Advent- Final part

Author’s note; To keep reasonably close to the 1200 words requested, not all entries are that long.

17th Decepale-mint-v-neck-sleeveless-sexy-backless-long-chiffon-evening-dress-1mber

Today was the day for my firm’s evening Christmas Party. We spent the day finishing off our preparations for Christmas before heading off to the hotel that we were staying in. I packed our case so that we had everything needed for the weekend.

Once we had settled in and were getting ready for the party I handed Diane her accessories. These consisted of the nipple shields, earrings and necklace. She knew what to do. After she had put on the nipple shields I gave her the dress I had chosen. It was a long white dress which showed a tantalising view of her breasts without revealing anything.

She said “I am surprised there is nothing down there tonight.”

“Today I thought the shields would be enough.”sns146

The party went well and when we finally retired to bed she insisted on keeping the nipple shields on.

18th December

After breakfast in our room we went to the hotel near the Bustard’s office where their office party was being held. We spent the day relaxing with Diane going to the spa and health club where she did some exercise before having her hair done as well as a manicure and pedicure.

As we were getting ready I handed her the bullet vibrator and lock for her pussy. “Oh god, not that gain, especially as I have got to give a speech.”

“Don’t worry; you will be fine with it in you.”

Also I gave her some nipple stretchers to wear before handing her the dress for the halter-neck-navy-sleeveless-long-slit-chiffon-blouson-evening-dress-1evening. This was the one she had bought a few days previously. I was a halter top with a short underskirt and a long chiffon skirt. The top was loose enough for her breasts to move around enticingly as well as preserve her modesty.

We got to the ballroom and as usual we chatted to colleagues before the meal. As with the previous year we were seated on a different table to Zack and Dee.  Once everyone was seated Dee started the evening by saying “Instead of me giving the usual speech, I have invited Diane to take over. On Thursday she was presented with a top award at the Retail institute.”

The applause was astounding. Diane stood up gave a bow before starting “Thank you all for that applause. It is you who should be applauded as you are the ones who have worked so hard in transforming our company.”

The rest of the speech was full of humour and everyone gave another round of applause as she sat down. It was then I noticed her stiffen slightly as the bullet inside her started up.

She looked at me before asking quietly “Who has got the bloody remote?”

“Zack, and I have got Dee’s. They are both sound activated, and I started hers off as you stood up.”

“Oh no, another evening of torture.”

“Maybe, it depends on how nice Zack decides to be. The penalties for having an orgasm will be dealt with at their New Year’s Eve party.”

“And what are the penalties?”

“You will find out at the party. So I suggest you keep yourself under control tonight.”

After the meal the dancing started and I enjoyed a very pleasant evening with a horny wife who managed to hold off from having any orgasms. Dee on the other hand had a much more difficult time as she has not had the same training as Diane in controlling her orgasms.

The party went well and we eventually collapsed in bed at around midnight with Diane demanding some attention so that she could sleep well.

19th December

We left the hotel and after the usual Monday afternoon meeting with Dee, Zack asked Diane “So how did you do last night.”

“Fine, I managed to hold out until we got to bed.”

With a smile and to Dee’s annoyance he said “Well done, that is better than Dee who came twice, so she is going to enjoy New Year’s Eve.”

When we got home I got Diane to put on her cuffs and secured her wrists together and her ankles were hobbled. I said “These stay on until tomorrow morning.”

20th December

For the Tuesday, I was gentle with Diane and had her wearing just a dress with a short skirt, stockings and suspender belt and shoes.

The skirt was short enough to mean that she had to great care whenever she bent over as the stocking tops would soon be readily visible.

21st December

Diane was allowed to dress normally during the day. As soon as we got to the car in the evening I said “Everything off.”

She duly complied and sat in the car quietly as we made our way home. About half way there I turned the electric seat warmer up to maximum. She started to moan about the warmth. I just said “This is to get your bum nicely warmed up for when we get home.”

Once home we went to the playroom where I picked up a nice suede flogger that I used to add to the warmth of her ass. It took a while, but I was able to get her to orgasm standing up with her bum well reddened and just a few gentle strokes between her legs that flicked her clit.

22nd December

In the morning she saw her belt on the clothing I had selected. Also there was a small butt plug and a thin dildo. She put them on before I locked the belt on her.

She asked “What happens if I need to go to the loo?”

“You find me and I will give you the key. But it will have to be back with me within 10 minutes or else you are considered to have failed the challenge. That means a nice sore bum tomorrow and treated as having an orgasm on Sunday night.”

She managed the whole day without troubling me.

23rd December

This was the final day for Diane at the office before a short break. As is usual all the head office staff dressed up to some extent in red. I had selected Diane’s clothing, laid it out with a pair of high heeled shoes.

She looked at the cat suit and said “Every year these seem to get even more revealing.”des-santasuit-2-web_1024x1024

She put on her knickers and then the cat suit. I had her turn around. I realised that her knickers were clearly visible so said “You need to get those knickers off, they spoil the lines of the suit.”

She did as requested and when she looked at herself in the mirror she realised that I was right.

She and Dee were dressed in exactly the same cat suit. Both of their figures are so good that they could get away with wearing them.

The office closed at lunchtime and Diane and I went to visit a couple of the local stores. The staff in them were both surprised and delighted with the visit.

24th December

We spent the day quietly at home before venturing out to the pub in the evening for a quiet drink. As we approached it I handed her the c string which she quickly put on ensuring it was nice and snug. I was kind to her by not using the stimulators much.

When we got home she thanked me for not being too nasty by giving me one of her great blowjobs.

Wicked Wednesday

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