A New Year starts

We continue from last week, now seeing in the new year.

Although Dee had been released from the bench, she was in no fit state to join in the traditional singing of Auld Lang Syne. She needed her aftercare that Zack was only too happy to provide.

Before the singing Fiona, cuddled on Damien’s Lap said “I’d like to be on the receiving end sometime as it looks awesome and is so quiet.”

I turned to Fiona “So why don’t you enjoy the sensations that machine produces?”

“I can’t as I am doing a swimwear shoot in 2 days and I need to be unmarked. Though I really love being on the receiving end of floggers, paddles and canes, because of my work schedule, sometimes I have to miss out on those pleasures.”

Diane with a twinkle in her eye said “If we promise you won’t get marked, how about a nice flogging?”

“What do you mean, as I always get some marks even when a flogger is used?”

“You just have to trust me; I promise there will be no marks visible.”

Damien was getting intrigued as he heard this exchange. “But who will be doing the flogging?”

“You” replied Diane.

“But I..”

Diane interrupted, “Trust me, Put Fiona in a standing spread eagle and blindfold her.”

He did as instructed and once Fiona was blindfolded I pulled Damien to one side and said quietly as I handed him the neoprene flogger. “Use this flogger as hard as you like. Start on her back, then her ass. You can use it on her tits and finally her pussy. I promise she will come like a train.”

He smiled evilly before telling Fiona “If you want to come you must ask for permission.”

I looked at Diane who had a grin on her face as Damien landed the first strike gently on her back. It produced no reaction, so he started to increase the power of the strokes. Fiona started to urge him to go harder.

He continued on her back slowly moving down to her cute ass. Within her bindings she stuck it out a little to encourage him. He continued to land the flogger at what looked like full strength and she was sighing and squirming with pleasure.

After a while he moved position and started to flog her perfect c cup breasts, ensuring that they took the full force of the strikes of the flogger. Her nipples stood out prominently looking as hard as they could get.

Fiona was emitting sounds of pure pleasure as the strokes kept landing. He moved the focus of the strikes down until the first one landed on her sweet lower lips. She breathlessly asked “Pleasssse may I come.”

“No, and I will tell you when you can.”

He continued to land strokes on her pussy with her being more vocal in her pleas. He denied them all. You could tell from her reactions that she was fighting the orgasm that was relentlessly building when she suddenly screamed as she orgasmed hard, squirting her juices all over the flogger.

She slumped in her restraints, unable to stand. Damien held her as I released her wrists and Diane her ankles. He carried her back to the sofa where her ragged breathing slowly came under control. She was involuntarily twitching as the aftershocks of her intense orgasm made themselves felt.

Diane and I left them so Damien could hold her and give her the necessary aftercare.

Meanwhile, I got one of the straight backed chairs and tied Diane to it tightly with her legs wide apart and she had no room to wriggle. I placed our Hitachi wand so that it would do its work. Once I was ready I said “your punishment for suggesting Fiona’s work out is 40 minutes without coming.”

I secured a blindfold before I turned on the Hitachi at half power, enough to get her really worked up, and not too much that she would not be able to control herself.

I kept watch over her, whilst I let the wand to its work. Fiona and Damien came over, with Fiona still needing Damien to prop her up. She asked quietly so Diane could not hear “How much longer?”

“About 10 minutes.”

“Well I hope it is at full strength.”

“Not yet, but it will be in a couple of minutes.”

She smiled “How about now? I need to pay her back for her suggestion as I will be punished in due course for that tremendous orgasm I had.”

I turned the wand up to ¾ power with Diane sensing the change immediately. She squirmed, squealed and pleaded for the wand to be turned off or be allowed to orgasm for the whole of the remaining time.

Finally I turned it up to full power saying to her “you can come at will.”

Diane finally screamed her release and as soon as I knew the orgasm had finished I turned the wand off.

By now it was getting late and we were all ready for bed. Dee and Zack supervised with some help from Patrice and Corrine.

Zack announced the results of our game in the afternoon. He was very careful to make sure that the winners had a room to themselves, whilst those who were in lighter bondage would be paired up with a couple in more stringent bondage.

Diane and I had not done at all well in that game and we were ‘sentenced’ to join Patrice and Corrine in their room. Basically Diane and I were placed in a vacubed (as we did to them a few weeks earlier).

Neither of us was able to move but we could hear everything that was going on. I heard Corrine telling Patrice that the evening’s play had made her all horny finishing with “Please fuck me hard.”

Patrice did pleasure Corrine and the sounds soon had me aroused, but the vacubed made it very uncomfortable as I was not able to get hard. I could sense Diane was also aroused, but the way we were positioned meant we could not do anything but to endure the additional torment.

The next morning I woke before Diane to find that we could extract ourselves for the bed. I left Diane to sleep on whilst I attended to my basic bodily morning needs. She soon woke, went to the bathroom and we made our way to Breakfast to find we were the last to get up.

Fiona, with Damien, came up to us “That flogger is so much fun, where can we buy one?”

“You can’t. It was made for us many years ago.”

Fiona then said “Damien tells me he used full strength strokes, but they just felt like a tickling sensation. You said there would be no marks, and we found none. Can we borrow it again sometime?”

It was turn to reply “Sorry, that is reserved for special treats and people who have never experienced it before. Much to her disappointment, I only use it on Diane two or three times a year. But, why don’t you two come over to our house for a weekend and Fiona can try out the machine?”

“Sound’s good.” she replied.

Wicked Wednesday

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