Diane gets sore

Continued from last week where we left Diane on a wooden pony.

Diane stayed on the wooden pony with the vibrating balls inside tormenting her even more than the pressure on her pussy. An orgasm suddenly crept up on her and she thrashed around as much as she could while her pussy was being crushed by her weight on the ridge of the pony.

I released her from the pony as soon as the half hour was up. She was weak at the knees as I helped her to the sofa and let her rest whilst I cleaned up.

Over lunch I asked “Are you fully recovered yet?”

“No my pussy is sore.”

“I think that is not all that should be sore, so this afternoon I will ensure you have sore tits and your bum can also receive some attention.”

Later on, Diane smiled as I ushered her back into the playroom. I put her into a yoke that was attached to chains hanging from the ceiling. This allowed me plenty of room to be able to start working on her breasts. I first put on her the most extreme nipple stretchers we have and set it to pull her nipples out about half an inch. I gathered up 100 clothes pegs and with a piece of string applied 24 to each breast with one on each of her nipples. A further 25 ran from the edge of each breast to her arm pits and on to her upper arms.

The chains attached to her yoke were removed and I took her over to the pillory where I removed the yoke and secured her in a nice bent over position with her bum in the ideal position to receive some attention.

I went to the rack of implements and selected the dragon tail whip that stings on impact and leaves angry red welts. The sting is intense and takes a while to dissipate.442978162

“Ready?” I asked.

“As much as I can be.”

I showed her my selected implement and she shivered.

In quick succession I landed a fairly light stroke on each of her lower cheeks. I paused for a while before landing further strokes. After 25 strokes had landed on each cheek I caressed her now glowing bum and I could feel the heat.

I delivered more strokes to each cheek ensuring that the timing was random to ensure that the sting was really felt. I noticed that she was in her happy place and that she was very wet. The final 10 strokes on each cheek were landed on her sit spot and upper thighs. She squealed as each of these landed.

After the last strokes had landed I stood in front of her reached down for the ends of the strings. As soon as she saw them in my hands her mouth opened and I pulled back hard. The effect was startling as she thrashed around with the pain of all the pegs coming off, especially the last one that was on each of her nipples.

I released the head and wrist restraints, held her tight, and gave her a long passionate kiss.

I again let her rest while I cleared up.

Later as we cuddled up on the sofa she said. “Thank you master, I needed that after the last few days.”

The rest of the weekend passed uneventfully. We giggled as we read the Sunday newspaper articles about the fuss that the photographs of Diane in the magazine had created.

Diane still had a sore bum on Monday as we went to work.

That afternoon, in the regular meeting Diane and I have with her boss, Dee, the full effect of the spread became apparent. Sales over the weekend were 25% higher than normal and the footfall had increased by even more. What was even more startling was that some of the bondage related items available in the Bedroom Delights departments had sold out.

Dee commented “the pictures are great, the newspapers are having a field day and we have had so much good publicity. I have had calls from many of our competitors who are extremely jealous. I have even been asked to do a photoshoot.”

As she said that Zack wheeled himself in to the office. “And so you should, you look great and we could get even more publicity. I suggest a shoot for Playboy.” He said with a grin.

Dee exploded “Not F***ing likely for Playboy. Maybe a single topless photo in a shoot for Vogue or similar.”

Zack picked up the phone and rang the press advisers for the company. After getting through to the main contact, he asked “How would one of the quality fashion magazines like Dee to model for a photoshoot with a single topless shot being included?”

“I’m sure they would love it. Also the newspapers would have a field day with one company having two of the most glamourous department store executives modelling for magazines.”

Zack laughed, “OK I think you should talk to them and see if one of them would want Dee to model for their autumn specials.”

Dee gave him a nasty look saying nothing.

As the meeting finished Zack asked “Are you two free to host Dee and I in your Playroom tomorrow?”


“Her outburst as usual deserves a severe punishment and our playroom is out of action at the moment with all the stuff from London.”

“No problem. We will have it ready and the bed in there will be made up for you too.”

Dee did not look too happy at this exchange, but wisely said nothing.

The next evening, Dee and Zack joined us for supper before they made their way to our playroom.

We heard a lot of squeals and cries of pain come from the playroom as Zack gave Dee a workout for her outburst the previous day.

After about an hour a very red eyed Dee appeared. Her bum was a bright red with a lot of welts across it. She gingerly sat on Zack’s lap as they cuddled up on the sofa.

A while later Zack sent Dee out to get ready for bed when he asked “can we use the cage under the bed?”

“Of course, but if Dee needs help will you be able to cope?” I asked

“Good question, probably not.”

Diane then said “I have a better idea, You can join her underneath the bed, and we can then sleep in the room so there is backup in case of an emergency.”

He agreed. I went to the playroom, moved a mattress under the bed for Zack that filled one half of the space in the cage. He went and got himself ready for the night before coming into the playroom.

Dee came in first and Zack followed a minute or two later. Zack ordered Dee into the cage and told her move over off the mattress. He wriggled into the remaining space on the mattress and I closed the side of the cage.

Wicked Wednesday

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