At the usual meeting on a Monday afternoon between Diane, Dee, Zack and myself we discussed many things, particularly the effect that Diane’s magazine appearance had had over the previous week’s takings.

Three weeks after the magazine had hit the shops the takings were still well up across the whole of the chain of stores. Dee commented “This is bloody good; I just hope that this continues for a while.”

Zack smiled, “Oh it will, especially when it is your turn to be the model.”

“But we have not heard back from any of the magazines.”

“You haven’t, but I have. One of them has agreed that you should do a swimwear shoot and that has been set for next weekend.”

“Bloody Hell, why wasn’t I f***ing told about it.”

“It was only agreed this morning, and I have arranged for Damien to be the photographer. There is a specific request for one shot to be of you topless sunbathing. After the shoot I think we will have to deal with your loose tongue yet again.”

“And where is the shoot?”

“The shoot is in Southern Italy. I have agreed that we fly down on the Friday afternoon, do the shoot on Saturday and then return Sunday. All the swimwear and accessories are being supplied by the magazine. They are also arranging for a make-up artist.”

Turning to me and Diane he added “I hope you two can join us as well.”

I looked at Diane who smiled and nodded. “Of course we can be there.”

“Great, we leave here on Friday at 1pm, meet up with Tasha (the magazine’s fashion editor), Damien and Fiona who is the make-up artist at Biggin Hill and we will take our jet down.”


The flight was uneventful, and we made it to the hotel with plenty of time to relax before having dinner. We were surprised that there were no other guests around. Zack revealed “That is because they have opened a weekend earlier than normal just for us and the shoot. This gives the new staff in the kitchen a chance to get used to the operation, albeit in a small way.”

Tasha raised an eyebrow in surprise. Zack saw this “I know you tried to get this hotel, but I know the owner well and with very little persuasion he agreed to have it open for us.”

The next morning was as expected, bright sunny weather. The hotel swimming pool was ready for us, and after a short while the first set was ready for the shoot. There were 12 different swimsuits that Dee was required to wear. They were all from different designers and ranged from the standard one piece swimming costume to some of the more creative interpretations of a bikini including a Microkini. The topless shoot was done with using a standard bikini where Dee was required to be holding it at arm’s length as if passing it over to someone else.

The shoot was completed by about 5pm, after a lot of hard work by all involved. The magazine editor was delighted with the results as was Zack.

As the equipment was being packed away Zack said “Dee, remember you have the meeting of your bum and an implement of my choice.”

She shuddered “and what have you decided to use then?”

“You will find out soon enough. I have arranged for the games room to be available. I hope you will all come and maybe after Dee’s been suitably chastened the rest of you may want to have a little fun”

Fiona then turned to Tasha, “Do join us, as we are all going to have a little fun.”

Tasha blushed “But I don’t have anything with me.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t need anything except yourself.”

Reluctantly Tasha agreed to join us.

Once we were all in the games room, Dee undressed before she was instructed to get her cuffs on and bend over the pool table. Zack handed us some ropes saying “arms across the table and her legs wide apart please.”

Dee was quickly secured down and Zack produced a lovely cat of nine tails with a small dragon tail attached by a knot to each tail. He showed it to Dee who did not look happy. Zack said “Remember this is a punishment for your bad language on Monday. I think six strikes from each of the six of us here should serve as a reminder not to swear like a trooper.”

Zack took up his position and landed what looked like a gentle stroke on Dee’s exposed bum. Immediately red blotches appeared from the knots and the dragon tails. The next five strokes produced even more red blotches. The cat was handed to Damien who added his six strokes. Tasha did the same before Diane’s turn. The six stokes landed and finally Dee was crying hard. Fiona looked at Dee’s ass and said I think her sit spot needs some attention so landed three on each side that had Dee wailing even more. Finally it was my turn and I added to the stokes on her sit spots.

Dee was released and Zack held her tight whilst she recovered from her ordeal.

I turned to Tasha “Have you ever had an orgasm while being flogged?”

“No never, because I am normally the Domme.”

Fiona looked at me before she giggled “Today just let me do the honours. First you need to strip, then we will lightly restrain you before adding a blindfold. This is so you can relish the experience.”

Fiona approached the now lightly restrained Tasha with our neoprene flogger in her hand and gently stroked Tasha before letting loose with a hard strike on her back. Tasha cooed “I hardly felt that.”

Fiona continued the flogging with equally hard strikes and Tasha was clearly enjoying the very light sensations. Fiona moved to give Tasha’s smallish, but pert, breasts some attention. Each strike produced a gasp of pleasure before the finale of Fiona landing strong strokes on her lips. It only took about 10 strokes before Tasha was screaming out in an intense orgasm.

Fiona held Tasha as we quickly released her from the restraints.

Finally Tasha recovered enough to mutter “Wow, that was so good, thank you.”

“Now you have had a meeting with the most sensuos flogger I have ever felt.”

Wicked Wednesday

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