Sunday’s Highlights

Continuing from last week.

Damien and Fiona left shortly after lunch. They thanked us for the fun and games, and Fiona particularly seemed very happy with the five bar gates on each of her lower cheeks.

We had some time to ourselves so I got the laptop and we went through the photographs Damien had taken. As we expected they were in focus and had captured Diane well, especially her facial expressions although her eyes were covered by the blindfold. It took quite a while for us to whittle the selection down to a manageable number.

During the process of selecting the shots, Diane asked. “What are we going to do with the selected shots?”

“We are not going to do anything. Damien is entering them into a very discreet exhibition and competition of his and other photographer’s works. The winning photographer gets a special assignment. Unlike last time there will no prints for sale.”

It was getting near to the time that we could expect Liz and Andrew to come round for supper. Diane busied herself preparing a suitable meal, whilst I helped with other chores that needed to be done.

Shortly after Diane and I had finished what we were doing the doorbell rang. Diane opened the door and Andrew led Liz in using a lead attached to the collar she was wearing. Liz was not wearing anything other than a collar.

I raised an eyebrow and he smiled as he said “Every Sunday I am allowed the privilege of being the top for half of the day if I am in the mood. Today I decided to take advantage of the privilege. I hope being here will be the highlight of her day.”

As we sat down I said “Diane and I have discussed your problem of finding a suitable venue for your second wedding celebration. The primary question is how many people are you planning on inviting to it?”

“We were thinking of 12 couples in all as well as ourselves.”

“What are you thinking of in the way of what facilities you need?”

“Well, somewhere where we can have our special ceremony which will be the highlight of the day. That will followed by a suitable meal and then a play party in a dungeon.”

“Before we go any further, I think we may have a solution. If the weather is good we can make a suitable space for the ceremony. For bad weather, you could use this room, obviously with the furniture moved around.”

I then rose and gestured to Andrew to join me. Diane and Liz followed us as we went to the playroom. I ushered them into to inspect the space. I smiled as I said “Any submissive who comes into the playroom has to have some form of play.”

Liz had a forced smile on her when he gestured for her to stand in the middle of the room, bend over and he gave her a gentle spanking which hand her moaning with pleasure. Once he had finished, Liz had a nice pink glow on both her face and bum cheeks. Whilst he was attending to Liz I fitted Diane’s wrist cuffs on her and locked them together in front of her.

Andrew looked around the room and Liz showed him some of the equipment we had saying “We could have a real fun day with you on the bench, being hung up in the strap cage or even just being tormented. There is also plenty of room for 3 or 4 couples to play at the same time.”

Andrew nodded in agreement.

After we left the room, we went back to the lounge and talked some more before it was agreed that their second celebration would be held at our house.

We enjoyed our supper. As we cleared away the dishes, Andrew removed Liz’s collar and put on his. He then stripped off his clothing. Liz turned to us asking “May I introduce Andrew to your rather fun spanking bench and machine?”

“Of course, I will help you with the controls.”

With Andrew on the bench, we lined up the machine. Liz selected two implements, the scorpion to be followed by a thin, whippy rattan cane.

She decided that Andrew should receive 40 strokes of the Scorpion. I was surprised and imp500obviously this showed as she said “Don’t worry, his butt is well used to receiving severe treatment.”

She pressed the start button and as it is so quiet the only sounds Andrew heard before a stroke landed was the swish through the air of the 20 thin tails. Each stroke landed and he was by the end grunting as each stroke landed.

I then attached the cane to the arm of the machine and Liz asked me to set the machine to deliver three medium followed by three more at each of Hard, severe and punishment levels and random timings of up to a minute between strokes.

Andrew grunted as each of the first three strokes landed. The second set produced a more vocals before the severe strokes started to land with a loan moan accompanying each one. The first o the final three produced a screech and the last two which were only a couple of seconds apart resulted in a howl as the last one landed.

I turned off the machine and left Liz to soothe Andrew. They emerged from the playroom a few minutes with Andrew sporting a big smile and a very red bum with twelve welts which differed in the severity.

They left shortly afterwards with both commenting that the using the machine was the highlight of their day.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. lapsedcatholicwife says:

    I did enjoy this and it bought a smile to my face!

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