One man

Diane saw the prompt and said “I will write this week’s instalment of our story.”

I am going focus on my relationship with one man and how it has developed in the last few years. We were both into BDSM when we met, introduced by our friend and his former playmate Liz.

I have been with tis one man for 22 years and been married for 18 years now. I fell in love immediately after our first date. During these years my love for him has exceeded all my earlier expectations, and I can say I am totally content with our relationship.

I know he is in love with me, and is always finding something ways of surprising me with his attention, whether it is buying some flowers or something much more intimate and pleasurable.

Initially the one man in my life was the submissive in our playtime. He started out as a trainee auditor working for one of the big firms of accountants and has worked his way up to a very senior position. The stresses he had at work meant that often the only way to get him to relax was with playing.

I on the other hand was a shop assistant for a large department store chain that was initially owned by our friends Dee and Zack. Twelve years ago they floated the company on the stock market. This was a disaster and five years ago they managed to buy back all the shares. Dee is the chief Executive of the company. We first met them at a play session of games at a friend’s house where Dee was acting as a judge. I made a throwaway remark about something and was surprised to be asked at a later date to set up a new department from scratch before being made a director.

This change at work has changed the dynamic between this one man and myself as I am now the one who is most stressed and need the relaxation of an intense play session.

The one man has changed from being the attentive submissive to being the one primarily in charge of our relationship. He knows how to push my buttons to turn me on, as well as knowing how to make me a gibbering wreck from orgasmic bliss.

Four years ago I was given the beautiful necklace that I wear all the time. This necklace acts as my collar to show I am owned by one man who I love. The necklace has been removed only once, just for an hour, when I had to have a MRI scan. As soon as the scan was over I put it back on and I hope to continue wearing wear until the day I die.

The one man I love has had me do things that I would never have even considered possible a few years ago. On one occasion I was tied to some trees fully visible to the passing trains. Another time I was required to be totally naked while we drove home in his classic Triumph Stag with the roof removed. I have been photographed for Bondage catalogues, photographed for an exhibition and most recently I was a featured model in one of the high end fashion magazines.

Other things he has done that have had me going is a very long and intense bum warming that was so sensuous that I kept having orgasms. We have a flogger that when used on my pussy will have me orgasm after just a few strikes.

This one man has had tied me up in very stringent bondage with intense vibrators going inside me as well as on my clit. During these types of session he will not allow me to orgasm until a set time has elapsed or (very occasionally) not at all. Failures mean that I will suffer punishments by being my dreaded chastity belt, or the punishment bra and panties which are equally as bad. Even worse is a bundle of canes that I hate and dread.

This one man is fair and never punishes me unfairly. The rules I have to follow are not restrictive, just all about ensuring that I know I am loved and that I look after myself and do nothing stupid. One of the worst punishments I had to endure was for speeding and I have always been careful since then.

We now live in splendid rural location, in a large house with a large garden that is ours and there is no mortgage. This meant in the early years of our life together we were very careful with money, just so we could be in the position we are in now; financially comfortable, able to enjoy life have fun and a lot of loving.

There is only one love in my life, Charles. He is the one man for me, and I cherish that I am loved and cared for by my rock, Charles.

Charles here-

I am blushing having read what my darling wife has written. She is my rock, my lover and companion. She is my one and only love.

Wicked Wednesday


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4 Responses to One man

  1. This is such a beautiful declaration of love! ❤

    Rebel xox

  2. lapsedcatholicwife says:

    An open honest and wonderful emotive piece x

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