A Surprise for Diane

13th December

I left a set of normal clothing out (without a bra or knickers) for Diane that morning. She dressed before joining me in the kitchen. She asked “So what is the challenge for the day?”

No challenge for the day until you leave the office. As soon as you get into the car until bedtime you are required to be silent. Any speech, moans or other noise will mean that you get gagged.”

In the car on the way home Diane was able to keep her silence. She prepared the meal in silence as required, but failed when she said “Dinner is Ready.”

I joined her at the table sayong “as soon as you have finished eating I will be putting the gag on. Any further noises will mean the severity of it will increase.”

I heard her moan before she nodded in understanding.

I smiled, “Obviously you want the gag to be more severe.”

She groaned again audibly.

Once we finished the meal, I got the relatively new gag we have that has not been used very often. I had her stick her tongue out, secured the two bars over it and then secured her lips with the other two bars.Stainless

She glared at we when I had finished, but there was absolutely nothing that she could do. I left her in the gag for the next couple of hours checking occasionally that she was coping with it.

14th December

Wednesday is her normal travel day, so I decided that a pleasantly warm bum was in order so had her bent over the kitchen table, raised her skirt to reveal her delightful bum. I picked up the scorpion, a flogger of 20 thin strands of leather all different lengths.

I laid down 30 strokes at medium intensity that produced a sting, without being uncomfortable. When I had finished she askedd “Is that all?”

“Oh you want more?”

“Yes please, how about the same again but harder.”

As she asked so nicely I obliged. These extra strokes left her bum a nice shade of red with some individual little welts where the tips of the lashes had landed.

Once she got home I asked “have a good day?”

“Very good, and I relaly enjpoyed the tingle of my bum while sat on the hard seats in the train.”

15th December

This was the night of the trade dinner that Dee had received invitations to, with one specifically in Diane’s name.

I teased her about this a little, but allowed her to have a normal set of clothes for the day. When we left the office to for Dee and Zack’s London house to change for the dinner, I said “I hope you enjoy tonight.”

I had packed the special dress that she wore at the Bustamy adams americanhustle dressard head office party last year.

After showering, I handed her a pair of golf balls which she inserted. I locked her pussy lips together before helping her into her dress. She lifted each leg into the inside lining which was the bottom half of a leotard which had been sown into the dress. She had remembered that the flowing skirt  would hide our little secret. From the waist band two lengths of fabric hung down. I raised them up, clipped each of her nipple rings to the hooks sown in to the strips. I secured the two straps behind her neck with a padlock. Diane remembered that the dress would be gently pulling her nipples up and there was no way out until I wanted to let her out.

On arrival at the hotel, we were escorted to the bar for pre dinner drinks. We were joined at the table for dinner by some of her colleagues as well as one of the many shop floor assistants who worked for Bustards, the company Diane worked for. On looking at the menu we realised that this industry dinner included an awards ceremony.

The dinner was a great success. Once over the dinner was over, we settled down for the awards ceremony. There were ten awards being given out. When it came to the last award, the Master of ceremonies introduced the gentleman who was very complimentary about her work at the recent exhibition we attended.

His preamble was a general comment about how a pleasant working environment made staff happy and therefore more efficient. He then went on to say “The award for most effective senior manager  in our industry is a woman who in the last three years, with her chief executive, transformed a company from being run of the mill into a dynamic company.”

Dee smiled as he continued “The winner has moved from working on the shop floor to a senior boardroom position in just five years. I am delighted to announce Diane Johnson as the winner.”

Diane did not react as her name was announced. Dee immediately stood up, pulled Diane off her chair, gave her a hug before slapping her on the bum encouraging her to go towards the stage.  Diane walked up to the stage with shock all over her face. She was presented with her award, chatted for a few moments with the man before before being invited to the microphone.

Although she was smiling she was hesitant at first as she said “Thank you so much. I am absolutely astonished that I was even considered, let alone winning.”

She paused for a second before continuing “I must thank my Chief Executive, Dee, for having faith in my abilities. I also thank all the staff at Bustards for all their hard work. This award is a tribute to them as it them that have helped transform our company. Finally, but not least I must thank my husband for his support and wisdom. Thank you.”

An absolutely shocked Diane left the stage, walked back to the table accepting the plaudits from the other table she passed before getting to us. She looked at Dee saying “You must have known all about this.”

“No, all I knew was that you were invited by name to attend.”

“My god, I am astounded and it will take a while to sink in.”

Dee’s only response was “You deserve it. I know you are having a day off tomorrow, so relax and enjoy it.”

16th December

It was in the early hours of the morning that we finally got home. Diane was not surprised when she got up to find no clothes laid out for her. Having let her sleep in, I had been able to talk to Dee and Zack before she surfaced.

She looked at the trophy on the table before saying “Wow, what a pleasant surprise last night.”

“Not just for you.”

We chatted for a while before she asked “So what have you got planned for me today.”

“A change of plan. While you were still sleeping, I talked to Dee. You are taking over from her by giving the traditional speech on Sunday night. So your task today is to prepare it.”

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Merry Christmas to you all 🙂

    Rebel xox

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