blue dress?”

“I’ve no idea.”

Once inside the entrance I asked Diane “did you hear the comment about you?”


I repeated what was said and she smiled as she added, I am flattered, but I’m not that much of a stunner.”

“You are, and don’t forget it, otherwise I will have to punish you while we are here. I also have an extra rule for you tonight. If anyone asks who you think the model is in your photographs, then you have to admit it is you.”

She looked at me quickly and I could see the concern in her eyes.

We looked around the exhibition of over 100 photographs. Many were of well-known people who were in various states of nudity but not too revealing. There was an alcove on one side of the room where Diane was startled to see a life size photograph of herself facing front with her face hidden behind her eyes.

We mingled for a short while talking to many rich and famous people who we had heard of, but not necessarily knew. I saw Dee and Zack with other people. We went over to them and were introduced to some.

Diane was flattered when one of the major players in the retail industry said to her “Most of the resurgence in Bustards is down to you and Dee. You are causing my managers great difficulties in keeping up. I just wish I could have you work the same magic in my company.”

Diane replied “Thank you, I am flattered, but much of it is down to Dee.”

“Oh it is not just Dee; it is you that made all the difference.”

A few minutes later Dee and Diane excused themselves from the conversation and I saw Dee ask Diane something. Diane blushed, and I saw this as an opportunity to start her teasing for the night so pressed the remote for her bullet.

When she re-joined me she said quietly so no one else could hear “Dee recognised me from the photographs. And not only did you start me up, I think you started her off too.”

I smiled saying nothing.

Much of the conversations in the area where Diane’s photographs were shown were about trying to work out who the model is.

Our friend Celia, who is a famous model in her own right, saw us and came over. She looked at Diane saying “I just can’t recognise the model, whoever it is truly stunning.”

Diane sheepishly said quietly to Celia “well you saw for yourself that figure in August.”

Celia’s jaw dropped and she stuttered “What do you mean I saw that person in August?”

Diane quietly said “Well, it is me in these photographs.”

The evening was drawing to a close when the photographer came over to us. “Thank you for coming. The gallery owners and I would like you two to join us for a quiet meal to celebrate the success of the exhibition opening.”

Diane was a little flustered when I replied “of course, we would love to.”

As we left the gallery, the person on the door asked us to wait a moment. Zack and Dee joined us followed by the photographer. We were escorted out to the car and soon were on our way to one of London’s most exclusive restaurants.

Over a remarkable dinner it became clear that Zack owned the gallery. He said “well, all the prints allowed of that series of ‘the precious beauty’ have sold out. I just wish I could find out who the model is and get them to agree to some more.”

I pressed the button on Diane’s bullet again when she said “Well, I am that model.”

Dee interjected saying to Zack “please turn it down.”

“I haven’t touched the remote all evening.”

“What, it’s been buzzing away for over an hour.”

“Well it is not me.”

Dee then looked at Diane and saw that she too was feeling the buzz from her hidden tormenter. “Oh god, not you two playing again.”

Zack burst out laughing with the photographer looking very puzzled. Zack then said “Charles and Diane are good friends of ours as well as Diane working with Dee. We have also played together quite often, just as you did a few years ago with your late wife.”

Wicked Wednesday

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