This post is to celebrate Rebel’s 50th Birthday…

Whilst I was working at Bustards who Diane works for, our friend Zack, who with his wife owns the company, asked me to join him for lunch away from the office.

As we sat down at the table in the local coffee shop Zack said “You know it is Dee’s 50th birthday in two weeks. I have been thinking of a suitable way to celebrate it.”

“I knew her birthday was soon, but not that it was such a milestone. What are you thinking of?”

“Obviously a party, but I want it to be a complete surprise. Would you be able to help?”

“Of course, but where are planning to hold it?”

“I was thinking if we got everyone together, I might be able hold it at your house, but with those who need to stay, being accommodated in the nearby hotel. Susan has agreed to do the main organising and decorating. As for the catering, I have asked Michael from the special restaurant in the Midlands if he could do something outside of his restaurant. He said he could, provided that there was a suitable kitchen. He has kept that day free for me.”

We continued chatting about what he needed for the rest of the lunch before I finished off the chat with “It would be a tight squeeze in the dining area, but in principle I agree that we could do it. I will have to check with Diane just to make sure. I will leave it as a surprise to her as to exactly what is going on.”

In the car on the way home Diane asked “what did Zack want with you at lunch?”

“Just whether he could use our house for a party as theirs is going to be a bit of a building site in a couple of weeks time.”

“Oh then he has something planned for Dee’s 50th birthday then.”

“Yes, but she is not to know and it is meant to be a surprise.”

“What will we have to do?”

“Basically nothing.”

I told her about his ideas and she said “We should do it; they have been so good to us over the last 5 years.”

I rang Zack and confirmed we would do it.

Two weeks later after a few emails between me, Michael, Susan and Zack, the day arrived. Michael turned up with all the food and took over the kitchen. Michael had brought four waiters who dealt with setting up the dining area. Susan had a small team on hand to do the decorations which was on the theme of by the sea. Diane and I did not have to be there, so instead we left them to it.

The invites stated that the guests had to be at our house by 7.30pm. So Diane and I were ready by 6.30 to greet everyone. The guests arrived, in total there were 50 of us all wearing swimwear. Just before 8.00pm I got a call from Zack to give us a two minute warning. I waited at the front door whilst everyone kept quiet.

The car door opened and Dee was helped out of it wearing just a tiny bikini and a hood. Zack, in his wheelchair got Dee to sit on his lap and he wheeled them into the house. He unzipped the hood and Dee blinked a little before she realised where she was and that so many friends had gathered together.

After she had recovered from the surprise, she gave Zack a long lingering kiss. When she broke from it I heard her say, “You are wicked, but such a lovely surprise.”

He replied, “The entertainment has only just begun.”

We had a superb meal although it was rather cramped in the dining area that extended into the living area. After a toast to Dee for her birthday, Zack said “now for your birthday spanking.”

He moved around a little and had Dee draped over his lap whilst he gave her 50 swats with his hand on her now bared bum that had her squealing in delight. The one to grow on was by far the hardest and she yelped as it landed.

He announced “Now for the main entertainment. The playroom is not big enough for us all to cram in at once, so the horse is here. So the order of play is being determined by lot. Each of you will be given a number, and that indicates your turn. There are 50 different implements from our extensive toy box laid out on the table next to the horse, one for each you; your number also indicates the implement you are to use. Dee, you will be blindfolded and your task after each stroke is to say what each implement is. I will determine whether you are right or wrong. If it is wrong you will continue to receive strokes with the implement until you identify it correctly.”

He continued “After you have identified all 50 Implements, the playroom is available for those who want to avail themselves of it.”

The first up was Patrice with a light suede flogger.  I think Dee deliberately said the wrong implement quite a few times to receive extra strokes of it.

I was the 17th person and I had been allocated a rather nasty looking leather strap. It took Dee five strokes to identify it correctly.

This continued with Dee being given a short break after 25 implements had been used.

By the time it was Diane’s turn, the last, Dee had received well in excess of 300 strokes of 49 implements. Diane laid on one moderate stroke and Dee yelped loudly and breathlessly identified it as “The f***ing horrible 4 cane bundle”.

Dee was released from the horse. Her bum was a bright red with lots of nasty looking welts criss crossing it, her sit spot and upper thighs. Her eyes were red however she had a very bright smile on her face to show she had enjoyed her ordeal.

She hugged Zack for a while, before she thanked everyone.

We had agreed that Diane and Zack would stay overnight and they chose to sleep in the playroom.

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to 50th

  1. lapsedcatholicwife says:

    What a tribute to Rebels birthday x

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