Second Thoughts

Damien rang us a few days after he and his girlfriend, Fiona, had spent the weekend at our home. He seemed a little agitated in the opening exchange. I had put the phone on speaker and Diane was with me.

“You know that Diane told Fiona that she wold pose for a 2 hour shoot for £1m after taxes.”


“I got a very surprising request from one of the high end fashion magazines today. They wrote that they would like me to do a special cover shoot for them using the mystery model (meaning you, Diane) for their special anniversary edition. They did not quote a figure specifically, but the fee they offered me is above their normal rates. They also have suggested that the shoot should incorporate a mild S&M theme.”

“Go on.”

“Neither Fiona or I have said anything about who the model was nor have we mentioned anything about Diane’s stated fee. I am looking to you two for guidance.”

I said “Diane and I need to talk a little, so I will call you back soon.”

Diane and I discussed what had been said in the phone call. We called Damien back and asked him to stall the magazine until the end of the week.

The next day the two of us met with Dee and Zack to get their views, especially as it could affect Bustards, Diane’s employer. The conversation was long and fruitful. We also had to consult with others as some of it could affect the running of the company. The four of us took a while to come up with a plan that we put to Damien.

He submitted our plan and much to his surprise it was eventually, somewhat reluctantly, accepted by the magazine.

The shoot, it was agreed, would be in our local Bustard’s store. The shoot was to be on a Sunday after the shop had closed at 4pm. Damien and the magazine editorial team on the day before, accompanied by Dee and Diane, agreed the basic shooting plan, the areas to be used and what the shots would look like using Fiona as the decoy model. After the Saturday planning session the magazine editorial team seemed happy with the ideas, but they were not used to being excluded from the shoot itself or in control of the shots selected.

Sunday morning at breakfast Diane was distinctly nervous. I enquired “Having second thoughts?”

“Just a few, but I will go through it.”

Damien was able, with the help of the store staff, to get the lights set up for all the shots during the day. The afternoon progressed with Fiona doing make-up and hair styling. Diane looked absolutely stunning. The first series of shots were of her browsing through the lingerie section whilst fully clothed in some of the designer dresses. The final shot was of her in sexy, lacy bra and knickers.

The second series were of Diane in the swimsuit area culminating in her modelling one of the more expensive bikinis.

The third and final set of shots was of Diane in the “Bedroom Delight” section dressed in a very tight almost sheer cat suit. One of the scenarios was of Diane handcuffed to the shop display looking nervous that she would be discovered. In another she was testing floggers and other implements on her hand.

The whole shoot took three hours including breaks for changing and touching up the make-up.

The next evening Dee, Zack, Diane and I went to Damien’s studio. We had to select 12 shots of each of the scenarios that were to be forwarded to the magazine. It was surprisingly easy to do a basic selection, but the final selections took a little while to agree on.

The photographs were sent to the magazine. The next day Diane received a phone call in her office from the editor of the magazine. The comments were along the lines of “You look stunning in all the shots. Damien and you fulfilled the brief fully. However what we had not realised was that it was you in the exhibition shots. You have got Bustards a most incredible publicity coup effectively at our expense.”

Dee excitedly burst into Diane’s office a few moments later. “I’ve just talked to the editor of the magazine. She’s f***ing amazed at how we managed this coup. She is furious in a way, but she knows that the magazine is going to sell like hot cakes.”

A day later we received the layout and cover mock up for Diane to give her final approval (as agreed in the contract). The cover was just a photograph of Diane with her back to the camera handcuffed to a display rack.

Bustards’ press agents and the magazine worked out the appropriate press releases to announce the forthcoming edition. The announcement was very specific that Diane would not be taking on any other modelling assignments.

The newspapers picked it up and there was a tremendous amount of publicity for both the magazine and the company. Unfortunately there were a lot of very inquisitive reporters who found out where we lived. Luckily this only lasted for a couple of days, but the intrusion was disconcerting.

Saturday morning after we had been shopping I asked Diane “Have you had second thoughts about the photo shoot?”

“None, our bank balance will be filled up nicely.”

“Well, I have, and I think it is time for you to have some too, into the playroom now.”

She walked to the playroom wiggling her bum at me as she made her along the passageway.

“Put these balls inside you.” She did and I continued “Time for you to have a half hour long ride on the wooden pony.”

“I am having second thoughts now.” She said as she mounted the pony.

“Too late.”

I ensured that her arms were secured in a box tie and that was tied loosely to a rope hanging from the ceiling. I added her ankle cuffs, connected them to weights that hung down which meant that she would not be able to relieve the pressure on her pussy.

She was startled when the balls inside her started vibrating and this just added to her punishment.

Wicked Wednesday

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3 Responses to Second Thoughts

  1. lapsedcatholicwife says:

    An interesting post thank you, and I am quite jealous of the description at the end about the wooden pony, I hope she had pleasure after!

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