Damien and Fiona play

Damien and Fiona took us up on our invitation to stay for a weekend. They arrived on the Friday evening and as soon as they had got inside, Fiona stripped so that she and Diane were naked. Us men, on the other hand wore loincloths. We spent the evening enjoying their company as we got to know them better.

Damien and I had been in contact with each other during the week making our plans. Damien informed me that many of the things that Diane and I do on a regular basis had not been experienced by Fiona.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, Damien handed Fiona some ben wa balls saying “Insert those and then dress in the skirt and sweater in your bag together with a pair of comfortable shoes.”

She did as she was told and on her return she looked stunning, with her breasts swaying a little under the sweater clearly showing that she was not wearing a bra. The skirt showed off her legs, but was not too short to be embarrassing for her.

She asked “So what next?”

“Simple, the four of us are going shopping.”

We left the house, drove to the nearest town, followed by a walk to Bustard’s that had Fiona getting a little flushed. When we made our way to the “Bedroom Delights” department she started to get a little flustered. Damien said “You know your safe words, and we will be with you all the way.”

One of the assistants was very helpful explaining the features and intensity of some of the impact implements. Fiona began to relax when she realised that no-one was taking any particular notice of the four of us.

Once back at the car Damien asked “How are you doing?”

“Those balls were churning around inside me and I am rather wet and horny.”

“Just as I hoped. Just remember the rules for the weekend.”

“Yes sir” was the reply accompanied by a cheeky smile.

On our way home we stopped off at John and Kathy’s shop to pick up a couple of items that had been ordered by Damien. Fiona was curious as to the contents. Damien just said “You will find out later just what I have bought for you.”

We stopped at a suitable pub for lunch before returning home.

I asked Fiona “are you ready to visit our playroom, with the full knowledge that any sub that enters has to experience some form of play?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Damien held out his hand “Good. I know that you haven’t got any bookings for a couple of weeks that you need to worry about any marks.”

We all went to the playroom, and whilst Damien secured Fiona to the spanking bench I put a blindfolded Diane in the strap cage so she would just be hanging about.

I got the spanking machine out and started collecting the implements he wanted Fiona to experience whilst he started warming up the beautiful bum using his hand. He was thorough and Fiona’s cheeks were soon a beautiful shade of pink.

Once he felt she was suitably warmed up I set the machine going. The first implement he had selected was the flogger that they had bought earlier in the day. Fiona was purring as the flogger splayed out on impact at a medium strength. The machine was set at random so she had no idea when the next strike would occur.

Damien watched her carefully and when he could see that she was beginning to enter her happy place he indicated for the implement to be changed. Fiona expressed her displeasure that the flogging stopped. Damien laughed as he said “Well that is six punishment strokes of a cane.”

Fiona with what little movement she had, wiggled her ass.

The next implement was a leather paddle that sounded worse than it actually was, and she was moaning with pleasure after each stroke landed.

She received 25 strokes before it was replaced by a wooden paddle. This produced grunts and a few ouches as the strokes landed.

We let that run for a while before replacing it with the scorpion. Each strike of the scorpion produced increasing levels of noise, both squeals of pain and moans of pleasure. About 50 strokes landed before Damien picked up the thin whippy cane. He handed it to me indicating that intensity was to be set at full.

I had him come to the control panel to see me increase the intensity from medium to hard. He nodded before I pressed the start button. The first strike landed to a howl of pain. Again it was set at random so she had to wait for the swish sound just before the cane landed to know that the stroke was on its way.

Each stroke that landed produced a howl, and as the last two landed with just a second or two gap the howl was much louder.

Damien released the straps holding her to the bench and helped her to the sofa where he hugged and cuddled her as she recovered from her ordeal.

I released Diane from her strap cage and we left them alone.

When they made their way to the living room, there were suitable refreshments available.

Diane asked “How did you find that session?”

“Incredible, it is so quiet that I just could not tell when the next stroke was going to land, so I just had to relax and enjoy the intensity of the sensations. What made it more interesting was that I still had the ben wa balls inside me. I just loved the look of it when I saw it at the party, so my heart ruled my head.”

She sighed before continuing “I came hard when Damien held me afterwards. I suppose that’s what happens when you follow your heart.”

We continued chatting until it was nearly time to go out. Diane asked “Are you two up for some fun this evening when we go to the pub?”

“What does it involve? asked a nervous Fiona.

“Fun.” was all the answer she got.

I handed Fiona a bullet vibrator saying “Go to the bathroom and remove the balls and replace them with this.”

While she was out the room I asked Damien “What did you mean by the rules for the weekend?”

“She is only allowed one orgasm every day. Failure means that she has to get nipple piercings and she is scared about them.”

“I see, then  we should give her a chance to win, but it won’t be easy.”

“I agree, but how?”

I got the remote for Fiona’s bullet and quickly set it so that the maximum level to be 2/3rds of the maximum for a period of six hours.

“I’ve set the maimum level of the remote so that it could be more than just a tease, but not the maximum. I’m just about to set Diane’s so the minimum is at half the maximum power. Diane has experiience of controlling her orgasms, so we can really enjoy watching the girls struggle to contain themselves.”

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. lapsedcatholicwife says:

    Wow, what a lot packed into this wonderful writing. I am interested in what a scorpion is though

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