Pub games

Carrying on from last week

The walk to the pub was uneventful. Diane and Fiona were suitably thankful that we did not insist on them being nude in the cold.

The chatter was mostly about the fun that we would have at the pub. The instructions I gave were very simple. “The bullets will randomly start up with the time and intensity also set at random. If neither of you orgasm, then it will be a pleasurable play session in the morning. If only one of you has an orgasm, a predicament bodage session and receive a five bar gate on each cheek with a cane selected by the other. If you both have orgasms, then you will both be in the same predicament bondage and receive five bar gates. In addition, Diane will have an extra penalty tomorrow if she has an orgasm.”

Damien then added, “Fiona, your orgasm rule still applies. However to even up the contest your bullet has been set so that it cannot run above 2/3rds maximum intensity. Diane’s has been set so that the minimum is half intensity. This is because she has far more experience at controlling herself.”

Fiona commented “The weekend orgasm rule still being in place is a bit mean, but I will do my best.”

Diane then asked “What happens if you break the rule?”

“The first extra orgasm means my nipples will be pierced, the second my pussy lips get rings, the third is my clit and any more means further rings in my pussy lips. The problem is I have a huge fear of needles.”

“Well, my advice to you is to when you feel yourself getting aroused think of something completely vanilla such as a twelve times table.”

On arrival at the pub, we sat at the table next to our friends James, Petra, Liz and Andrew. Diane introduced Damien and Fiona who had not met them before. We moved the tables together so we did not have to shout.

Both Liz and Andrew are switches, with Liz being the more dominant and has a real sadistic streak.

Liz saw Diane wriggle a little before asking.  “You playing again?”

Damien answered “Yes and the penalty for Fiona for failure is quite severe. Whereas Diane’s is not quite so bad.”

Liz laughed “That isn’t really fair. I think Diane should get have an equally severe penalty.”

Damien replied “It is simple, Fiona has an agreed penalty for having more than one orgasm a day for a week, and she has already had one today. However if Diane has an orgasm she has an extra penalty which she will find out about tomorrow.”

He continued “Diane’s torment this evening is much worse than Fiona’s so in many ways it evens up.”

Liz chuckled with her usual evil smile.

The evening continued with us all watching Diane and Fiona struggle to keep themselves under control. Unfortunately for Diane, she lost concentration a few minutes before 10 and had a quiet orgasm that only I noticed. The few minutes after Diane’s orgasm I turned off the bullets much to the relief of both of them.

I turned to Diane saying “I suppose you thought you had got away with that one?”

“I wasn’t sure whether you would notice.”

Fiona asked “Oh, did you lose?”

“Yes, just a few minutes before they were turned off.”

Later in the evening, Andrew said to me “I hope you and Diane can keep the first Saturdays in June and July free.”


“We are getting married on 3rd of June with the usual vanilla celebratory party, and on the 1st of July we are having a small BDSM party. The only problem is finding a suitable venue.”

I turned to Diane and we talked quietly for a couple of minutes before I said to Liz and Andrew “Why don’t you two come over to our place tomorrow for supper?”

“We can manage that.”

The next morning after breakfast I ordered Diane into the playroom. Damien and Fiona followed along. I had Diane put in the bullet and add the clit stimulator. I put her into the tight crab tie I had used a few weeks ago. I said “you have the same one hour as last time to retrieve the key to your handcuffs in the kitchen. You are not allowed to orgasm until you have the key in your hands. Your time starts when the bullet starts, and every 12 minutes the intensity of both will go up 2 notches so the last 12 minutes will be at full blast. Each orgasm you have will result in three strokes of the four cane bundle to be administered tonight, I hope by Liz.”

Diane could not say anything because of the gag on her mouth. She felt the bullet start up and immediately started the very difficult task of moving. She made very slow progress and it took her about 45 minutes to reach the door to the kitchen. By this time she was having to take breaks to both control the stimulation and also catch her breath from the tightness of the tie.

Diane finally made it to the key and with just a minute to go picked it up off the floor. I took it from her and released her hands as she exploded in the orgasm that she had been holding back. It took no time for the three of us to release her from the tie and I carried her to the sofa to rest and recover.

After lunch I had Diane join Damien and myself in the playroom. He had set up his camera and lights. Diane looked startled before I said “Your extra penalty for last night’s orgasm is a special photoshoot. Damien is going to photograph you on the receiving end of the five bar gates.”

I had Diane put on the blindfold before I helped her onto spanking bench. All the while Damien was taking pictures. I paused for a while and asked Fiona to choose which of the canes I was to use. She asked about them sensibly before choosing the whippy metal cane.

I deliberately laid down each of the five parallel strokes on each of Diane’s bum cheeks before adding the vertical one. I landed the first diagonal stroke on her left cheek that crossed the other six lines, waited 12 seconds before landing the last one on her right cheek.

I released Diane from the bench and gave her a hug. Fiona was fascinated with the marks. I winked at Damien who handed me the card with the photographs and he asked Fiona “You want them too?”

“Yes, Please.”

I politely nodded and with Diane left them in the playroom. A while later a smiling Fiona and Damien came into the living room. I handed Damien his memory card saying “I’ll let you know which 12 tomorrow.”

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. lapsedcatholicwife says:

    And you carried on the eroticism, wonderful x

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