New Year’s Eve

We spent Christmas day quietly at home. As is usual, we always bought each other a sexy gift. I bought a really smart leather top for her whilst she got me a delightfully wicked looking whip that was of leather and looked like barbed wire.

The week after Christmas was spent quietly getting on with work and we were looking forward to the New Year’s Eve party at Zack and Dee’s country home. We arrived before lunch. As is the usual practice when joining Zack and Dee at their home we were soon naked.

There was just one couple (out of the 10 who were guests), who we did not really k5387090570_43b021c9ce_bnow; This was the photographer, Damien, whose exhibition featured Diane and his girlfriend, Fiona, who was a famous model.

At lunch Zack announced that in the afternoon we, as couples, would be playing a game which would determine the sleeping arrangements after the party as they did not have the 10 bedrooms needed to accommodate all the guests.

The rules of the game were simple.

  1. We had to locate and photograph on our phone all the items on a list
  2. None of the items were hidden in drawers or cupboards
  3. All the items could be found on the ground floor of the house
  4. The playroom was out of bounds
  5. The winning couple were the ones that found the most items
  6. In the event of a tie, time taken in finding the items would be taken into account
  7. The prize for the winners was to have a nice bed to sleep in.
  8. The others would be in some form of bondage for the night, ranging from light bondage to severe.

I said to Zack “You have had more couples here than now and you have been able to accommodate them all.”

He smiled “I know that is what you are all thinking, and yes we have had more couples stay over. We have just sold the London house, and the whole of the top floor is full of the overflow from there.”

Each couple was handed a list of thirty items, ranging from finding an image of a particular person to items, such as a dragon tail, connected to BDSM.

Some items, such as a particular paddle were easy to find, whereas others, such as a spoon made of olive wood, were not.

Diane and I enjoyed our searching with us bumping into others on the way with some playful banter between us. We finished our search finding (we thought) 25 of the items on the list over a period of two hours.

After the afternoon refreshments, each couple went to Zack or Dee for them to determine our results. Once the judging had been completed, we were given the opportunity to freshen up before the evening meal.

Dee had laid on a superb meal. Diane and I were sat next to Damien and Fiona, as we were the only guests that they had met previously. The conversation included talk about the exhibition. Fiona commented “I know that the prints of the mystery woman sold out. The movers and shakers in the fashion and art photography movement who were at the exhibition are desperate to find out who the model was as they want her to work with them. Damien has been so tight lipped, that I haven’t got a clue.”

Damien added “I know how much pressure there is, I have had numerous requests and it would not surprise me if my rubbish bins have been searched  and others trying to hack into my computer. I just don’t know if she wants to pose again.”

Diane blushed slightly before asking Damien very quietly “How trustworthy is she?”

“Totally.” Was his reply.

Diane said nothing more until after the meal. In a quiet area I saw Diane talking to Fiona. Once they finished Diane came to me. “I told her my price will be £1m after all taxes are paid for just a two hour shoot. I also have editorial control on what is published or printed.”

I grinned “And if someone offers you the fee, what then?”

“Then I will honour my commitment.”

I smiled “You naughty Minx, your ass needs some attention then.”

“Good, that is just the reaction I wanted.”

Zack encouraged us all to proceed to the playroom which was suitably decorated. The size of it together with the variety of equipment available meant that there was plenty of opportunity for everyone to play.

I watched as Damien put Fiona into a very stringent but comfortable suspension bondage tie. He then started to tickle her with a feather in many of her sensitive areas. Although there was a lot of squeals and pleas, Damien continued for about 30 minutes before finally using the feather on her pussy that had her screaming with pleasure.

I had to help Damien in releasing the totally zoned out Fiona. Whilst he gave her the necessary aftercare, I thought it was time that Diane needed the promised attention on her bum.

I took her to the old gym horse secured her into position and warmed her up with a nice hand spanking. I then got out a selection of our favourite toys, and proceeded to ensure that her cheeks were a bright red before using the flogger she had bought me.1_136

I initially was gentle, but her reactions allowed me to land harder strikes that left virtually no marks but had her squirming with pleasure. I decided that she needed a little more to finish off the scene so picked up the thin metal wire cane and landed five nice straight lines on each of her upturned cheeks. One more strike on each cheek was the vertical one that had her groaning. Finally I added the diagonal stripe on her left cheek that crossed each of the six welts. When I moved over to the right cheek she was so close to release that I let the stroke land, drop the cane, move behind her and using a finger flicked her clit a few times before she had a very intense orgasm.

I released her, held her and gave the necessary aftercare.

As midnight approached Zack announced that Dee was to receive her punishment for coming three times at the office party two weeks previously. He declared that she deserved 3 sets of twelve severe strokes with the judicial cane. Because of his mobility problems he was going to use their spanking machine.

He then wickedly added “the first set will be at 10 second intervals, the second set at five seconds and the final set with no breaks.”

Dee was bent over the spanking bench and the spanking machine placed into position. Zack programmed it and pressed the start button.

Fiona, by now, had recovered from her scene and watched in awe as the machine did its work. Cuddled up in Damien’s lap she said to him, “I’d like to be on the receiving end sometime as it looks awesome and is so quiet.”

The final 12 strokes landed in very quick succession with Diane howling in both pain and pleasure. The last one landed just as the one minute countdown (on the silent TV) to midnight started.

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to New Year’s Eve

  1. Sounds like you had a great New Year’s Eve! Happy New Year!

    Rebel xox

  2. jerusalemmortimer says:

    Nice story!
    Great post!

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